Tuesday, June 15, 2004

"The Unheard Voice"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

There are things that go bump in the night, some things causing all kinds of fright many causing a disgusted reaction and much dislike. Some call this the Unheard Voice.

Is this Unheard Voice something created by force or choice,
a reaction delayed or a shout released
A view of politics and society
or a movement released?
An unforeseen prophesy
or a reaction to something deceased?
An factual conclusion on the lack of minority owned property,
or a pant-leg uncreased?

Just what is this Unheard Voice?
A diabolical comment on social temperment,
or some residual leftover from an earlier supplement?
A lockerroom statement inspiring the Patriots post halftime acheivement,
or preponderence of evidence causing post-nasal bereavement?

The Unheard Voice causes many reactions
sometimes shedding light on neglect,
and bringing about social satisfaction.
This Unheard Voice can create an uproar,
have 5 to 10 people moved to up and roar.

"Man what is that, did you do that?"
The Unheard Voice can create dissention over a hidden fact,
that this powerful voice can be nothing more than hot air released intact.
This Unheard Voice, this disemboweled franchise
can bring water to your nose and tears to your eyes.
This Unheard Voice can rip like unchained thunder,
or create a mud-like blunder.
So be careful where you release your "Unheard Voice",
For it may hold more water than you think,
and might move people more than 2hours of free drinks.
Aint nothing good about Happy Hour,
preceeded by 3-bean chilli and a lack of bowel-power.

A Nation in Mourning
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Today a nation mourns the loss of an innovator, a great leader, an actor, and an overall good man. Last week the Nation of Bridge, Spades, and Rummy Players lost a former president. President Ron-Ray Putnam lost a 17 year bout with the gout on last Saturday. President Ron-Ray a man of power throughout the BCC, Black Cards Circuit, had been a champion to all, and was an 11 time Player of the year in Gin-rummy, and was part of the 20-time tag team champions in Spades and Bridge. he retired from the Black Cards Circuit in 1993, and served as President of the Nation of Bridge, Spades, and Rummy Players.

Putnam played a major part in tournament scheduling. Many times Bridge tournaments overlap, the 11pm Saturday start date for Spades playing nigga-nationwide. He scheduled more Bridge tourneys during the week to alot time on Fridays and Saturdays for Spades and Rummy. He also changed the size of card tables, making standard size of tables 6 feet around. This prohibited "low-signaling" from many of the longer-legged ladies, especially Ms. Truly Spence who would often kick and nudge her partner Ophelia "Opho or Phelia" Henson to victory in both Spades and Bridge. Putnam put an end to this when he and his partner Gus "Tweeder" Black, ran into Truly and "Opho" in the 1987 Spades Tourney down at Jarvis' Ballroom. Ron-Ray learned Truly's signature nudges and misnudged Opho on several occasions costing them the game, 543 to 176.

Putnam's body will arrive at Latney's Funeral Home, and his casket once prepared by Harry "Sweet N Low" Wilson and Harry "Hammer" Thomas will arrive at 2 something on today. Putnam's body will be driven everywhere that aint blocked off in Washington DC. These are some of the sites where the hearse will be featured, some of his old stomping grounds. U Street, 15th and V Sts., behind the Shrimp Boat, Nannie Helen Burroughs, and MLK to Malcolm X. A pair of Putnam's Rockports will be placed on the back of the family car facing backwards to show all of his defeated opponents his hand one last time.

The body will be set outside the church for 45mins so that anybody who couldn't take off can drive by and pay their respects. The body will then be taken inside for the wake and funeral. The funeral is by invite-only, and balcony seating is available. Putnam is survived by his wife Shelly, his children Ron-Ray Jr., Lester, Butch, Roy, and Laree, an outside child named Larry Boodie, his partner of 37 years Gus, 7 or 16 grandkids (paternity suits pending) and a host of family, friends, and card players along the way. The Boog-a-Loo's of 1st & O will render the music at the repass. For more info on this repass and that of Harriet Tubbs please check www.ebonyrepass.com and post well-wishes and RSVP for countless repasses.