Thursday, June 24, 2004

"Sports Update"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

The end of June is rapidly approaching and while basketball season has ended and football season waits in the wings, "slap-boxing" and "going-to-the-body" are in full swing. In many alleys, and under many streetlights across urban neighborhoods throughout the nation, these sports are picking up and here are some of the highlights.

In the LA County Boys Club 65-pound Slap Box Division Ricardo Bey won the Jr. meet with a slapdown of Angel Gonzalez. He 2-pieced Angel to the face and gave him a cupped left-handed slap to the temple, causing immediate tearing and an insuing headache. Ricardo also won a $35 credit to In&Out.

Last week in Detroit following the Piston's parade, their was a "Go Back-2-Back Go-to-the-Body Contest" sponsored by Rasheed Wallace and Corliss Williamson. This event surely got Detroit's competitve alley-boxing circuit in full swing. The bouts began with celebrity photos with Rasheed, Corliss, Ben Wallace, Tommy Hearns, and MLK High School "Go-to-the-Body Champion 1978-1985" Curtis Wayne. The first bout showcased Wayne's nephew Dontonio as he fought against Levi Clement. Clement up and hit Dontonio in the face which was a major mistake. Clement, a portly fellow standing 5'9" and weighing 270 lbs, stole Dontiono in the neck/jaw. Dontonio kept his composure and landed a sure right-hand to Levi's sternum. Levi a chronic asthmatic fell to his fat knee and grabbed his chest. He laid down for a ten-count, and was later given his inhaler by his aunt Sylvia. Two pipeheads later squared off, this bout instigated by Rasheed, lasted for a good 2 minutes. Sir Francis Dooley knocked out Tim-Tom Walls after punching him in the underarm, which caused Tim-Tom to hit his head on the side of the neighboring rib shack concussing him to say the least.

Other cities enjoying good urban street-boxing were Durham, NC, Decatur, GA, Philadelphia PA, and Washington, DC. For more info on the citywide circuits check out and To reserve a crate in this year's regional finals in Memphis and or Port Arthur please call 1-800-CRATE-ME.

We had a few requests for the D.C. summer league results to be posted on here so......

"Berry Farms Goodman League Report" (6/23/04)
By Salvador Gabor

In Game 1 of the doubleheader yesterday, "All Purpose Gear" defeated "Air Lorton" in overtime. In Game 2, "Shooters Sports" led by "Trouble" Curt Smith defeated "Nardy Nard's Mob" 53-49.

"Master's Degree"
By Salvador Gabor

Everyone is trying to go back for their "Master's". "Girl, I told Nylah the other day, she needs to go ahead and get her degree cause I'm gonna go on ahead and get my master's!". A "Master's Degree".........what is it? Some see it as a "meal ticket". Others see it as a challenge that they can overcome. Some see it as being a bragging tool. Then there are some who may need it to go out and do a job that helps others.

"Master's Degree". It's only two words but, the phrase can lead you into so many other realms. How about the word "Master"? A "master" is a dominant figure that leads and controls the lives of others. A "master" gives instructions and expects immediate responses and results. To actually "master" something is to conquer it. Say it with me........"MASTER!". It sounds so powerful doesn't it.

How about the word "Degree". "Degree" is equivalent to a level of severity or acheivement. Whether it be the temperature, education or amount of arm deodorant, we all deal with "Degrees". So I assume if you put the words "Master" and "Degree" together, you'd probably be describing a situation where a dominant figure has conquered his goal or obstacle to the highest level.

Well I am here to say that many of you are gaining your "Master's Degree" each day. That man who works on the sanitation team but, doesn't get to ride IN the truck, only on the back to hop off every 2 minutes to get the garbage pail...........he could be getting his "Master's Degree". That lady who is a nurse and is always is the first to be asked to come into work when Glenda couldn't make it 'cause "her house burnt down for the 3rd time this month"......oh that lady is working on her "Master's Degree". What about that rapper who says "Let's keep hip hop alive".......he already got his "Master's Degree". And last but not least........that lady who thinks she is gonna quit her 9 to 5 to go sell Mary Kay and escape "the man" is getting her "Master's Degree".

See every "Master's Degree" aint a PhD. You are just working for your "master" to the highest "degree". That man who rides on the back of the trash truck is a good man. But, he must remember that he is no slave. Let not one man treat you like trash JUST because you pick up trash. Don't fall into a "slave mentality". All that profanity and lack of up-keep is unnecessary. Trash men get shape-ups. Trash men wear belts. Trash men can speak correct english. Don't fall a victim of getting your "master's degree". See Glenda aint getting her "Master's Degree". Even though she is wrong for not doing her job, she is gonna call in when she wanna call in. But that old lady nurse keeps on breaking her sleep to go in and cover for Glenda. But, you never know, that same old lady maybe be ready to strike when her benefits aren't increased. How about that rapper.........oh he wants to keep hip-hop alive. Entertainers come and go. When you aren't selling a million records, is hip hop gonna feed Lil Boo-Boo and your daugther Tyesha. The industry aint gonna remember you. You betta get the most out of IT!. How about Mrs. Mary Kay........well she thinks that she has it good. Not quite yet. Slow your horses. Yes, you have left the work force for "your own business". But, so many people are doing that until the "non work force" is NOW the WORK FORCE. You didn't wanna work for the Department of Justice but, you don't mind working for Mary Kay...........YET they tell you it's you OWN business. Does it say "Elsie McBride's Products"? NO, so it aint your business. It's STILL Mary Kay's. All you did is just change "Master's".

At the end of the day, we all have to work. Whether you have an office job, pick up trash, sell Katydids or Roast Pig Feet at a BBQ Shack all for YOURSELF. You can work at a job and STILL work for yourself. You can have "your own business" and NOT be working for yourself. Dedicate yourself to the people who are dedicating themselves to you. That job will find another employee. The company won't shut down because you are gone. You have to be able to depend on self. Not some degree..........especially a "Master's Degree".

"Dont put your eggs in one batch and when buying a fish sandwich, sometimes 2 slices of bread aint enough"

-Lavell Crumpton- (An excerpt from his speech "When Two Quarters Are Rubbed Together")