Monday, June 28, 2004

Sal's Corner
"BUNK" Part 1

Everybody say it with me.........."BUNK". I love that word. Soon you will love it faster then when I tell you what it means. But, the sound that you made when you said "BUNK" tells the whole story. There's no "cute" way to say "BUNK". You might gotta slam your foot when you say "BUNK". You might cock your neck or come with that wild smirk that you have when Regina in the mail room says that you can't used the postage meter to send off personal mail. Nevertheless, I'm vowing to keep it "BUNK" on this article. See, the writers here try to keep some sophistication to the articles but, sophistication and "BUNK" are like oil and water. All class, sophistication and civilized attitudes are thrown out of the nearest window in "BUNKland".

Let me give you the definition of "BUNK". "BUNK" is the glamourization of the lack of sophistication in one's attitude. In other words, you are keeping it hood and you KNOW it. You wear those netted flip flops to work, with that fake Louis Vuitton Purse, with the fake Bucket Hat and the fake Belt to match and are PROUD to tell your co-workers........."YES I LIVE IN LINCOLN HEIGHTS!". Flat out "BUNK". "BUNK" could be ole Keith and Dewey out in the yard at around 7:00 A.M. just-a-drankin. YES........Dranking, not drinking. At some point a shirt is heisted and either Keith or Dewey has their hand on their chest rubbing in a circular motion. All the beers are not finished NOR can they be finished and Dewey has to be at the DMV at 11:00 A.M. to pick up his tags. He's drunk.......SO WHAT. We keeping it "BUNK". As I write this article, I am troubled with the fact that it may take tens of articles to really describe the essence of "BUNK". For those who know.........can't you smell it?? Reggie Dinkins, Jr. talked about "groundhogs" a few months ago. "groundhogs" are those people you don't see ALL winter but, they appear at Hot Bars, Liquor Stores and Check Cashing places all around your city in the summer. All of em are "BUNK".

The word "BUNK" has two meanings to the general public. Most country folk use "BUNK" to describe staying at their house. "Yall are welcome to BUNK up in yaaaah". "Shoot, we all can just BUNK right chere". Yes.......CHERE, not here. The other use of "BUNK" is to define low-grade cocaine. If it aint premium or good...... it's that "BUNK". Either way "BUNK" describes a situation where you have to resort to using a lower method to satisfy your need. No money for Days Inn? Well Aunt Odessa always has a couch. Rodney aint come through with that "butta"'s always some "BUNK" being snorted over at Lavell's house!!! And from those definitions we at the Salvador Gabor Project came up with the word "BUNK". But, the difference is.....with "BUNK" people, they are HAPPY to be "BUNK". They have resorted to a lower level but, they are proud.

Let's not confuse "BUNK" with being "Ghetto". ANYONE can be "GHETTO". "Ghetto" is popular now. It's almost "commercial" to be "Ghetto". Let me give you a few examples to differentiate the two. Having your three-year old son downtown on "Bring a kid to work day" with plats in his hair, $50 Baby Jordan's, and a gold chain is "Ghetto". But, your three-year old son walking around bare-chested cause it's too hot for a T-shirt is "BUNK". Example 2: A 50 year-old woman living in an apartment with a 35 year-old man for 17 years and they are not married is "GHETTO". That same couple going to the Pocono's with her grandson and his girlfriend is "BUNK". Example 3: Going to a nice restaurant for your 40th birthday and getting too drunk and allowing people to dare you to do the "butterfly" in the middle of the floor is "GHETTO". But making no effort to elevate and having your 40th birthday at "Golden Corral" and having the nerve to make reservations...... NOW THAT'S "BUNK"! I have many more examples but, let's not confuse "Ghetto" with "BUNK". Surburban people have gotten "Ghetto" down-pat. But "BUNK", ohhh you can not get cliff notes on being "BUNK"! One of them ole rappers can't shoot a video full of "BUNK" scenes. You had to have sat in some hot houses in the summer, gone to some cookouts where bare-chested children are allowed to sip beer just so they can have a good night sleep, gone to houses where dogs have their own room with A/C and been out with a "BUNK" person who looks strange when given a card as a key to a hotel room and asks for a key. Oh you must not miss out on an opportunity to engage in "BUNK" convos. You learn so much and learn it so fast. Next week.......I'm gonna give you guy's a crash course on what it is to be "BUNK".