Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"Relationships...You Gotta Have a Nose for Them"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

The time has come and many of us are in our mid to late twenties. Older relatives like to ask questions like "you got you a lil girlfriend?", "Where's your man at?", "when y'all getting married?", "she's such a nice girl!". Don't let these questions pressure you. Pressure is only as strong as you let him be. Squeeze ole "Pressure" and he will stop squeezing you. He is relentless when it comes to relationships, but sometimes you got to knock "Pressure" down and put your foot on him neck.

More often than not, females feel the pressure to be married by a certain age. They like to think that they have it all mapped out. Married by 26, kids by 28, not selling Mary Kay by 33. They tend to have a lot of things to do and places to be without serious means of accomplishing either. They want to get a man to settle down so they can set a pace to accomplish these things. However, what many people fail to realize is that oftentimes settling down means settling for less. Males oftentimes feel pressured to do certain things by a certain time. Now sometimes this timeframe is self-induced but, most times it is scheduled, and managed with a pit-bull grip by their woman. Men feel pressured to stop drinking and smoking so much, and stop playing Playstation with Keith and Dewey.

These timeframes are sometimes good but, sometimes bad as well. Many times, the woman feels like if he won't conform to these new found standards then she should move on, and settle down. Here comes the settling for less. You got this guy who will do what you say, and is alright, but you really don't like him as much as Vincent. You have just settled for less. Fellas, you really could stop smoking around the kids but, now you got with a mild-hoodrat who doesn't mind your smoking, shoot she even smokes too. Hint hint, brotha you have just settled for less. Don't think that it is ok because y'all can get criminal whenever you want. "Don't look a gift booger in the mouth.", a quote by Jameson Pitts. Don't look any booger in the mouth, one on the tooth is surely worth two on the lip. Do you want everyone to see you with that booger? If you find her smoking more than you even want to, and find yourself wondering, "dang how much money is she spending on bud?", oh this is a major sign of booger. Now you are Bud-wiser, and realize Denise had a point.

Settle up, get married because it is right, not because your girlfriend says you should be married by 26. Have your child because she is a good woman and a fit mother, not because your mother is pressing you for grandkids. Settle up, not down. Settling down sounds like a permanent state of oppression. Keep going up til your head hits the ceiling, then pool your money together and buy anew, if your head keeps hitting the ceiling buy something with a retractable roof. Keep your head to the sky, and take your lady with you, but keep a pair of boots on, their is broken glass, and dog mess on the ground.

"For every girl with table manners, there are boogers in a napkin, just keep those boogers in the napkin and not on your lip."