Thursday, June 10, 2004

"Pioneers in the DC Rap Game"
By Gartrelle W. Sexton, Esquire

Born in the Bronx in 1975, hip hop music would grow to become the most influential culture of our generation. The lyrics, the beats, the dances, the clothes, the parties, the slang, the lifestyle. There was nothing like it. The music would travel beyond the 5 boroughs of New york and reach millions of people across the globe. None were more affected than the young Black youth of the ghetto. In Washington DC, go-go music had been around for a while too, but three young boys decided to stray away from their hometown music and formed a rap group.

Sammy P. Carter and two of his friends named themselves, "DSL". They made songs whle "playing" in Sammy's basement watching Friday Night Videos and Care Bears re-runs on his mother's floor model TV. They made schoolyard classics such as: "Booty Shorts & Now Laters", "Monkey Bars & Carpet Burn", "Calico Vision & Dad's Porno Tapes", "Ashy Knees & Sore Jaws" & the Mothers Day anthem "Ruby Lynn, Beatrice, & Willemina: We're not Gay, We're Just Close Like That". These guys were the predecessors to Another Bad Creation and The Boys. But they had a unique fan base, they didn't have pubescent girls for fans, the Catholic Archdiocese made these 3 young boys from DC the stars that they were.

Sammy's stage name was "Shorty Short Shorts" and his partners Daniel and Larry went by the names, "Danny the Whistle" & "Large Legged Larry"(Prince Markie Dee & Chunky A. from Arsenio were his idols.) They were in heavy rotation in the Cathedral and The Blue Oyster. Here is the cover from their first album, "Mustangs, Shades and Shorts". That's Sammy shrugging his shoulders. (I don't have to say which one is "Large Legged Larry".)

"Juneteenth Bus Cruise"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

This is to inform you of the upcoming "Juneteenth Bus Cruise" to Memphis, Tennessee. The cruise begins June 19th, the bus, number 750 named "Collards" will depart from Forrestville Mall at 6:45 sharp.

This contoured bus trip is due in rememberance of the Voyage of Odolpho, which occured June 20th, 1844. Odolpho, whose last name is thought to be Samuels, was a cropsharer in Memphis, TN. Well Odolpho was one of the first generators of Black Power. You see Odolpho felt he was a cropsharer, not a sharecropper. He felt he gave ole Mr. Sampson whatever he felt like giving him as opposed to whatever he wanted. Mr. Sampson was
actually "Master Sampson", but Odolpho did not see fit to call another man "Master" seeing how he wasn't no dog, and since none of the dogs called him "Master" well shucks he wasn't about to either.

Odolpho created many empowerment opportunites for Blacks in Memphis. He organized a Blacksmith's union, specialized in Black BBQ, and upheld anything Black. Odolpho was determined to uplift his Black people and walked from Memphis to Tuskegee, AL dressed in all Black, stopping and talking to Blacks along the way. His voyage ended on June 20th in the year 1844, when Odolpho passed out from heatstroke and left this earth.

This Bus Cruise commemerates the 160th anniversary of the Voyage of Odolpho. The trip will stop thru Norfolk, for no particular reason other than Ms. Tredeau has some goodies to pickup from her cousin, continue down thru North Carolina where we will stop in Rocky Mount for dinner at "Curtis'", continue throughout the night where Willie Freeman has offered to split time with our bus driver until we get to Memphis. There will be a special dedication to Odolpho at Al Green's church that Sunday. Oh what a time we will have for Odolpho. So come on and get ready, please call Ethel Womack, she will handle this Bus Cruise just like the last one we had down Durham. For those of you who may have forgotten her number, 301-455-3534. That is her cell, she has been having some problems with her house phone, so leave a message.