Wednesday, June 09, 2004

LSE Success Tip Vol. 6.09.04
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

"Stank finger denotes a lack of self worth, bad hygiene, and/or a bad choice in women"
--Dr. Tremaine "Buck" Naked--

Opinions by the misinformed, bring about insufficient inaccuracies, that don't fit like a bootleg khaki suit from Lorenzo's Boutique.

"Confidence" is not known by all, but is known by many people. Many of those who you think know "Confidence", have no idea of the power he possesses on the street. "Confidence" helped that ugly boy get your number, "Confidence" helped your fat friend Detrina get in the party for free. "Confidence" can help you do alot if you have the presence of mind to find him. Hint: "Confidence" is always in "your house", check the basement, he might be trying to stay cool.

"Eye Contact" is a henchman of sorts. He will work for anybody. That girl who is unhappy with her date or mate, and uses a squirrel's eye hoping you will take the bait, begging and pleaded with her eyes hoping you will take her man by surprise and ask her for her phone number, or a far-fetched attempt to sell her some lumber. "Eye Contact" is a nigga used by employers, whether the be government or street, using workers on the 3rd Floor or on K Street. "Eye contact" can get you some nookie or an unexpecting worker put in overtime, and maybe even a dancer named "Thunder" to make a more monetary "career change".

"Appearance" is a nigga who is deeper than what the surface suggests. So dont overlook a ti-dye shirt or a party vest. "Appearance" may fool you, a sharp dressed person doesnt suggest money, or a stable mindset, it might suggest bootleg silk shirts and a nigga set in his ways like a rusty erector set.

"Authority" is a tricky nigga to say the least, and is more of a mindset but can be detrimental if you make it a beast. Treat yourself as "Authority" but dont go too far, snitching is prohibited, and so are sirens on your car, especially if you're just a parking attendant.

"Dont look a dance contest in the mouth, Solid Gold puts you one step closer to performing at Fonzo's on 7th and Up-and-Up Ave."
-Breaker Johnson- (1983 "Solid Gold" Try-Outs)