Friday, June 18, 2004

LSE Success Tip Vol 6.18.04
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Be cognizant of what is in your backpack, whether it be books or bricks, make sure you use them to make you stronger, and don't be afraid to either out and bust someone over the head with some knowledge.

--Dr. Wakim Piedmont, Dean of Microfish, Fisk University--

A daily routine can result in much success, or lazy dreamers with lungs of cajun brown by afternoon cess.

Doubleheaders can be helpful and harmful, as long as you know how to set your schedule. Who wants to play the Yankees twice a day, or go thru two-a-days with someone else's baby's mother on toilet-seat upkeep. Why do this especially if "Passion" fixed breakfast and has rice-pudding and BBQ chicken for dinner.

Make "Notes to Self". Realize that there are certain people whose sole goal is to zap your brain cells, with their trivial retoric, and up-close conversations smelling of Kools and Gin. Make certain notes about your observations, and how to avoid Instigation and Rigormoro.

Definitely cooperate with "Inevitable". As we have seen with Gus and his "cologne supplementing", funk can only hide behind cologne's tree, and it is a matter of time before the funk is spotted.

"Trifling" is a nasty nigga. Please do not be seen in public with him or invite him over your house. He is the type that takes his baby's momma's sister out for a stroll in the back of her Envoy, then will come over your house and leave his draws in your bathroom floor.

Always stay with your nigga "T. Best". Best is a nigga who should stick with you at all times. Siamese yourself with him. "T. Best" aka The Best, should help you whether you are cutting grass, or writing a thesis. Amazing that he is sometimes the nigga you forget to invite to the cookout.

Success can be measured in buckets or urine syphons, but know it is alright to spill Success on you, it won't hurt, but it will stain.

"Tough D"
By Salvador Gabor

As a man, I love to win. I'm a competitor but I'm not obsessed with outdoing the next man. Although I am composed with my competitive skills, all in all winning is key. Winning in the classroom, the workplace, the playing field and most importantly........IN LIFE. Life is a hard sport to win. It's hard to win because what you see as being a "point" may not be a "point" for others. Some see religious and spiritual growth as winning in life. Some see monetary and financial growth as winning in life. Others see peace and happiness as a sign of winning. Whatever aspect of life gains you points in your personal game of life is determined by how you were raised, influential people in your life and your exposure. Two people, with two different goals, headed in two different directions can both win at life. That's the beauty of the world we live in.

There is one attribute to winning in life that every MALE shares. As men, we all want to hold up our "trophy". That "trophy" is a sign of us having a "championship" in life. What a sight it is to see a man and his "trophy". We put in hard work to win that "trophy". We celebrate the winning of a "trophy". Some of us light cigars, pop champagne and some may even cry. Some get down on their knees and just pray for getting through a tough season. "Trophies" mean alot to us as men. "Trophies" are golden. You get to write your name on the "trophy" and mark that on this day in history, you won the "championship". Isn't that "trophy" sitting so pretty in your den? You walk pass it everyday. You talk to it. You may even kiss her. (Notice the gender reference). See, the "trophy" is our wives. No matter what angle a man comes from in life, he looks at his wife as his pride and joy. Women we do not see you as simply an object. But, you are wanted SO much that we look at gaining your attention as we do winning. Every man wants a "trophy". He can hold her up as a sign that he has "made it". But sometimes, after winning the "trophy" the feeling wears off. You forget how hard it was to win the "championship". Sometimes you lose sight of the fact that you once won a "trophy". I believe any man can win a "trophy" but, can you keep it?

So I guess you guys are asking......"How do I keep a trophy?". It's simple....... "Tough D". You gotta be able to "D-Up". Play that "D". I'm not telling you that I FEEL that's the way to win but, the "trophies" speak for themselves.The dynasties of professional sports accomplished amazing feats by playing "Good D". Even if you keep the "trophy", if the "D" isn't played, the "trophy".......oh she aint happy. Not at all.

Fellas, learn how to play "Tough D". If you don't know, here's a quick lesson.
#1) Move your feet. Keep them feet moving. Mobility is key.
#2) Bend your knees. Get flexible.
#3) Use your hands. Don't stand there with your hands on your waist.
#4) Keep moving. You don't want a 3-second violation.
#5) No Zones in the Big League. I know the NBA brought back the Zone defense but, as a defender you can only play "D" on one person once you begin the hunt for the "trophy".
#6) No fouling. This is a contact sport but, it's not football. It's no need in hurting the person your "checking".
#7) You can't call time-outs. Only the offense can call time-outs. If you are playing "D", you gotta be ready to "play D", when the offense comes on the court and you don't stop until they are ready to stop.

Now you can't rely ALL on "D". You have to have an all-around game. You have to play offense as well. Always be unselfish and pass the ball. Take risks with your shots but, mostly take good shots. Get in good with the "referees" of life, so you can get the good calls. Display good teamwork and team continuity. And most of all have a love for the game. But fellas..........FELLAS........PLAY THAT "D"!

Attention: To all men who are husbands, in this game of life, "Defense Wins Championships".