Thursday, June 17, 2004

"Just a lil chase"
By Salvador Gabor

........."Hey mane.........add a lil coke to my drank if ya will!". We've all heard this. You might run into someone who drinks liquor. They think that they can handle the drink until that "drank" getz a lil too hot. Orange Juice, Coca-Cola, Lime, Cranberry Juice or other fruity or soda drinks are added to "chase" the situation. In life, we ALL love THE "chase" and TO "chase". "Chasing" money, "chasing" the opposite sex and "chasing" whatever else that we want, can't have and aint got yet.

What is it about that "chase"? I don't know myself. I think the most "chased" thing is happiness. And most people "chase" the opposite sex for this happiness. That ole "chase". It sure SEEMS fun. I've never drank any alcoholic beverages but, I feel that marriage is like a liquor, with no "chase". It can burn you up on the inside (if you can't handle it), make you lose your mind and wake up with headaches. And if the woman is pregnant, she might even throw up. So when that marriage gets to tough, we like to "chase". You see the married men at the cookouts.......STILL tryna hang close to the single men to check out the lil honies. Then Alberta screams your name out......"WESLEY! If you don't bring you "so and so" over here!". Thats a husband still "chasing". "Oh naw I just got her number cause I knew I could. I do it for the game, ya know!". Ok Wesley! Whatever you say Wesley.

How about the single people? Oh we love to "chase". We "chase" so much that it's no more liquor in the cup. It's just all orange juice and a pinch of gin. That "chase" makes you feel like you are tough. "Shoot, Willie pour a lil more Bacardi up in there. I need a lil more buzz!". You take away more and more "chase" and then that liquor HITS you hard. And most of the time, that sweet taste of all that "chase" makes you keep
drinking. "Ooooh Geraldine, you need some of this, this party punch is the bomb!". The best "chase" come at parties, cookouts and celebrations. That's NOT just fruit punch you are drinking. If you are not careful, you will get "drunk". Waking up wit headaches, stank breath and not knowing how you got to where you are. And more importantly, wishing you hadn't drank so much.

Then, OH THEN when you go to those outing such as parties, cookouts and celebrations, it's always someone who wants to pour a lil more drank in your cup. "Come on now Jesse, I don't see no henny in that cup. I aint buy these can sodas from Bi-Lo for you to be dranking em all up now. Hit this bottle wit me". See.........they are DRUNK. Remy ......STRAIGHT. And like any nigga, when they are "on their head" or have "jumped ALL the way IN the bottle" they want you to be drunk right with them. Man up and let them know you need a lil more cranberry in your vodka. You aint ready to stop the "chase" just yet.

The "chase". It's simply the idea that when you are in public, you have your eyes on radar for who and what you want. THEN you find your target. The "chase" has vanished and now you are stuck with a tall cup of liquor called "relationship". This aint no average drink. No way buddy. This one will and shall burn that chest and give you a headache. You can't even drive home. This is because the worst arguements happen in the car! You are drunk off that "relationship". But, don't blame me. Blame your love for playing "chug-a-lug". Just remember, if you not ready to get rid of the "chase" and step it up to the straight shots, keep the "chase" going. But, if you "chase" too much, you maybe fooled into thinking that you are bigger than the "chase". A cup full of "relationship" will surely have you on your head fo' sho'!

"Personals Ad"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Donald Jerome Williams aka DJ, is a somewhat shy Virgo from the Watts section of DC. He enjoys taking fast rides in Monte Carlo's and star gazing. A man who can make due in a pinch, he is known for his buttered peanut butter and jam sammiches. DJ has a place of his own through the 63rd Street Work Release Program. He also enjoys disposable photography, egging cars, and bootleg Black Cinema. DJ describes himself as the asphalt romantic, and has made and found love in the streets on several Thursdays throughout the spring. To make a date with love and fate, give DJ a chance, and call 301-455-3534. One of our operators Peguese or Niles will gladly patch you through to DJ or one of our countless others seeking love.