Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I apologize for my absence on Monday and Tuesday. But, I'm back with a very special Wednesday edition of Sal's Corner. Also check out this This is a site that has GREAT art work for those who are into the arts and photography. And now onto this weeks edition of Sal's Corner...........

Sal's Corner
"Attention Black Men"

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you......."Sallimo" is not about that "Black Man, Black Man, Black Power" stuff. I love being Black, yet JUST because you are Black doesn't mean that we are more brothers than another man of another race. ALL humans are brothers and sisters in my eye. I've never shunned the help of a person from another race, nor do I migrate to a person of my own hue for the sake of complexion or race. Yet, I still feel a need to talk to the Black man. This is because we catch alot of flack. More flack than alot of other males in this society. We have our mothers, girlfriends, wives, kids and others very dissappointed at us as a whole. Either they say that we are using our status to our advantage too much, we are not being the men we need to be for our youth and our women, or we just aren't doing anything at all in the eyes of those who look on from afar. So black men let's huddle up for a second. I gotta few things I wanna tell you.

* Buying Homes - Black men, PLEASE dont move to the suburbs. At least not if you dont have to. The key to turning around our young black men is being THERE for them. Most of us grow up in the inner-city, then we get a little piece of money and we move out to the "boonies". While living out there, we can't make a difference. Out there, all we can do is come through the hood and stop by. We might get a crackhead to wash our car and that'll give us enough time to have a convo or two with the old homies but, we need to come back to our communities. Our young black men need to see successful black men IN the inner-city. We need to get the inner-city to the point where it is as luxurious as the suburbs. It just takes a little time to instill pride into the citizens of the neighborhoods. This pride ensures that citizens will keep the streets clean. That cleanliness adds value to our neighborhoods. Our presence as strong and successful black men and speaking out to the next generation makes the young folks feel needed, appreciated and inspired as well. That inspiration adds a hope for the next generation and the future of our neighborhood.

* Job Hunting - If you dont need a job, pass on the info to another black brother, or ANYBODY willing to work for that matter. The reason why I mentioned passing the job info to another black brother is that in order for us to take back our neighborhoods, we need a team of folks working and doing positive things. So, if you have a job, passing the info to the unemployed or under-employed adds another black man IN the inner-city into a position where he can be a positive influence on an aspiring child. The more examples we have of a positive movement, the better chance we have of saving more of the youth. The youth may find it hard following ONE man but, following a group of men is much more easier. That group denotes power.

* Golf - Stop playing golf! This maybe funny to some but in a way, it's serious. It's not JUST about not playing golf, it's the idea that we dont have to completely conform to another culture to be successful. Of course, we have to conform to a certain extent. Whether it's maintaining a low and even haircut or wearing suits to work, we have to conform somewhat to survive. I just dont agree with these black men who play golf, drink starbucks and walk around with these semi-jheri curl/slicked back looking "do's" feeling as though they have to fit in. I dont like latte's and I dont need to putt a "-4" to close a business deal. Do you know when I was in college, professors had the nerve to say that business majors should pick up Golf as an elective class because you will need that in the business world to close deals???? Lemme tell you something.........any deal I close will be done in an office!! Period! Now if you wanna come outside to a "rec" and shoot some hoops and close the deal, we can do that. But don't tell me that GOLF is gonna close the deal. My business skills IN the office will close the deal. What do I look like hitting a ball and chasing it. The only time I hit a ball was when I played HS Baseball and I had 9 other unfortunate opposing players chasing all the balls I hit over their heads! My whole point is, it doesn't matter if you shoot dice or play "throwback tackle" football in the street for recreation, when it comes to business, BUSINESS is the only thing that matters.

* Chasing Women - Fellas, in order for us to be better men for our loved ones, we gotta stop chasing women. Women like to see something that stands out in a man. Women like "stand-up" men. Women like men that handle their business. When we spend out time chasing them, we are not handling our business. Stop tryna "spit game" and tend to your responsibilities as a man. When you are doing what you are supposed to do, women will notice.

* Speaking correctly - "Nah'm saying?". Naw we dont "Man-Man", we REALLY dont know what you are saying. Dont feel that you are selling out when you talk proper. Understand that you are the only representative that you will have for yourself. Dont make yourself look like a fool.

* Representation - Understand ONE thing, life is not fair. Life is to the point now where we as black men represent EVERY black man when we walk out of the house. Like it or not, it's the truth. Caucasian people, Asian people, EVEN our own people take ONE instance where a black man was disrespectful or out of order and have let that image roll over into their perception of all young black men. It's gotten to the point where if 3 or 4 black men are standing outside, they HAVE to be selling drugs. Well, that's in the eyes of outsiders and that saddens me. And its OUR people who think that the most. When we gather as black men, people see trouble. It's a power that we have and everyone senses it. The next time you get off work and you're standing outside and people think you are hustling, make sure you are talking about something positive. Make sure that the 3 or 4 of you gathered together can do something RIGHT there on that street corner to make people who make assumptions about you all eat their words. If it's nothing but helping an old lady with bags or simply speaking to an older person, go beyond your pride and do it. We aren't given much credit in the first place, so a simple "hello" might shock them.

* What a "man" is - No you dont have to have sex with every woman to be a man. Dudes kill me walking around talking about how many women they have. Ok homie, that's cool. But when you go out of your way to tell me how many you have, I can only think of 1 or 2 things. 1) You feel that you have to prove something to ME. I'm a regular dude. You dont have to lie to me or boost stories to me or show off to me. 2) You feel that women wanting you makes you a better person. That's a sorry excuse for a man. Like I said before, if you choose to have 30 women, thats cool. Just dont think that i'm supposed to be impressed. If you have 30 women and you aint thinking about taking it to another level with NONE of them, then I question how "BAD" these women are. Either they all are ditzy, ugly or not worth your time for real. Because if I had my choice of 30 women, I may have played around with the thought of having them ALL, but at a point, one has to be a good enough woman to make me give her more or all of my attention versus chasing all 30. And believe me, it takes WORK to keep alot of women. Most guys who say they have alot of women, spend their time chasing em.

* Weed - Fellas, you gotta stop hittin "J's". Marijuana makes you slow down and do nothing. NOTHING at all. It makes you complacent and furthermore, it makes you feel that whenever there is a problem, you can just smoke it away. It takes away our memory and our ability to function. This is NOT the way to be what we need to be

* Selling drugs - Fellas, we gotta stop selling drugs. One thing that I know is, if black men REALLY knew the damaging affects that drugs have, they wouldn't sell it. Some hustlers have seen the damage first-hand from parents that were addicts but now that they are adults, these hustlers hide from those past images. The ones who have never seen it up close, dont want to gander at or wonder what it does to the addicts. Drugs take food out of mouths, clothes off of backs, self-esteem out of young children and chances away from children to have a fully functioning set of parents to guide them in the right direction.

*Understand the "System" - Im not one to say that the "White Man" set-up or runs the "system". Im just saying that this "system" exists and it is right under our noses. This "system" makes us as blacks run to the suburbs and come back in town to work every morning. We try our hardest to be like the Bloombergs and the Kirkmeisters by moving out to their land. Now Sue and Bob are moving into the city and you look like a fool driving for 2 hours to get to work. The idea is simple. We are made to chase everything "they" do, then they switch it up. It's like a cat chasing his own tail. Understand that there is NO war on drugs. How can a government tell you how many pairs of Nikes are shipped in this country everyday but can't tell you how drugs are shipped in? They can capture Saddam, Noriega and any "baby-daddy" ANYWHERE in the world but they can't tell you why drugs are in this country? Powder cocaine might get you a slap on the wrist in court but "Crack" will get you a stiff bid to do down in the penitentiary. Who do YOU think smokes "crack"? Who do you think sniffs powder? Understand that we dont need to have sex with 50 women to be a "man". If you do that, then that is your choice but, dont think that makes you a bigger man. Those 50 women that you have left behind are scarred and probably wont have faith in a black man trying to be about a family. This is why the black family is broken. This is why young men dont want to get married or dont think about raising a family. Understand that drug and alcohol usage makes us feel that our current situation is "aight" as long as we have some remy and hydro to make it alright. The only elevation we look to is the high from the smoke. Understand that drug money might take you to the top but you might bring down hundreds of potentially great black people in the process.

Ladies, oh it aint sweet. I'm on your backs next Monday....And I promise that! This is my corner, and I'm glad that I can share it with you. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"