Tuesday, June 22, 2004

"All Aboard"
By Salvador Gabor

"Transportation". What is it? Simply put, "transportation" is the means by which we get from our current location to our ultimate destination. You can look at life as a game, a joke or a serious matter but, no matter your angle, you will "travel" in this life we live in. How will you travel? Through various means of "transportation". You can travel by plane, train, automobiles or even those rockports that you wore to work to match your khaki pants. All of these means of "transportation" can get you to where you need to be. Now, of course a plane is faster than a train. A train is faster than a car. And a car is faster than walking. And if you're walking, you may have some serious "corn fields" growing in your shoes if you walk long enough. Needless to say, we all have different destinations and we all use different means.

Planes. What a joy it is to be able to get across the world in a matter of hours. A plane is the fastest means of transportation that the public is exposed to. Whether it be a private plane, jet, or mainstream airliner, we can use planes to get to where we wanna go VERY fast. You get to lay back in a nice chair and have a stewardess serve you food and drinks throughout the ride. Planes provide you with magazines, headphones and movies to entertain you while you fly. It's a great feeling to be treated this way. But, there are a few setbacks with planes. With a plane, we can't up and go when we want to. There is a schedule that the airline has laid out. Many times, there are delays in schedule. If the weather is inclimate, you may not be able to travel. It takes a long time to board a plane due to terrorist precautions. A plane can be fast but, you are never on your own time when dealing with planes.

Trains. A train is almost as good as a plane. The only difference is the train is a little slower. But with a train, you get to ride across a large piece of land and see the beautiful landscape of a country. You are served just as you would be on a plane. What's better about the train is that you can actually have a bed to sleep on if you get tired depending on the length of the trip. The main setbacks with trains are similar to planes. On a train, you have to wait on their schedule and there are major precautions that are taken.

Car. It's nothing like a road trip. We can load up the trunk and the back seat, pack our lunches, grab our favorite CD's and make as much noise and have as much fun as we want to. You don't have to act all sophisticated like you are on a train or plane. You don't even have to be clean to travel in your car. You can keep your rollers in your hair ladies. Men, you can wear the holey t-shirt and the dirty looking jeans. Kids, you can scream in the back seat. But, as with any other means of transportation, a car has its setbacks. It takes "YEARS" to get across the country, where a plane or train takes a much shorter time. When driving, you have to take different highways. There are no highways in the sky or on the tracks. You can take a straight shot on a plane or train. But, with a car, you may exit off of 3, 4 or even 5 highways before you get to your destination.

Walking. We don't like to walk now do we? We won't even walk to the store. We feel as though we HAVE to drive. Well that's for some of us. There are some that will be willing to walk. Then they get halfway out of the house and decide to try to catch a ride. You maybe walking only hoping to see someone you know driving along. You are secretly hitchhiking and no one knows it. "Any other day Rodney comes thru here. Now of ALL days, I don't see ole Rodney!". Why did you decide to walk? Why did you miss your intended ride? Why are your shoes creasing in the front? All of these are questions you may and should ask yourself when walking far.

After all of these paragraphs, you have to be wondering "WHAT is he talking about?". Well go back to the top. Life is full of travels. And how do we travel? Through various means of transportation. Everyone wants to make it to the top. So it takes traveling very far to get to where we want to be. Being successful is not a short journey. So what means of transportation or YOU using to get there? Could it be a plane? Well planes are in the air flying. That's the fast way to success. Many athletes, entertainers and lottery winners take this route. They fly to the top. One day they're broke and the next day they are rich. On a plane you can be in another time zone in a matter of minutes. This is the fastest way indeed. Some of us take the train. A train is a straight driven shot to where you need to be. Most college students take this route. You pick a major and you stick with that major. You don't get off "track". You are "trained" to go in one direction. You can sleep comfortable at night because you are where you feel you need to be. You didn't fly but, you aren't moping around moving slow either. How about driving? MOST of us are drivers. There are more cars on the street traveling than there are planes in the air or trains or tracks. Most of us could fly or ride the train but we strayed away from that. Somewhere down there line, we didn't book that flight in time or we didn't buy that train ticket. So, now we have to be driven. Most of us have to be "driven" to make it to our destination. But, are you driving to a short destination or a far destination. If you really wanna go far, you have to exit off of different highways. You can get to L.A. from D.C. by JUST using I-95!!!! You gotta take several highways. You might stay on this road for a while, exit off to another road, go north for a while, go west for a while and eventually you'll get there. As long as you've mapped out the trip, you will get there. Don't ride by yourself. You need people to help you with the map and people to talk to all the way. But, are any of us walking? Don't be a hitchhiker waiting on someone to pick you up. You'll look very stupid. Find a means of transportation that will save some life on your Sambas.

So you have your choices. You can fly, that's IF you can find a ticket and if you are willing to wait on a plane and it's schedule. You can catch the train if you can be patient enough to ride the same track all the way. You make your own time when driving but, you will have several highways to pass and their maybe many stops. Or you can walk a lil bit, wait on the sidewalk for someone to feel sorry for you and pick you up?

"Emotion Airlines"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

It is summertime and people want to go on trips. Some trips are business trips, others are family vacations, and others are the getaway with a new special someone. Many people want to fly to Miami or Cancun, or to the Solomon Islands, or even go to the exotic Poconos (well the Poconos aint exotic at all. I used to think it was some warm island something like Hawaii or the Bahamas, even though it is some mountain range in Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for more on this)

Make sure you find out all background information prior to taking your trip. Make travel and hotel reservations, check proximities to and fro planned destinations and whether or not a rental car is needed, check and make sure your companion has spending money, and no warrants. You would hate to fly all the way down New Orleans and find out Raynard has a warrant from '85.

I have always heard "don't take more than you plan to carry". With this being said, before you take your "voyage de verano" leave all that baggage behind. Their is no baggage department on Emotion Airlines. If you can't hand-carry your stuff, you have too much stuff. Don't expect Raynard to help you with those 3 big things of stuff, if y'all aint gonna be there that long. Stop dragging all that stuff. You got your bag of shoes, bag of makeup, bag of beach clothes, and a couple of suit bags. Needless to say, you got too much stuff. Look at your companion he has all his stuff in that big black bag. It aint filled to the zipper, and he has room to take on some of your stuff if needed. However don't bog Raynard down with your stuff, claim your own baggage.

Alot of y'all still got baggage from your first trip to the Poconos back in '96, when you and Tiffany went with Dewey and Keith. Stop dragging all that baggage, that big bag won't fit on top of the overhead compartment. Open up them bags and take that stuff out, throw it away, take it to the Goodwill, but don't leave it on your bed, because it will just wind up on the floor, and then back in your closet, only to packed again, on your next trip to Virginia Beach. Throw those things that don't fit out. Don't keep many of those things you have outgrown. If you are too big, or too old to wear those things throw them out. At "Emotion Airlines", you don't bring baggage, you just go with who you brought. So if you are about to leave for your trip to Atlantic City and Barry has 3 bags in the living room, one he is struggling down the steps with, and 2 small ones in the car. Not to mention you got 4 of your own, and yall are thinking about taking two cars to the airport, you 2 need not go. You two have two much stuff with you, not to mention Emotion Airlines ain't taking you nowhere that you can get by car in 3 hours. No point in a voyage when you going "down the road".