Wednesday, June 30, 2004

July 4th "LoveBoatride"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

This is a special invite to each and everyone who loves a good ride on the "Boat". This weekend, Chu-Chu Edmonds and Big Duncan are sponsoring the "Bluelight Brothers 3rd Annual Red White and Bluelight LoveBoatride". The van will depart West Viriginia Ave, in Northeast D.C.(around the corner from the Dream Nightclub) this Friday at around 7:15pm. The van (the one Mr. Wallace sold Big Duncan last summer) will then travel to Quarles St, NE where all passengers will get on the "Boat". Once you get on the "water", the van will then cruise to Trinidad Ave., and you will get on some other "Boat". This cruise will last anywhere from 2hrs to 22hrs. Big China and Wendy's will cater this event. Upon getting off the "Boat", all passengers will receive a complimentary milkshake. Any snorkles, or snorkle-like devices will be located under Big Duncan's seat. All seats are $20-40, Ethel Womack is taking a list for this "boatride", which will be turned over to Chu-Chu on tomorrow. For any information please call Ethel at 301-455-3534.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"Too Much Remy"
By Salvador Gabor

I've never had a taste of any alcoholic beverages in my life. Yet, I've had my share of "Remy". I've had some tall glasses of it too! "Remy" is a strong drink. It seems as if my friends always offer me "Remy" and I never have to pay for it. We maybe in a car, we may be at the mall, or we may see an old friend. All of those are great reasons to get some "Remy". Sometimes when you're out, Bootney and the crew will have you WAY too drunk off that "Remy". Yall get to talking about when Ron used to date Juanita or when LJ and Stephanie were dating. Maybe yall saw Barbara Jean and she still is looking good after 3 kids. That "Remy" kicked in. "Remy" will make you talk about trips to Kings Dominion and how you still have them Etonic's in your basement that you wore to that concert back in '87.

"Remy" can do terrible things to your mind. "Remy" starts off ok then it'll have you about to cry. It'll make you call that ex-girlfriend and start up all the arguements yall had 10 months ago. You were all the way over Jeanette until you had some "Remy". You MIGHT have had a chance to get back with her a year or so from now but, you just HAD to park outside her house and when ole Bill came out, you went BIZERK! All that "REMY"! Blame it on ALL THAT "REMY". "Remy" will make you almost kill somebody. That's a strong drink I tell ya! Sometimes I don't grab a cup when I'm wit my homies. I just sit back and watch them drink. I'll watch for a while and then that "Remy" gets to working. I've seen dudes talk about their so-called "Pro Careers". "I coulda been this, I coulda been that"........ I wish you COULD shut up! We don't wanna hear all of that!

But the worst thing that "Remy" can do is have you stuck in the past. Quite naturally, "Remy" makes you think about the old days but, when the "Remy" makes you THINK you are STILL in 1994, you have a problem. Fellas, you have gained a few pounds. Wearing ONLY a new undershirt out in public as if to say you are "fresh" for the day doesn't cut it when you've gone from 195lbs to 215! Ladies, that dress doesn't fit anymore. It JUST doesn't. That's TOO much "Remy". Regina doesn't like you anymore Donald! Yeah Greg, you played HS football with Jerry Rice but, yall don't talk anymore. Yes, she stole your boyfriend Kesha but, Mo and Donza are married with kids now. It just doesn't make sense for you to still be drinking "Remy" EVERYDAY!

So the next time you are out and your friend wants to go half on a bottle of "Reminisce", you tell em "Naw you go on, I'm a stay sober tonight.....too much of that REMY and I'll be ready to slash somebody's tires".

Monday, June 28, 2004

Sal's Corner
"BUNK" Part 1

Everybody say it with me.........."BUNK". I love that word. Soon you will love it faster then when I tell you what it means. But, the sound that you made when you said "BUNK" tells the whole story. There's no "cute" way to say "BUNK". You might gotta slam your foot when you say "BUNK". You might cock your neck or come with that wild smirk that you have when Regina in the mail room says that you can't used the postage meter to send off personal mail. Nevertheless, I'm vowing to keep it "BUNK" on this article. See, the writers here try to keep some sophistication to the articles but, sophistication and "BUNK" are like oil and water. All class, sophistication and civilized attitudes are thrown out of the nearest window in "BUNKland".

Let me give you the definition of "BUNK". "BUNK" is the glamourization of the lack of sophistication in one's attitude. In other words, you are keeping it hood and you KNOW it. You wear those netted flip flops to work, with that fake Louis Vuitton Purse, with the fake Bucket Hat and the fake Belt to match and are PROUD to tell your co-workers........."YES I LIVE IN LINCOLN HEIGHTS!". Flat out "BUNK". "BUNK" could be ole Keith and Dewey out in the yard at around 7:00 A.M. just-a-drankin. YES........Dranking, not drinking. At some point a shirt is heisted and either Keith or Dewey has their hand on their chest rubbing in a circular motion. All the beers are not finished NOR can they be finished and Dewey has to be at the DMV at 11:00 A.M. to pick up his tags. He's drunk.......SO WHAT. We keeping it "BUNK". As I write this article, I am troubled with the fact that it may take tens of articles to really describe the essence of "BUNK". For those who know.........can't you smell it?? Reggie Dinkins, Jr. talked about "groundhogs" a few months ago. "groundhogs" are those people you don't see ALL winter but, they appear at Hot Bars, Liquor Stores and Check Cashing places all around your city in the summer. All of em are "BUNK".

The word "BUNK" has two meanings to the general public. Most country folk use "BUNK" to describe staying at their house. "Yall are welcome to BUNK up in yaaaah". "Shoot, we all can just BUNK right chere". Yes.......CHERE, not here. The other use of "BUNK" is to define low-grade cocaine. If it aint premium or good...... it's that "BUNK". Either way "BUNK" describes a situation where you have to resort to using a lower method to satisfy your need. No money for Days Inn? Well Aunt Odessa always has a couch. Rodney aint come through with that "butta"'s always some "BUNK" being snorted over at Lavell's house!!! And from those definitions we at the Salvador Gabor Project came up with the word "BUNK". But, the difference is.....with "BUNK" people, they are HAPPY to be "BUNK". They have resorted to a lower level but, they are proud.

Let's not confuse "BUNK" with being "Ghetto". ANYONE can be "GHETTO". "Ghetto" is popular now. It's almost "commercial" to be "Ghetto". Let me give you a few examples to differentiate the two. Having your three-year old son downtown on "Bring a kid to work day" with plats in his hair, $50 Baby Jordan's, and a gold chain is "Ghetto". But, your three-year old son walking around bare-chested cause it's too hot for a T-shirt is "BUNK". Example 2: A 50 year-old woman living in an apartment with a 35 year-old man for 17 years and they are not married is "GHETTO". That same couple going to the Pocono's with her grandson and his girlfriend is "BUNK". Example 3: Going to a nice restaurant for your 40th birthday and getting too drunk and allowing people to dare you to do the "butterfly" in the middle of the floor is "GHETTO". But making no effort to elevate and having your 40th birthday at "Golden Corral" and having the nerve to make reservations...... NOW THAT'S "BUNK"! I have many more examples but, let's not confuse "Ghetto" with "BUNK". Surburban people have gotten "Ghetto" down-pat. But "BUNK", ohhh you can not get cliff notes on being "BUNK"! One of them ole rappers can't shoot a video full of "BUNK" scenes. You had to have sat in some hot houses in the summer, gone to some cookouts where bare-chested children are allowed to sip beer just so they can have a good night sleep, gone to houses where dogs have their own room with A/C and been out with a "BUNK" person who looks strange when given a card as a key to a hotel room and asks for a key. Oh you must not miss out on an opportunity to engage in "BUNK" convos. You learn so much and learn it so fast. Next week.......I'm gonna give you guy's a crash course on what it is to be "BUNK".

Friday, June 25, 2004

"The Salvador Gabor Project Personals Ad" (6/25/04)
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Enrique Goya is a hard working recreation engineer, and native in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. He installs merry-go-rounds, and insures sliding-board safety for the District of Columbia's Department of Public Works. He enjoys poetry, roller skating through the park, and picnics on the porch. He also enjoys donkey-back riding on his mule named "Donkey". He is a small man only 5'3" and 115 pounds, but enjoys a large woman. "I enjoy the friction and the thunder of a large woman". Enrique Goya is also missing. He was last seen in Langley Park and is believed to have been abducted by WFL4J, "White Folks Looking 4 Jockeys". He might be found at Pimilico, West Viriginia or anywhere people are gambling on horses, or small people riding big people for cash. If you see or find Enrique Goya, please call 301-455-3534, or send an email to

Thursday, June 24, 2004

"Sports Update"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

The end of June is rapidly approaching and while basketball season has ended and football season waits in the wings, "slap-boxing" and "going-to-the-body" are in full swing. In many alleys, and under many streetlights across urban neighborhoods throughout the nation, these sports are picking up and here are some of the highlights.

In the LA County Boys Club 65-pound Slap Box Division Ricardo Bey won the Jr. meet with a slapdown of Angel Gonzalez. He 2-pieced Angel to the face and gave him a cupped left-handed slap to the temple, causing immediate tearing and an insuing headache. Ricardo also won a $35 credit to In&Out.

Last week in Detroit following the Piston's parade, their was a "Go Back-2-Back Go-to-the-Body Contest" sponsored by Rasheed Wallace and Corliss Williamson. This event surely got Detroit's competitve alley-boxing circuit in full swing. The bouts began with celebrity photos with Rasheed, Corliss, Ben Wallace, Tommy Hearns, and MLK High School "Go-to-the-Body Champion 1978-1985" Curtis Wayne. The first bout showcased Wayne's nephew Dontonio as he fought against Levi Clement. Clement up and hit Dontonio in the face which was a major mistake. Clement, a portly fellow standing 5'9" and weighing 270 lbs, stole Dontiono in the neck/jaw. Dontonio kept his composure and landed a sure right-hand to Levi's sternum. Levi a chronic asthmatic fell to his fat knee and grabbed his chest. He laid down for a ten-count, and was later given his inhaler by his aunt Sylvia. Two pipeheads later squared off, this bout instigated by Rasheed, lasted for a good 2 minutes. Sir Francis Dooley knocked out Tim-Tom Walls after punching him in the underarm, which caused Tim-Tom to hit his head on the side of the neighboring rib shack concussing him to say the least.

Other cities enjoying good urban street-boxing were Durham, NC, Decatur, GA, Philadelphia PA, and Washington, DC. For more info on the citywide circuits check out and To reserve a crate in this year's regional finals in Memphis and or Port Arthur please call 1-800-CRATE-ME.

We had a few requests for the D.C. summer league results to be posted on here so......

"Berry Farms Goodman League Report" (6/23/04)
By Salvador Gabor

In Game 1 of the doubleheader yesterday, "All Purpose Gear" defeated "Air Lorton" in overtime. In Game 2, "Shooters Sports" led by "Trouble" Curt Smith defeated "Nardy Nard's Mob" 53-49.

"Master's Degree"
By Salvador Gabor

Everyone is trying to go back for their "Master's". "Girl, I told Nylah the other day, she needs to go ahead and get her degree cause I'm gonna go on ahead and get my master's!". A "Master's Degree".........what is it? Some see it as a "meal ticket". Others see it as a challenge that they can overcome. Some see it as being a bragging tool. Then there are some who may need it to go out and do a job that helps others.

"Master's Degree". It's only two words but, the phrase can lead you into so many other realms. How about the word "Master"? A "master" is a dominant figure that leads and controls the lives of others. A "master" gives instructions and expects immediate responses and results. To actually "master" something is to conquer it. Say it with me........"MASTER!". It sounds so powerful doesn't it.

How about the word "Degree". "Degree" is equivalent to a level of severity or acheivement. Whether it be the temperature, education or amount of arm deodorant, we all deal with "Degrees". So I assume if you put the words "Master" and "Degree" together, you'd probably be describing a situation where a dominant figure has conquered his goal or obstacle to the highest level.

Well I am here to say that many of you are gaining your "Master's Degree" each day. That man who works on the sanitation team but, doesn't get to ride IN the truck, only on the back to hop off every 2 minutes to get the garbage pail...........he could be getting his "Master's Degree". That lady who is a nurse and is always is the first to be asked to come into work when Glenda couldn't make it 'cause "her house burnt down for the 3rd time this month"......oh that lady is working on her "Master's Degree". What about that rapper who says "Let's keep hip hop alive".......he already got his "Master's Degree". And last but not least........that lady who thinks she is gonna quit her 9 to 5 to go sell Mary Kay and escape "the man" is getting her "Master's Degree".

See every "Master's Degree" aint a PhD. You are just working for your "master" to the highest "degree". That man who rides on the back of the trash truck is a good man. But, he must remember that he is no slave. Let not one man treat you like trash JUST because you pick up trash. Don't fall into a "slave mentality". All that profanity and lack of up-keep is unnecessary. Trash men get shape-ups. Trash men wear belts. Trash men can speak correct english. Don't fall a victim of getting your "master's degree". See Glenda aint getting her "Master's Degree". Even though she is wrong for not doing her job, she is gonna call in when she wanna call in. But that old lady nurse keeps on breaking her sleep to go in and cover for Glenda. But, you never know, that same old lady maybe be ready to strike when her benefits aren't increased. How about that rapper.........oh he wants to keep hip-hop alive. Entertainers come and go. When you aren't selling a million records, is hip hop gonna feed Lil Boo-Boo and your daugther Tyesha. The industry aint gonna remember you. You betta get the most out of IT!. How about Mrs. Mary Kay........well she thinks that she has it good. Not quite yet. Slow your horses. Yes, you have left the work force for "your own business". But, so many people are doing that until the "non work force" is NOW the WORK FORCE. You didn't wanna work for the Department of Justice but, you don't mind working for Mary Kay...........YET they tell you it's you OWN business. Does it say "Elsie McBride's Products"? NO, so it aint your business. It's STILL Mary Kay's. All you did is just change "Master's".

At the end of the day, we all have to work. Whether you have an office job, pick up trash, sell Katydids or Roast Pig Feet at a BBQ Shack all for YOURSELF. You can work at a job and STILL work for yourself. You can have "your own business" and NOT be working for yourself. Dedicate yourself to the people who are dedicating themselves to you. That job will find another employee. The company won't shut down because you are gone. You have to be able to depend on self. Not some degree..........especially a "Master's Degree".

"Dont put your eggs in one batch and when buying a fish sandwich, sometimes 2 slices of bread aint enough"

-Lavell Crumpton- (An excerpt from his speech "When Two Quarters Are Rubbed Together")

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"Relationships...You Gotta Have a Nose for Them"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

The time has come and many of us are in our mid to late twenties. Older relatives like to ask questions like "you got you a lil girlfriend?", "Where's your man at?", "when y'all getting married?", "she's such a nice girl!". Don't let these questions pressure you. Pressure is only as strong as you let him be. Squeeze ole "Pressure" and he will stop squeezing you. He is relentless when it comes to relationships, but sometimes you got to knock "Pressure" down and put your foot on him neck.

More often than not, females feel the pressure to be married by a certain age. They like to think that they have it all mapped out. Married by 26, kids by 28, not selling Mary Kay by 33. They tend to have a lot of things to do and places to be without serious means of accomplishing either. They want to get a man to settle down so they can set a pace to accomplish these things. However, what many people fail to realize is that oftentimes settling down means settling for less. Males oftentimes feel pressured to do certain things by a certain time. Now sometimes this timeframe is self-induced but, most times it is scheduled, and managed with a pit-bull grip by their woman. Men feel pressured to stop drinking and smoking so much, and stop playing Playstation with Keith and Dewey.

These timeframes are sometimes good but, sometimes bad as well. Many times, the woman feels like if he won't conform to these new found standards then she should move on, and settle down. Here comes the settling for less. You got this guy who will do what you say, and is alright, but you really don't like him as much as Vincent. You have just settled for less. Fellas, you really could stop smoking around the kids but, now you got with a mild-hoodrat who doesn't mind your smoking, shoot she even smokes too. Hint hint, brotha you have just settled for less. Don't think that it is ok because y'all can get criminal whenever you want. "Don't look a gift booger in the mouth.", a quote by Jameson Pitts. Don't look any booger in the mouth, one on the tooth is surely worth two on the lip. Do you want everyone to see you with that booger? If you find her smoking more than you even want to, and find yourself wondering, "dang how much money is she spending on bud?", oh this is a major sign of booger. Now you are Bud-wiser, and realize Denise had a point.

Settle up, get married because it is right, not because your girlfriend says you should be married by 26. Have your child because she is a good woman and a fit mother, not because your mother is pressing you for grandkids. Settle up, not down. Settling down sounds like a permanent state of oppression. Keep going up til your head hits the ceiling, then pool your money together and buy anew, if your head keeps hitting the ceiling buy something with a retractable roof. Keep your head to the sky, and take your lady with you, but keep a pair of boots on, their is broken glass, and dog mess on the ground.

"For every girl with table manners, there are boogers in a napkin, just keep those boogers in the napkin and not on your lip."

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

"All Aboard"
By Salvador Gabor

"Transportation". What is it? Simply put, "transportation" is the means by which we get from our current location to our ultimate destination. You can look at life as a game, a joke or a serious matter but, no matter your angle, you will "travel" in this life we live in. How will you travel? Through various means of "transportation". You can travel by plane, train, automobiles or even those rockports that you wore to work to match your khaki pants. All of these means of "transportation" can get you to where you need to be. Now, of course a plane is faster than a train. A train is faster than a car. And a car is faster than walking. And if you're walking, you may have some serious "corn fields" growing in your shoes if you walk long enough. Needless to say, we all have different destinations and we all use different means.

Planes. What a joy it is to be able to get across the world in a matter of hours. A plane is the fastest means of transportation that the public is exposed to. Whether it be a private plane, jet, or mainstream airliner, we can use planes to get to where we wanna go VERY fast. You get to lay back in a nice chair and have a stewardess serve you food and drinks throughout the ride. Planes provide you with magazines, headphones and movies to entertain you while you fly. It's a great feeling to be treated this way. But, there are a few setbacks with planes. With a plane, we can't up and go when we want to. There is a schedule that the airline has laid out. Many times, there are delays in schedule. If the weather is inclimate, you may not be able to travel. It takes a long time to board a plane due to terrorist precautions. A plane can be fast but, you are never on your own time when dealing with planes.

Trains. A train is almost as good as a plane. The only difference is the train is a little slower. But with a train, you get to ride across a large piece of land and see the beautiful landscape of a country. You are served just as you would be on a plane. What's better about the train is that you can actually have a bed to sleep on if you get tired depending on the length of the trip. The main setbacks with trains are similar to planes. On a train, you have to wait on their schedule and there are major precautions that are taken.

Car. It's nothing like a road trip. We can load up the trunk and the back seat, pack our lunches, grab our favorite CD's and make as much noise and have as much fun as we want to. You don't have to act all sophisticated like you are on a train or plane. You don't even have to be clean to travel in your car. You can keep your rollers in your hair ladies. Men, you can wear the holey t-shirt and the dirty looking jeans. Kids, you can scream in the back seat. But, as with any other means of transportation, a car has its setbacks. It takes "YEARS" to get across the country, where a plane or train takes a much shorter time. When driving, you have to take different highways. There are no highways in the sky or on the tracks. You can take a straight shot on a plane or train. But, with a car, you may exit off of 3, 4 or even 5 highways before you get to your destination.

Walking. We don't like to walk now do we? We won't even walk to the store. We feel as though we HAVE to drive. Well that's for some of us. There are some that will be willing to walk. Then they get halfway out of the house and decide to try to catch a ride. You maybe walking only hoping to see someone you know driving along. You are secretly hitchhiking and no one knows it. "Any other day Rodney comes thru here. Now of ALL days, I don't see ole Rodney!". Why did you decide to walk? Why did you miss your intended ride? Why are your shoes creasing in the front? All of these are questions you may and should ask yourself when walking far.

After all of these paragraphs, you have to be wondering "WHAT is he talking about?". Well go back to the top. Life is full of travels. And how do we travel? Through various means of transportation. Everyone wants to make it to the top. So it takes traveling very far to get to where we want to be. Being successful is not a short journey. So what means of transportation or YOU using to get there? Could it be a plane? Well planes are in the air flying. That's the fast way to success. Many athletes, entertainers and lottery winners take this route. They fly to the top. One day they're broke and the next day they are rich. On a plane you can be in another time zone in a matter of minutes. This is the fastest way indeed. Some of us take the train. A train is a straight driven shot to where you need to be. Most college students take this route. You pick a major and you stick with that major. You don't get off "track". You are "trained" to go in one direction. You can sleep comfortable at night because you are where you feel you need to be. You didn't fly but, you aren't moping around moving slow either. How about driving? MOST of us are drivers. There are more cars on the street traveling than there are planes in the air or trains or tracks. Most of us could fly or ride the train but we strayed away from that. Somewhere down there line, we didn't book that flight in time or we didn't buy that train ticket. So, now we have to be driven. Most of us have to be "driven" to make it to our destination. But, are you driving to a short destination or a far destination. If you really wanna go far, you have to exit off of different highways. You can get to L.A. from D.C. by JUST using I-95!!!! You gotta take several highways. You might stay on this road for a while, exit off to another road, go north for a while, go west for a while and eventually you'll get there. As long as you've mapped out the trip, you will get there. Don't ride by yourself. You need people to help you with the map and people to talk to all the way. But, are any of us walking? Don't be a hitchhiker waiting on someone to pick you up. You'll look very stupid. Find a means of transportation that will save some life on your Sambas.

So you have your choices. You can fly, that's IF you can find a ticket and if you are willing to wait on a plane and it's schedule. You can catch the train if you can be patient enough to ride the same track all the way. You make your own time when driving but, you will have several highways to pass and their maybe many stops. Or you can walk a lil bit, wait on the sidewalk for someone to feel sorry for you and pick you up?

"Emotion Airlines"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

It is summertime and people want to go on trips. Some trips are business trips, others are family vacations, and others are the getaway with a new special someone. Many people want to fly to Miami or Cancun, or to the Solomon Islands, or even go to the exotic Poconos (well the Poconos aint exotic at all. I used to think it was some warm island something like Hawaii or the Bahamas, even though it is some mountain range in Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for more on this)

Make sure you find out all background information prior to taking your trip. Make travel and hotel reservations, check proximities to and fro planned destinations and whether or not a rental car is needed, check and make sure your companion has spending money, and no warrants. You would hate to fly all the way down New Orleans and find out Raynard has a warrant from '85.

I have always heard "don't take more than you plan to carry". With this being said, before you take your "voyage de verano" leave all that baggage behind. Their is no baggage department on Emotion Airlines. If you can't hand-carry your stuff, you have too much stuff. Don't expect Raynard to help you with those 3 big things of stuff, if y'all aint gonna be there that long. Stop dragging all that stuff. You got your bag of shoes, bag of makeup, bag of beach clothes, and a couple of suit bags. Needless to say, you got too much stuff. Look at your companion he has all his stuff in that big black bag. It aint filled to the zipper, and he has room to take on some of your stuff if needed. However don't bog Raynard down with your stuff, claim your own baggage.

Alot of y'all still got baggage from your first trip to the Poconos back in '96, when you and Tiffany went with Dewey and Keith. Stop dragging all that baggage, that big bag won't fit on top of the overhead compartment. Open up them bags and take that stuff out, throw it away, take it to the Goodwill, but don't leave it on your bed, because it will just wind up on the floor, and then back in your closet, only to packed again, on your next trip to Virginia Beach. Throw those things that don't fit out. Don't keep many of those things you have outgrown. If you are too big, or too old to wear those things throw them out. At "Emotion Airlines", you don't bring baggage, you just go with who you brought. So if you are about to leave for your trip to Atlantic City and Barry has 3 bags in the living room, one he is struggling down the steps with, and 2 small ones in the car. Not to mention you got 4 of your own, and yall are thinking about taking two cars to the airport, you 2 need not go. You two have two much stuff with you, not to mention Emotion Airlines ain't taking you nowhere that you can get by car in 3 hours. No point in a voyage when you going "down the road".

Monday, June 21, 2004

Sal's Corner

"How many of us have them?" "A friend you can depend on". I got an email from a GOOD friend of mines the other day and it was a FWD email about being friends forever. Real simple, ideal forward that we pass around SO much that you see your own name on the history of the email. But anyway, along with the attachment was a message from that friend. It was heart-felt and sincere and I can respect that. I wont get into what was said in the message but it was a nice letter. But I began to think about my "Friends". No, dont think Sallimo is about to get sentimental. I just wanted to break down "friends" for yall. We all have all kinds of friends but when you look at it, we all have the same kinda friends. Lets talk about em, shall we?

*The "Never in the house" friend - This friend is hard to find. I mean HARD. You got the boyfriend/girlfriend's house number. You got the grandmother's number. You even got numbers for the OTHER people he/she be wit (Sidebar: Cause every friend has another clique). All this and if the game starts at 7:30, you cant find him till 7:18.

* The "Never go nowhere" Friend. Talk a GREAT game but when the gravy hits the rice, they are in the house. You call em and tell em about something going on and they will get YOU hype. So hype that you're ready to go! I mean you called them to convince them and they RE-CONVINCED you. Brought up all kinds of good reasons why "WE" should go. Call em back when you on your way "naw I aint foolin wit it". Now I aint gonna lie........This is ME all the way. Im the "get hype" man. I will get you hype! But call me and say you 'bout to get ready and see what happens. I told one of my friends "Lets go to NY, like RIGHT NOW". He got hyped! I mean HYPED. He called "wifey and let her know he was gone. Called moms and dad "If you dont hear from me...Im in NY". He called like 15 people in 15 minutes before I could call him back just to say "You know what.....I aint even going"

Sidebar: When somebody say "You know what?...." with that pause, its NOT Good.

* The "Lets Go somewhere" friend: This is that friend that makes WAY more money than you, has more lee-way on his/her job or just dont care about how much money yall spend on when yall come in the house. They'll will have you like "Man dont you know I gotta work tomorrow???". They'll have you out at 3:00 A.M. over their house watching "Menace II Society". The whole time, you KNOW you gotta usher at church tomorrow. You'll be passing them bulletins out wit your eyes RED as koolaid.

* The "We gotta get up" friend. Now this is your real good friend. I mean a GOOD friend. Yall kick it and chill but its NEVER anywhere BUT the phone. You just cant find the time to get up with them but you enjoy your phone time with them. I got PLENTY of friends I aint SEEN in God knows when but we talk like EVERYDAY.

* The "Old Times" friend: This nigga still think yall in High School. Still doing that same ole dumb stuff. Man I am NOT riding wit you in that UUV. For those who dont have criminal-minded friends like I do, UUV stands for Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. After picking him up from the precinct enough times you'll get to know the police lingo.

* The "Like we never left" friend: He/She is like the "Old Times" friend except not as wild. He/She is funny and yall aint seen each other in 3 years but the sight of 'em by itself makes you laugh. Yall can get back together and its all of a sudden 1995 again.

* The "same old joke" friend: Maybe its just me but, have you ever had a friend that you shared ONE joke with and yall friendship lasts like 15 years off that ONE joke? I see people now and I cant figure out how 1 joke made us friends. Yall mighta seen someone fall and laughed together. You aint even KNOW his/her name but after that yall just kept speaking.

" The "what is his name?" friend: See im a real particular about not hurting peoples feelings. Im great with faces yall.......I really am but, some of yall be speaking to me and I dont know your names. I mean we REALLY cool. You ask me "how such and such doing?", "Did you ever finish this and that?" and I think to myself like "He know alot about me, but what is HIS name?" It's people out here that I rap to EVERYDAY and I never stop to say "Homie, what IS your name?" I dont know about yall but I KNOW when someone doesnt know my name. I have a unique name so its hit or miss. If your name is Dionte but, I'm not sure if it is....... I might could say Dion or Leon REAL low and fast and make Dionte think that I actually said Dionte. But Low and behold..... The truth comes out. Let another person walk in the room. "Hey James this is uhhh................well yall go on and introduce yall selves."

" The "Broke" friend: We all have one of those. Either one steady friend like this or people in your crew take turns being this one. I mean...... DAG, you coulda told me you aint have no money before we got up to the FRONT of the line. Were you hoarse in the car on the way up here? You can be broke, just let me know off the top. But see the broke dude is scared to say he's broke cause he will be put in that "dont answer his calls" category. Or the "I cant just take $15 cause Jimmy is going wit us" category. Whats worse is the "We will need separate checks Ma'am" category cause "broke dude" is always tryna sneak out of Ruby Tuesday's.

So there we have it. I know your friends fit in somewhere amongst these types. The most important thing is that we all express our love for our friends, despite their faults. One day you're here and tomorrow, you maybe gone. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

"The Underworld that is Metro" Part 2
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Public transportation is an interesting place. It is a realm all its own, with a combination of many different types of people forcibly meshed onto a car, bus or ferry. A tricky place to say the least but, remember that there are rules in the belly of this beast.

More often than not ,folks are tired when entering the "Underworld". Whether it is early in the morning or in the afternoon, sometimes you just aren't quite ready for the ride. Please stay awake for goodness sake, stand up if you have you must.

Women do not sleep on the train, it isn't cute. It aint like when your momma checks in on you as a youth, and they say "look at that sleeping angel". Matter of fact it, is far from it. You look uncomfortable, laid back neck looks bound to have a crick in it by the time you get to Van Ness. Your mouth is open, nothing is peaceful about this, your beauty can't save you from it. You could just miss your stop, as you get some mild hibernation looking like the grizzly bear that you hide from society.

Rollers: There are people, some with justifiable reasons, and others just to lazy to carry their own bags. Either way these roll-away bags are the worst. Pick them up and carry them. I am tired of dodging these bags, like a Vietnam vet having flashbacks of landmines dancing in a pit of squirrels. You lazy, trying to look important people pick those bags up.

Post Office workers ride the train, and despite the stories of them being pyscho and all out ignorant people, they are relatively harmless on the train. They appear as regular working people. If you catch them out of their uniforms you might not know they are postal workers. However, all it takes is one Postal worker to spot another and it all comes out. The one not in uniform gets baited into talk of how much back-stabbing goes on at the Post Office. Questions like "You know ole Bates retired?", "Man, you know Tommy Gibbs got fired, Again?", "How much more time you got til you retire?", "Where do you see the future of the Post Office?". The future of the Post Office??? Man what do they think they will be doing? Hand carrying emails or get to wear all black when delivering Blackberry messages!?!?!?! Get next to two postal workers on the train, one might even be retired, that makes it even better. Note: Postal workers tend to speak in civilized profanity, very much different than employees at the Library of Congress.

Friday, June 18, 2004

LSE Success Tip Vol 6.18.04
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Be cognizant of what is in your backpack, whether it be books or bricks, make sure you use them to make you stronger, and don't be afraid to either out and bust someone over the head with some knowledge.

--Dr. Wakim Piedmont, Dean of Microfish, Fisk University--

A daily routine can result in much success, or lazy dreamers with lungs of cajun brown by afternoon cess.

Doubleheaders can be helpful and harmful, as long as you know how to set your schedule. Who wants to play the Yankees twice a day, or go thru two-a-days with someone else's baby's mother on toilet-seat upkeep. Why do this especially if "Passion" fixed breakfast and has rice-pudding and BBQ chicken for dinner.

Make "Notes to Self". Realize that there are certain people whose sole goal is to zap your brain cells, with their trivial retoric, and up-close conversations smelling of Kools and Gin. Make certain notes about your observations, and how to avoid Instigation and Rigormoro.

Definitely cooperate with "Inevitable". As we have seen with Gus and his "cologne supplementing", funk can only hide behind cologne's tree, and it is a matter of time before the funk is spotted.

"Trifling" is a nasty nigga. Please do not be seen in public with him or invite him over your house. He is the type that takes his baby's momma's sister out for a stroll in the back of her Envoy, then will come over your house and leave his draws in your bathroom floor.

Always stay with your nigga "T. Best". Best is a nigga who should stick with you at all times. Siamese yourself with him. "T. Best" aka The Best, should help you whether you are cutting grass, or writing a thesis. Amazing that he is sometimes the nigga you forget to invite to the cookout.

Success can be measured in buckets or urine syphons, but know it is alright to spill Success on you, it won't hurt, but it will stain.

"Tough D"
By Salvador Gabor

As a man, I love to win. I'm a competitor but I'm not obsessed with outdoing the next man. Although I am composed with my competitive skills, all in all winning is key. Winning in the classroom, the workplace, the playing field and most importantly........IN LIFE. Life is a hard sport to win. It's hard to win because what you see as being a "point" may not be a "point" for others. Some see religious and spiritual growth as winning in life. Some see monetary and financial growth as winning in life. Others see peace and happiness as a sign of winning. Whatever aspect of life gains you points in your personal game of life is determined by how you were raised, influential people in your life and your exposure. Two people, with two different goals, headed in two different directions can both win at life. That's the beauty of the world we live in.

There is one attribute to winning in life that every MALE shares. As men, we all want to hold up our "trophy". That "trophy" is a sign of us having a "championship" in life. What a sight it is to see a man and his "trophy". We put in hard work to win that "trophy". We celebrate the winning of a "trophy". Some of us light cigars, pop champagne and some may even cry. Some get down on their knees and just pray for getting through a tough season. "Trophies" mean alot to us as men. "Trophies" are golden. You get to write your name on the "trophy" and mark that on this day in history, you won the "championship". Isn't that "trophy" sitting so pretty in your den? You walk pass it everyday. You talk to it. You may even kiss her. (Notice the gender reference). See, the "trophy" is our wives. No matter what angle a man comes from in life, he looks at his wife as his pride and joy. Women we do not see you as simply an object. But, you are wanted SO much that we look at gaining your attention as we do winning. Every man wants a "trophy". He can hold her up as a sign that he has "made it". But sometimes, after winning the "trophy" the feeling wears off. You forget how hard it was to win the "championship". Sometimes you lose sight of the fact that you once won a "trophy". I believe any man can win a "trophy" but, can you keep it?

So I guess you guys are asking......"How do I keep a trophy?". It's simple....... "Tough D". You gotta be able to "D-Up". Play that "D". I'm not telling you that I FEEL that's the way to win but, the "trophies" speak for themselves.The dynasties of professional sports accomplished amazing feats by playing "Good D". Even if you keep the "trophy", if the "D" isn't played, the "trophy".......oh she aint happy. Not at all.

Fellas, learn how to play "Tough D". If you don't know, here's a quick lesson.
#1) Move your feet. Keep them feet moving. Mobility is key.
#2) Bend your knees. Get flexible.
#3) Use your hands. Don't stand there with your hands on your waist.
#4) Keep moving. You don't want a 3-second violation.
#5) No Zones in the Big League. I know the NBA brought back the Zone defense but, as a defender you can only play "D" on one person once you begin the hunt for the "trophy".
#6) No fouling. This is a contact sport but, it's not football. It's no need in hurting the person your "checking".
#7) You can't call time-outs. Only the offense can call time-outs. If you are playing "D", you gotta be ready to "play D", when the offense comes on the court and you don't stop until they are ready to stop.

Now you can't rely ALL on "D". You have to have an all-around game. You have to play offense as well. Always be unselfish and pass the ball. Take risks with your shots but, mostly take good shots. Get in good with the "referees" of life, so you can get the good calls. Display good teamwork and team continuity. And most of all have a love for the game. But fellas..........FELLAS........PLAY THAT "D"!

Attention: To all men who are husbands, in this game of life, "Defense Wins Championships".

Thursday, June 17, 2004

"Just a lil chase"
By Salvador Gabor

........."Hey mane.........add a lil coke to my drank if ya will!". We've all heard this. You might run into someone who drinks liquor. They think that they can handle the drink until that "drank" getz a lil too hot. Orange Juice, Coca-Cola, Lime, Cranberry Juice or other fruity or soda drinks are added to "chase" the situation. In life, we ALL love THE "chase" and TO "chase". "Chasing" money, "chasing" the opposite sex and "chasing" whatever else that we want, can't have and aint got yet.

What is it about that "chase"? I don't know myself. I think the most "chased" thing is happiness. And most people "chase" the opposite sex for this happiness. That ole "chase". It sure SEEMS fun. I've never drank any alcoholic beverages but, I feel that marriage is like a liquor, with no "chase". It can burn you up on the inside (if you can't handle it), make you lose your mind and wake up with headaches. And if the woman is pregnant, she might even throw up. So when that marriage gets to tough, we like to "chase". You see the married men at the cookouts.......STILL tryna hang close to the single men to check out the lil honies. Then Alberta screams your name out......"WESLEY! If you don't bring you "so and so" over here!". Thats a husband still "chasing". "Oh naw I just got her number cause I knew I could. I do it for the game, ya know!". Ok Wesley! Whatever you say Wesley.

How about the single people? Oh we love to "chase". We "chase" so much that it's no more liquor in the cup. It's just all orange juice and a pinch of gin. That "chase" makes you feel like you are tough. "Shoot, Willie pour a lil more Bacardi up in there. I need a lil more buzz!". You take away more and more "chase" and then that liquor HITS you hard. And most of the time, that sweet taste of all that "chase" makes you keep
drinking. "Ooooh Geraldine, you need some of this, this party punch is the bomb!". The best "chase" come at parties, cookouts and celebrations. That's NOT just fruit punch you are drinking. If you are not careful, you will get "drunk". Waking up wit headaches, stank breath and not knowing how you got to where you are. And more importantly, wishing you hadn't drank so much.

Then, OH THEN when you go to those outing such as parties, cookouts and celebrations, it's always someone who wants to pour a lil more drank in your cup. "Come on now Jesse, I don't see no henny in that cup. I aint buy these can sodas from Bi-Lo for you to be dranking em all up now. Hit this bottle wit me". See.........they are DRUNK. Remy ......STRAIGHT. And like any nigga, when they are "on their head" or have "jumped ALL the way IN the bottle" they want you to be drunk right with them. Man up and let them know you need a lil more cranberry in your vodka. You aint ready to stop the "chase" just yet.

The "chase". It's simply the idea that when you are in public, you have your eyes on radar for who and what you want. THEN you find your target. The "chase" has vanished and now you are stuck with a tall cup of liquor called "relationship". This aint no average drink. No way buddy. This one will and shall burn that chest and give you a headache. You can't even drive home. This is because the worst arguements happen in the car! You are drunk off that "relationship". But, don't blame me. Blame your love for playing "chug-a-lug". Just remember, if you not ready to get rid of the "chase" and step it up to the straight shots, keep the "chase" going. But, if you "chase" too much, you maybe fooled into thinking that you are bigger than the "chase". A cup full of "relationship" will surely have you on your head fo' sho'!

"Personals Ad"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Donald Jerome Williams aka DJ, is a somewhat shy Virgo from the Watts section of DC. He enjoys taking fast rides in Monte Carlo's and star gazing. A man who can make due in a pinch, he is known for his buttered peanut butter and jam sammiches. DJ has a place of his own through the 63rd Street Work Release Program. He also enjoys disposable photography, egging cars, and bootleg Black Cinema. DJ describes himself as the asphalt romantic, and has made and found love in the streets on several Thursdays throughout the spring. To make a date with love and fate, give DJ a chance, and call 301-455-3534. One of our operators Peguese or Niles will gladly patch you through to DJ or one of our countless others seeking love.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

"The Unheard Voice"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

There are things that go bump in the night, some things causing all kinds of fright many causing a disgusted reaction and much dislike. Some call this the Unheard Voice.

Is this Unheard Voice something created by force or choice,
a reaction delayed or a shout released
A view of politics and society
or a movement released?
An unforeseen prophesy
or a reaction to something deceased?
An factual conclusion on the lack of minority owned property,
or a pant-leg uncreased?

Just what is this Unheard Voice?
A diabolical comment on social temperment,
or some residual leftover from an earlier supplement?
A lockerroom statement inspiring the Patriots post halftime acheivement,
or preponderence of evidence causing post-nasal bereavement?

The Unheard Voice causes many reactions
sometimes shedding light on neglect,
and bringing about social satisfaction.
This Unheard Voice can create an uproar,
have 5 to 10 people moved to up and roar.

"Man what is that, did you do that?"
The Unheard Voice can create dissention over a hidden fact,
that this powerful voice can be nothing more than hot air released intact.
This Unheard Voice, this disemboweled franchise
can bring water to your nose and tears to your eyes.
This Unheard Voice can rip like unchained thunder,
or create a mud-like blunder.
So be careful where you release your "Unheard Voice",
For it may hold more water than you think,
and might move people more than 2hours of free drinks.
Aint nothing good about Happy Hour,
preceeded by 3-bean chilli and a lack of bowel-power.

A Nation in Mourning
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Today a nation mourns the loss of an innovator, a great leader, an actor, and an overall good man. Last week the Nation of Bridge, Spades, and Rummy Players lost a former president. President Ron-Ray Putnam lost a 17 year bout with the gout on last Saturday. President Ron-Ray a man of power throughout the BCC, Black Cards Circuit, had been a champion to all, and was an 11 time Player of the year in Gin-rummy, and was part of the 20-time tag team champions in Spades and Bridge. he retired from the Black Cards Circuit in 1993, and served as President of the Nation of Bridge, Spades, and Rummy Players.

Putnam played a major part in tournament scheduling. Many times Bridge tournaments overlap, the 11pm Saturday start date for Spades playing nigga-nationwide. He scheduled more Bridge tourneys during the week to alot time on Fridays and Saturdays for Spades and Rummy. He also changed the size of card tables, making standard size of tables 6 feet around. This prohibited "low-signaling" from many of the longer-legged ladies, especially Ms. Truly Spence who would often kick and nudge her partner Ophelia "Opho or Phelia" Henson to victory in both Spades and Bridge. Putnam put an end to this when he and his partner Gus "Tweeder" Black, ran into Truly and "Opho" in the 1987 Spades Tourney down at Jarvis' Ballroom. Ron-Ray learned Truly's signature nudges and misnudged Opho on several occasions costing them the game, 543 to 176.

Putnam's body will arrive at Latney's Funeral Home, and his casket once prepared by Harry "Sweet N Low" Wilson and Harry "Hammer" Thomas will arrive at 2 something on today. Putnam's body will be driven everywhere that aint blocked off in Washington DC. These are some of the sites where the hearse will be featured, some of his old stomping grounds. U Street, 15th and V Sts., behind the Shrimp Boat, Nannie Helen Burroughs, and MLK to Malcolm X. A pair of Putnam's Rockports will be placed on the back of the family car facing backwards to show all of his defeated opponents his hand one last time.

The body will be set outside the church for 45mins so that anybody who couldn't take off can drive by and pay their respects. The body will then be taken inside for the wake and funeral. The funeral is by invite-only, and balcony seating is available. Putnam is survived by his wife Shelly, his children Ron-Ray Jr., Lester, Butch, Roy, and Laree, an outside child named Larry Boodie, his partner of 37 years Gus, 7 or 16 grandkids (paternity suits pending) and a host of family, friends, and card players along the way. The Boog-a-Loo's of 1st & O will render the music at the repass. For more info on this repass and that of Harriet Tubbs please check and post well-wishes and RSVP for countless repasses.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Sal's Corner

25. 25 years! 25 years old! Man O Man. Its funny that my birthday falls on a Monday. Monday is "Sal's Corner" and on this Monday, I gotta lot to say. So light a candle, play something melodic as I go down memory lane a lil bit. As I turn 25 today, I look back and ask questions to myself. What am I doing with myself? Am I happy? What's next? and MOST important, What have I learned in 25 years???? Let's deal with that last question in particular. What HAVE I learned in 25 years?

* Nobody is gonna do you like YOU do you - Real talk playa. Example: You need a ride from the bus stop/train station. Its cold outside. Your house is up the street but your friend can easily come pick you up. 10 minutes TOPS. This is including, him/her putting on their shoes, finding keys AND driving to the station. What time does your friend end up getting there? About 20-30 minutes after you called!!! Thats just ONE example but my point is, nobody cares about your affairs like YOU do.

* You cant have nothing in the bed but a dream - My father told me that once. I'll NEVER forget it. The early bird gets the worm. If you get up at 12:00 P.M., it'll take you 6 hours to do what you could do in 3 hours if you got up at 7:00 A.M.

* LOOKS DO COUNT - Dont EVER let someone say they dont. Thats NONSENSE and dont believe it. Never judge a book by its cover, but if the cover aint good looking, you'll never pick up the book. Remember one thing, the easiest thing to change is your insides. That could be your attitude, your personality, your morals and beliefs. With effort, you can be a better person. No matter how many religions, phases or personalities you have, you are always gonna be the same person on the outside. I am a lightskin African-American male, usually keep a trimmed beard, low hair cut, so on and so on. Right now almost every person reading this article that knows me has somewhat of a different perception of me. YET, they all will describe me the SAME from a physical standpoint. But to 10 different people, I can be 10 different people. This girl might say "he's the sweetest guy". Shorty over there might say "That nigga aint worth 2 cents". This guy might say "He's a real dude". My man over there might say "I cant stand the dude". Its like this.......Straight up.......Im gonna marry a cute woman!!!! You may laugh now but if you see me wit a DUCK, point me out. Let me know "Sal why are you out in public with this duck??" thats right, im gonna marry a cute woman and if she aint perfect, we can work on that cause Im not perfect either. We just gonna be 2 imperfect, working to be perfect people. Now she maybe cute to ME and not to yall but, at least I'M gonna find her attractive. All yall that wanna date people 'cause they are "Financially Stable", they have a "good career" and they are "so NICE"........ remember dont wake up to that checkbook, career or personality that your spouse has. When you look next to you in the morning that cute one is gonna look like that "Duck" looks AFTER they done showered and got dressed! Im serious. Ladies, dont marry me if you not attracted to me!!! Im dead serious. Cause when you marry someone who you are not attracted to for real, the first thing they do that you dont getz em outta there! Cause if they not gonna be nice, WHAT ARE THEY THERE FOR?????

Note: Some of what I'm saying is a joke but, seriously the moral of the story is not to settle. When it comes to a relationship, go for what you want and not what's available. If it's not there at this point, dont throw in your hand. When it comes to work or representing yourself, take care of yourself. Always present yourself in a good fashion. Sometimes people think that their work is all that matters. But alot of the time, no one will recognize your talents if you don't take some time out and begin to work on your physical presentation. Put that suit on or throw on some cologne or iron that shirt. Because in the end, looks do matter.

* There's no such thing as a "Nice Person" or a "bad person" - That person isn't nasty....... YOU JUST LET THEM TALK FUNKY TO YOU. To someone else they are the sweetest person. If you find yourself in a situation where its ALWAYS you being dogged, look in the mirror.

* Being nice gets you places that money cant take you - My mother said that to me along time ago. And it always proves to be right. Example: You might be at an event. The event maybe $50 to get in. Its a crowd outside and no one can get in. You may have $1,000,000 (A MIYON DOLLAS) in your pockets, but if you talk nasty to the person taking money, you might be outside ALL NIGHT. On the other hand, you might not have NO money. You could walk up and STILL walk right in and Ive seen it happen!!!!!

* Nobody wants to hear your problems - First, let me say life is like this.........1)You're going through a problem and cant deal with someone elses, 2) Your problem is alot BIGGER than the problem someone is bringing to you, 3) Your problem aint HALF as bad as that problem being brought to you or 4) You've been there done that and you cant see why they are tripping off of that problem. My suggestion: dont tell your problems to ANY OLE BODY. Tell it to someone who can and is known for providing good answers. That person is BOUND to fall under the 4 categories so they may brush off your problem but, at least they can give you a good option

* Dont let the opposite sex run your life - Here's a joke. A Dog is walking slowly across a train track. While walking across, a train approaches. The Dog is STILL mozying on along. The dog thinks he can make it without being hit. So he is getting off the track as the train nears. Its a close call. The Dog is ALMOST off the tracks BUT..........the train rips off his tail. The dog goes BACK on the tracks to get his tail. As he does, a train coming from the opposite way floats pass and knocks his head off. MORAL: NEVER LOSE YOUR HEAD FOR A PIECE OF TAIL.

* (For the Men) Women dont want your money - NO, they really dont. Women like the attention that money can bring. Money just happens to be an avenue that can lead to drawing major attention. No woman wants a man that no other woman wanted. And when a man is wanted, the attention is drawn. Women like to put their stamp on a man. So whether you are an athlete, businessman or the neighborhood superstar, that woman knows that despite all of your success, she can add something to you that imprints her stamp on you.

* (For the Women). Meekness is NOT Weakness. Women want strong men. I can respect that. Just understand what it is that you really want. Just because he picks the dates and he calls the shots dont make him strong. You know what MEEK means? A meek person knows they can beat you and that they are stronger than you, but they look out on your behalf. He might let you pick the place cause its your day. Maybe it doesnt MATTER where you and him go, as long as he is around you. And just because he doesn't know if he wants chicken or fish tonight does not make him a weak man either. He JUST MIGHT NOT know if he wants chicken or fish on that day! It's not that serious! Ive seen many women who like the outspoken, assertive and aggressive men and they consider that "Strong". Sometimes outspoken, assertive, and aggressive men are JUST LOUD, DUMB and WRONG. If I let you make the decision its only because I trust your judgment, I respect your opinion and we see eye to eye. IF and IF I dont agree......THEN you will see and hear me step forward with my opinion. See ladies, what you see as a "Strong" man sometimes can AND will be irritating 20 years after you've gotten married. I know older women who cant even SAY A WORD to their "Strong" husbands. Men making the decision whether you like it or not. Whether its GOOD or not. As a wife, you help your husband, but alot of these guys who you LOVE for their so- called "strength" aint gonna even let you talk 20 years from now.

and this biggest thing I've learned is.........

* You need people - Never stray away from people. Never close yourself from those who love you. It's good to get away to clear your head but, in this battle of life, it's not all about you. What you see as being "second-nature" maybe be a blessing for someone else. You may not think that you matter but, you do. Most of the people that you see talking to themselves downtown on a corner are those who thought they knew it all. They probably had no support group and they tried to figure it ALL out on their own. We know nothing. We really don't know anything. And when we figure that out and just take each day for what it's worth, we will be alot better off.

After my first 25 years, I can say that I've been blessed. I thank Jesus Christ for keeping me after all this time. I've been in a few situations where I could have literally died but, there is something out here for me to do so, he has kept me. I have friends that have died, doing serious jailtime or stuck in serious situations so I'm always thankful. As always "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Thursday, June 10, 2004

"Pioneers in the DC Rap Game"
By Gartrelle W. Sexton, Esquire

Born in the Bronx in 1975, hip hop music would grow to become the most influential culture of our generation. The lyrics, the beats, the dances, the clothes, the parties, the slang, the lifestyle. There was nothing like it. The music would travel beyond the 5 boroughs of New york and reach millions of people across the globe. None were more affected than the young Black youth of the ghetto. In Washington DC, go-go music had been around for a while too, but three young boys decided to stray away from their hometown music and formed a rap group.

Sammy P. Carter and two of his friends named themselves, "DSL". They made songs whle "playing" in Sammy's basement watching Friday Night Videos and Care Bears re-runs on his mother's floor model TV. They made schoolyard classics such as: "Booty Shorts & Now Laters", "Monkey Bars & Carpet Burn", "Calico Vision & Dad's Porno Tapes", "Ashy Knees & Sore Jaws" & the Mothers Day anthem "Ruby Lynn, Beatrice, & Willemina: We're not Gay, We're Just Close Like That". These guys were the predecessors to Another Bad Creation and The Boys. But they had a unique fan base, they didn't have pubescent girls for fans, the Catholic Archdiocese made these 3 young boys from DC the stars that they were.

Sammy's stage name was "Shorty Short Shorts" and his partners Daniel and Larry went by the names, "Danny the Whistle" & "Large Legged Larry"(Prince Markie Dee & Chunky A. from Arsenio were his idols.) They were in heavy rotation in the Cathedral and The Blue Oyster. Here is the cover from their first album, "Mustangs, Shades and Shorts". That's Sammy shrugging his shoulders. (I don't have to say which one is "Large Legged Larry".)

"Juneteenth Bus Cruise"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

This is to inform you of the upcoming "Juneteenth Bus Cruise" to Memphis, Tennessee. The cruise begins June 19th, the bus, number 750 named "Collards" will depart from Forrestville Mall at 6:45 sharp.

This contoured bus trip is due in rememberance of the Voyage of Odolpho, which occured June 20th, 1844. Odolpho, whose last name is thought to be Samuels, was a cropsharer in Memphis, TN. Well Odolpho was one of the first generators of Black Power. You see Odolpho felt he was a cropsharer, not a sharecropper. He felt he gave ole Mr. Sampson whatever he felt like giving him as opposed to whatever he wanted. Mr. Sampson was
actually "Master Sampson", but Odolpho did not see fit to call another man "Master" seeing how he wasn't no dog, and since none of the dogs called him "Master" well shucks he wasn't about to either.

Odolpho created many empowerment opportunites for Blacks in Memphis. He organized a Blacksmith's union, specialized in Black BBQ, and upheld anything Black. Odolpho was determined to uplift his Black people and walked from Memphis to Tuskegee, AL dressed in all Black, stopping and talking to Blacks along the way. His voyage ended on June 20th in the year 1844, when Odolpho passed out from heatstroke and left this earth.

This Bus Cruise commemerates the 160th anniversary of the Voyage of Odolpho. The trip will stop thru Norfolk, for no particular reason other than Ms. Tredeau has some goodies to pickup from her cousin, continue down thru North Carolina where we will stop in Rocky Mount for dinner at "Curtis'", continue throughout the night where Willie Freeman has offered to split time with our bus driver until we get to Memphis. There will be a special dedication to Odolpho at Al Green's church that Sunday. Oh what a time we will have for Odolpho. So come on and get ready, please call Ethel Womack, she will handle this Bus Cruise just like the last one we had down Durham. For those of you who may have forgotten her number, 301-455-3534. That is her cell, she has been having some problems with her house phone, so leave a message.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

LSE Success Tip Vol. 6.09.04
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

"Stank finger denotes a lack of self worth, bad hygiene, and/or a bad choice in women"
--Dr. Tremaine "Buck" Naked--

Opinions by the misinformed, bring about insufficient inaccuracies, that don't fit like a bootleg khaki suit from Lorenzo's Boutique.

"Confidence" is not known by all, but is known by many people. Many of those who you think know "Confidence", have no idea of the power he possesses on the street. "Confidence" helped that ugly boy get your number, "Confidence" helped your fat friend Detrina get in the party for free. "Confidence" can help you do alot if you have the presence of mind to find him. Hint: "Confidence" is always in "your house", check the basement, he might be trying to stay cool.

"Eye Contact" is a henchman of sorts. He will work for anybody. That girl who is unhappy with her date or mate, and uses a squirrel's eye hoping you will take the bait, begging and pleaded with her eyes hoping you will take her man by surprise and ask her for her phone number, or a far-fetched attempt to sell her some lumber. "Eye Contact" is a nigga used by employers, whether the be government or street, using workers on the 3rd Floor or on K Street. "Eye contact" can get you some nookie or an unexpecting worker put in overtime, and maybe even a dancer named "Thunder" to make a more monetary "career change".

"Appearance" is a nigga who is deeper than what the surface suggests. So dont overlook a ti-dye shirt or a party vest. "Appearance" may fool you, a sharp dressed person doesnt suggest money, or a stable mindset, it might suggest bootleg silk shirts and a nigga set in his ways like a rusty erector set.

"Authority" is a tricky nigga to say the least, and is more of a mindset but can be detrimental if you make it a beast. Treat yourself as "Authority" but dont go too far, snitching is prohibited, and so are sirens on your car, especially if you're just a parking attendant.

"Dont look a dance contest in the mouth, Solid Gold puts you one step closer to performing at Fonzo's on 7th and Up-and-Up Ave."
-Breaker Johnson- (1983 "Solid Gold" Try-Outs)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

"The Root of All Evil"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

There are many influences on society as a whole in this day and age. Some good, but many are detrimental. Money was once known as the root of all evil, and later crack-cocaine received much of this infamous glory. Black folks often refer to the "the
man" better known as the white man for being the root of all evil. Through unbridled research of my own, I have come to realize it is but one man responsible for
many of society's misfortunes.

Much like a politician, this man fills people with thoughts of happy things, even going as far as giving toys to kids. Through these dillusions his trickerygoes unnoticed as he works his grand scheme on the black community. This man even has promised plans of economic worth, guaranteeing a certain satisfaction for the masses. Like a Colombian coke dealer he has served over 60 billion. I think you might know this man I speak of, his name Ronald McDonald.

I know many of you, heavy and culinary-regressed people wonder how could I blame the beloved Ronald McDonald for problems in the black community. Especially after his promises of veggie happy meals, and a more conscious menu for Americans on the go.
Nigga please, take a walk with me on this slip-an-slide of Black America, some might call it Georgia Avenue.

Adolescent behavior is a rising problem in the black community. Basically these lil niggas think they grown. Well you are probablly wondering what ole McDonald has to do with it, it's quite simple my dear Dr. Ranchero. Ole McDonald has a farm and on his farm
are steroid filled cows, chickens, soy, and even some lettuce with a hormonal boost. All these steroids andhormone pumped products are in your McDonald's. Them bag fries pack a lil more punch than a couple extra calories.

The hormones in your McDonald's are showing up in a lack of training bra sales, and a rise in Victoria's Secret output. Many a man have asked "just what is
Vickie's Secret?", well I don't know what it was, but I know it is now Ole McDonald. These hormones are rapidly developing preadolescent and adolescent bodies. Twelve and thirteen year olds look like sixteen year olds, oh and the sixteen year olds look
legal. These increased flesh-mounds speed up sexual activity among the black youth, thus resulting in more teenage pregnancy, which has been ripping thru the
black community like a machete in jungle brush or a fart through a corduroy!

This advanced state of teenage pregnancy creates cycles of teenage pregancy creating a generation of 40 year old grandmas. This generation I like to call the "Number 1's with an Extra Hamburger" are rolling thru Black America in droves. These unguided youth are
running around looking for something to feed their soul and make themselves feel happy. Now what diabolical man promises such things? So many black males looking for fast money, knocking niggas in the head for that fast money or an "Extra Value". Where
can you find such things? That Ole McDonald has a farm.

They ought to change that McDonald's song to "Pusherman":
I'm you momma,
I'm your daddy,
I'm that nigga with the drive-thru alley,
I'm your pusherman.
Want some coke
want some cheese,
for here or to go if you please,
I'm your pusherman.
You know me
I got toys,
Pokemons for girls and boys,
I'm your pusherman.

There you have it, the root of all evil, Ole McDonald himself. I'm not telling you not to eat there, but those too-tight underwear, and that squeaky chair, might be sending you a message. So don't believe the death of the Super-Size will save you, because you
have already paid your dues. That large fry and a medium is the alternative root for you Brand New Heavies.

You might think you slick, but you will wind up big as St. Nick, because a 12 year old should never be thatthick around her "Rockies". Evil lurks, don't those arches look like horns? Lucifer has a drive thru, and a clever way of words. Happy meals don't equal happy people, yeeeeeeeah yeaaaaaaah yeah yeah yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

"Weekend Sports Recap"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

This past weekend, sports fans and hopeful millionaires had an opportunity to strike it rich. "The Belmont Steaks", the final leg of the Ruff N Ready Triple Crown. This annual race of greatness took place Saturday with the favorite "Smarty Wallace", a brown
pitbull from Potomac Gardens, poised and ready to claim the first Triple Crown in 20 some odd years.

The race was to be held off of Belmont St. in NW Washington, D.C., but was later moved to the Kenilworth Go-Kart Track because of better seating. The race began at a
furious pace with "Smarty Wallace" and a pack of 8 other pitbull dogs. Among others favored to place and show in the race, "Bear" the 178 pound rotweiller out of 7th and Madison, "Birds and Stones" a scrawny underfed pitbull hailing from Chesapeake.

The race began about 3:50, standard go-kart time, with "Spiderman", a white pitbull from Temple Hills marked by a irritated case of glass-to-the-eye, creating a web-like scar, taking the early lead. "Spiderman" got a bit unfocused and began gnawing at tires on the racetrack. A German shepherd named "Sylvia" appearedto be in heat and had the other four entrants vying for a piece of her love.

This left "Birds and Stones" and "Smarty Wallace" to navigate the course. "Smarty" took a big lead rounding the course, but got a bit tuckered out as he narrowed the last 25 feet of track, and "Birds and Stones" walked him down and broke up "Smarty Wallace's" bid to win the Ruff N Ready Triple Crown.

Kyree, "Birds and Stones" trainer apologized for breaking up the bid for the elusive Triple Crown but gleefully accepted the renamed Boys and Girls Club Trophy, "The Dog on the Hill Cup" and walked away singing "Must Be Like That".

Monday, June 07, 2004

"Attention Black Women"
By Salvador Gabor

Yes ladies, it's your turn. You will not get off easily. Last week I spoke to the Black Men who read this site. Now I am speaking to my Black Women. I spoke to the men first because it is our responsibility to lead the Black Family through the storms of life. We are the protectors, providers and instructors. Women, you are the nurturers, caretakers and comforters. Along with those traits, women provide countless qualities that can not be grasped from a physical standpoint. Just your presence in the lives of others make such a difference. So today ladies, we need to talk

* The word "Diva". Ladies, is it that serious? Designer bags, hair appointments, manicures, pedicures and so on and so forth. Does it really make you a "DIVA"? This one is dedicated to the YOUNG women. The 18 year old female who feels that a purse makes her somebody. As my older relatives would say "Go somewhere and get some education about yaself!". Do something besides trying to look cute. In big cities across this country, there are young inner-city women who dress like Bo Derek but are living like Bo Diddley! You wear Prada, Louis Vuitton and all of these designer clothes but, your house is run-down. You share a room with your 2 cousins and you have 2 uncles that live in the basement. You work 3 jobs to get a few items to wear and when it's all said and done, you gain nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. If you wanna get fly, babes.......get fly but get some stocks and bonds in your life before you start talking about how much of a "Diva" you are.

* Abuse. Don't stand for it. If a man hits you, he's not for you. Period! If I gotta slap a woman, I'm not gonna be with her. If I have to punch a woman, I'm not gonna be with her. That's just how it is. A man who hits a woman is a man who feels he can no longer get his point across to you verbally. Either he feels that you are dumb as a brick or you are just not going to listen to him at all. Either way, respect has been lost. He has lost respect for you and you have lost respect for him. Now, with that being said, understand one thing.........there is no excuse for him hitting you but, that's not to say he may not have been provoked. BEFORE you take this the wrong way.............hear me out. I've seen this alot ladies. You get in an arguement with a man and begin to start calling him ALL kinds of names. Telling him what he WON'T and AINT do to you. How scared his is. Just totally disregarding his manhood altogether. If you don't talk to men in the street like that, don't talk to your "man" like that. PERIOD. Some of yall talk so sassy in the house and on the phone but, if one of them thug niggas approach you on the street and try to get that number, "you be scared as a mug". Respect yours just as you respect someone in the street.

* Drawing Pictures. I had a female tell me once........."I look at men like a painting. I take a lil of this man and paint him in the picture. I take some of this man and add him, then I take a portion of this man and sprinkle him in a bit". Those weren't her exact words but, to sum it up, she had this idea that she could take characteristics from each man she dealt with and make it into one "dream man". Ladies, wake up! This is not a "dream" so why are you asleep? If you are up, why are you daydreaming? Men like one thing in particular from women. We like to be told what's going on. We hate the hard truth but, we love it as well. If I'm the ugly guy that's just nice enough to bring around your parents, TELL ME. If I'm the guy you call because the guy that you want doesn't converse well over the phone, TELL ME. If I'm the guy who has my goals together and I'm the "husband type" but, you really like that other guy who wears bandana's and tank-tops, TELL ME. We are humans. You can't play "etch-a-sketch" with us. Don't make 5 men into 1 in your mind. If the guy that you are interested in does not have it all, then leave or accept his faults. Stop trying to deal with these guys that you feel are ugly but, you like him because he has a great job. Stop trying to deal with guys that you know are "geeky" yet, they are your personal "gophers" or "flunkies". I'm not saying they can't be great companions and spouses but, deep down you are only with them for a while.

* Co-existing. "I can't stand females....that's why I all my friends are males!". Most females say this to men thinking it's cute. Baby, slim, shorty, honey........that's not cute. AT ALL. As a matter of fact, that's a complete turn-off. It's 2004, and we are all grown. If a woman looks at you wrong or "hates" on you, make her get on your level. Where no love is present, you show more love. Being "catty" is played out. Especially if you are above the age of 21. Women, yall have to be able to co-exist. Women networking together can be a powerful tool. There is no limit when women come together. And as BLACK Women, it is definitely important. Our young girls are running crazy right now. Someone needs to step in and put forth some effort into salvaging the situation.

* 3-day Work Week. I heard one woman say that she wants to marry a man who makes enough money so that she only has to work 3 days a week. When I first heard it, I thought it was an isolated comment. But over the last 5 years, I'm hearing MORE and MORE women saying this. Almost in the exact words as the first woman that I heard say it. I mean.......Did yall have a meeting to discuss this newly implemented work week? More importantly, did yall bother to ask us if we wanted 2 extra days off as well? You can't be independent, equal and respected by men if you all of a sudden wanna get "old-fashioned" and let US be the breadwinners. Yall always wanna be equal but, when it's time to put the air conditioner in the window it's always "Honey that thing is too big for me to help you carry". Yall always wanna be equal but, when that rat is in the basement, we gotta go down there. Shoot.....I'm scared of rats too. Point want to be equal......well equal is not having a 3-day work week! You betta stop depending on a man to bring in the money. I know a woman who has been married for decades and STILL keeps about $100-$200 in her pocket when her and her husband go outta town. She told me........"You NEVER know what could happen". In so many words, she's been married for years but, she never knows......... that nigga STILL might leave her down Georgia on I-95!

That's my time. Look forward to next week's edition of Sal's Corner. 6/14/04 happens to be my 25th Birthday. I will definitely have something special to say on that day. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Friday, June 04, 2004

"What's in the yard?"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

As summertime comes upon us, many of us take a look at ourselves and see just what we can do to better our appearance. Little do we know, it all starts from within, but check behind you too, as your mamma would say "clean up behind yourself".

A lot of people often focus with getting their hair did, their fingernails done, and getting some rims. They believe this will help them in their summertime pursuit for a Display for a New Portrayal. All of this sounds good, but let me ask you this...what's in
the "yard"? You go out and wash and wax that car, but what about that old pickup in the "yard"?

You want to have a cookout at the house, but your dog "Pebbles" has "marked" every corner, path, and brick of the patio. Now the yard smells like Benji's gravesite. You and Tony like to sit on the backporch and drink beers in your sparetime, nigga put them cans and bottles in the recycling bin. You cant possibly think Lajuan and both Keishas are going to want to sit amongst all those 40's.

So you don't have a dog, and you have cleaned up the beer cans, so you ready for the cookout. Nigga what's in the "yard"? Five grills are in the "yard", so you can have a cookout but, put some of them in the alley for trash pickup, so Keith and Dewey can have a sit down when they come over. Too many grills and not enough seats, sounds like a KC Masterpiece Cookoff, and not a Tony and Earl Cookout.

You got your two grills, caged the dog up, and cleaned up the beer cans, nigga I hope you cut what's left of your grass. Got so many weeds back there, the ATF drives by 3 sometimes 4 times a week. Oh and you moved the pickup but, what's in the "yard"? That Camaro and that Buick that's what. Tell Tony to park them cars at his own house.

People always say make sure your house is in order before starting a new life venture like marriage, but make sure that "yard" is in order to. Come to grips
with what is immediately behind you prior to inviting someone into your life/house/yard/cookout. If that yard aint clean, don't wonder why the ladies leave
early. Mosquitos, long itchy grass, and Pebbles' pebbles won't keep either of the Keishas there too long, but ole Buttaface Matilda might be there til the
end. Clean that "yard" or you are sure to meet a nigga unwanted..............

By Salvador Gabor

When I was young I remember people singing a song ".......I want you to take me to FUNKY TOWN!!!!!!!!!". I never really took that song literally. I knew there was no such thing as a "Funkytown". I hear that song sometimes on commercials or on TV shows and I pay it no attention. But, recently I was taken to "Funkytown". Oh yes, it is a city! I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. But, it wasn't. This town is sho' nuff Funky!

Now that I think of it, I've been to a few "Funkytowns". These towns have a distinct smell. Smog and smoke have filled the air. The people who live in this town are full of that funk that a "Funkytown" has to offer. No, the citizens of these towns take showers. They still stink.

One of the first towns I went to that really stunk was "NEWPORT news". "NEWPORT news" has a distinct smell. I can't even explain it. The next town I went to that was funky was "upper MARLBORO". Real REAL funky for ya. If you go down a lil further you may see ole "BENSON" working in his "HEDGES". Sometimes he does it by himself or he might call his nephew "VIRGINIA SLIM" to come on over and work a lil bit. Most "Funkytowns" don't have animals. The smoke and smog kills them off. Only "CAMELS" can survive in these "Funkytowns".

But, see........the song says "........I want you to take me to Funkytown". That lets you know that I have to ASK to be taken to "Funkytown". You can't KIDNAP me and force me to go there. You can stay in your town when you are on your cigarette breaks but, freshen on up a bit before you push 5 on that elevator door. 'Cause when you come back upstairs smelling like folgers and ashtrays, you have JUST taken me to "Funkytown".

Thursday, June 03, 2004

"A Nigga You Never Want to Meet, Part 1"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

In life there are some people that you hear old people warn you about. Some are good folks with a bad reputation, and others just bad and evil niggas with no moral foundation. You would often hear "Don't play with Jamal that boy is bad" but, all the while he just misses his dad. But, there is one dude that old folks knew was bad from the jump, and would bother you no matter what you do. "That Arthur, that ole Arthur."

Ole "Arthur", the type of boy to make your grandmother cuss. "Arthur" goes unnoticed by many youth, they have no idea of the havoc he wrecks on the stairs bending over to get a false tooth. Ole "Arthur", ooh he is a devilish boy, he once tried to trip my grandaddy on the steps, like a stray toy from his grandboy. Ole "Arthur" grabbed his knee, and tried to pull him down. I just heard "that Ole Arthur tried to get me" but, I saw nothing as I looked around. Not a man or a boy, or even that stray toy, didn't even see my uncle named Lee, whose given name is Arthur as a little boy.

As I look around often hearing about this "Arthur", I just think he must be one busy somebody. He's in the kitchen and the bedroom, the bathroom and the basement. I'm checking the ceiling and even the dusty vents, just who is this "Arthur" going around punching and grabbing my grandparents. Who is this coward who plays "Punchbuggy" all through the day. "Arthur" "Arthur" "Arthur", he makes you wanna scour the streets, questioning every new lil guy you meet "Is this Arthur, could this be the dreaded dreaded Arthur? Is this the boy punching my grandma in the back, squeezing her wrist and keeping her off my back? Is this that Arthur who kicked my granddad in the knee, or twisted grandma's ankle like a wicked root of the tree?"

I dont know who this "Arthur" may be, but if he is causing all this trouble, I'm gonna have to check with somebody. "Ma who is Arthur and has he been bothering you? He has been running wild at grandma's like a monkey at the zoo....Arthur's been here, he aint been in my room, wait til I grow up I show him something that goon." Little did I know no matter how old he gets ole "Arthur" never forgets, your birthdays, weddings, or even a walk downstairs. That nasty young nigga should have a sign that says "beware". He may not be a dog, but his bite is worse, just the other day he made Ms. Mattie cry like someone stole her purse. He got her elbow, then her toe. I just wonder is there no limit to how low he will go.

Ole "Arthur", a nigga that you never want to meet. Trust me when I tell you.........he might even wake you out your sleep. Now I aint for no killing, but I think them old folks would understand if "Arthur" was killed by a murderous hand. Be careful on them steps, and at the Pilates class, ole "Arthur" might grab your knee, hip, or the back of your "surface". So if you rolling around in pain like a 45 yr old contortionist at the circus, not to worry, that is just "Arthur" so dont hurry, just sit yourself down and get to know that Tiger Balm. Like that old lady on the Tylenol commerical rubbing she palm, you just met "Arthur", ole "Arthur" indeed.

"The Streak"
By Salvador Gabor

Life is a game of "Streaks". Seems as if when you are winning, you can lose. When you are losing, you can't even get a cheap victory. "Streaks" are waves that we ride when we are on top and they can be lessons we learn from when we are on the bottom.

There have been some long streaks in the history of mankind. Cal Ripken's streak of over 2,000 consecutive games played in baseball is one. How about that old man on your job who wears the same sweater and arrives at work at 5:30 every morning. That's a great streak! Or the streak of shootings that took place over in that project down the street from you. 27 straight nights of bussin off aint no joke. But, whether it's good or bad, a "streak" leaves a lasting impression.

What about the bad "streaks"? Well........what about em? We all know about good "streaks" and if you are on one right now, ride it out as long as you can. But, I want to deal with those who are in a bad "streak". No, not an unemployment "streak". Naw, not a losing "streak" with the opposite sex. Not even a bad "streak" of parking tickets. This is a "streak" that we all are "on top of" but, we can't handle sometimes. This "streak" is definitely a losing "streak" and we need desperately to get out of it.

When we get into this particular "streak", it's because we have not properly gotten rid of that "mess" that lie within us. We let this "mess" linger. We even begin to see this "mess" as being ok to deal with. We let it become apart of our lives and we begin to "gas" ourselves up. We get so "gassed" that we think we can just let this mess blow out of us slowly instead of "dumping" it. "I will change one day!". "I'm not ready to get rid of the mess". Don't let that "mess" fool you. It will surely "gas" you up. Next thing you know, you will have a "streak" on your hands..............or DRAWLS, I should say. Yep, this message is not about life...........I just took you guys around the block a few times to say this...........


This message has been brought to you by "The National Association of Men who Handwash their Drawls before their Wives do Laundry". They are also simply known as "United Nasty Niggas, Inc.".

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I apologize for my absence on Monday and Tuesday. But, I'm back with a very special Wednesday edition of Sal's Corner. Also check out this This is a site that has GREAT art work for those who are into the arts and photography. And now onto this weeks edition of Sal's Corner...........

Sal's Corner
"Attention Black Men"

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you......."Sallimo" is not about that "Black Man, Black Man, Black Power" stuff. I love being Black, yet JUST because you are Black doesn't mean that we are more brothers than another man of another race. ALL humans are brothers and sisters in my eye. I've never shunned the help of a person from another race, nor do I migrate to a person of my own hue for the sake of complexion or race. Yet, I still feel a need to talk to the Black man. This is because we catch alot of flack. More flack than alot of other males in this society. We have our mothers, girlfriends, wives, kids and others very dissappointed at us as a whole. Either they say that we are using our status to our advantage too much, we are not being the men we need to be for our youth and our women, or we just aren't doing anything at all in the eyes of those who look on from afar. So black men let's huddle up for a second. I gotta few things I wanna tell you.

* Buying Homes - Black men, PLEASE dont move to the suburbs. At least not if you dont have to. The key to turning around our young black men is being THERE for them. Most of us grow up in the inner-city, then we get a little piece of money and we move out to the "boonies". While living out there, we can't make a difference. Out there, all we can do is come through the hood and stop by. We might get a crackhead to wash our car and that'll give us enough time to have a convo or two with the old homies but, we need to come back to our communities. Our young black men need to see successful black men IN the inner-city. We need to get the inner-city to the point where it is as luxurious as the suburbs. It just takes a little time to instill pride into the citizens of the neighborhoods. This pride ensures that citizens will keep the streets clean. That cleanliness adds value to our neighborhoods. Our presence as strong and successful black men and speaking out to the next generation makes the young folks feel needed, appreciated and inspired as well. That inspiration adds a hope for the next generation and the future of our neighborhood.

* Job Hunting - If you dont need a job, pass on the info to another black brother, or ANYBODY willing to work for that matter. The reason why I mentioned passing the job info to another black brother is that in order for us to take back our neighborhoods, we need a team of folks working and doing positive things. So, if you have a job, passing the info to the unemployed or under-employed adds another black man IN the inner-city into a position where he can be a positive influence on an aspiring child. The more examples we have of a positive movement, the better chance we have of saving more of the youth. The youth may find it hard following ONE man but, following a group of men is much more easier. That group denotes power.

* Golf - Stop playing golf! This maybe funny to some but in a way, it's serious. It's not JUST about not playing golf, it's the idea that we dont have to completely conform to another culture to be successful. Of course, we have to conform to a certain extent. Whether it's maintaining a low and even haircut or wearing suits to work, we have to conform somewhat to survive. I just dont agree with these black men who play golf, drink starbucks and walk around with these semi-jheri curl/slicked back looking "do's" feeling as though they have to fit in. I dont like latte's and I dont need to putt a "-4" to close a business deal. Do you know when I was in college, professors had the nerve to say that business majors should pick up Golf as an elective class because you will need that in the business world to close deals???? Lemme tell you something.........any deal I close will be done in an office!! Period! Now if you wanna come outside to a "rec" and shoot some hoops and close the deal, we can do that. But don't tell me that GOLF is gonna close the deal. My business skills IN the office will close the deal. What do I look like hitting a ball and chasing it. The only time I hit a ball was when I played HS Baseball and I had 9 other unfortunate opposing players chasing all the balls I hit over their heads! My whole point is, it doesn't matter if you shoot dice or play "throwback tackle" football in the street for recreation, when it comes to business, BUSINESS is the only thing that matters.

* Chasing Women - Fellas, in order for us to be better men for our loved ones, we gotta stop chasing women. Women like to see something that stands out in a man. Women like "stand-up" men. Women like men that handle their business. When we spend out time chasing them, we are not handling our business. Stop tryna "spit game" and tend to your responsibilities as a man. When you are doing what you are supposed to do, women will notice.

* Speaking correctly - "Nah'm saying?". Naw we dont "Man-Man", we REALLY dont know what you are saying. Dont feel that you are selling out when you talk proper. Understand that you are the only representative that you will have for yourself. Dont make yourself look like a fool.

* Representation - Understand ONE thing, life is not fair. Life is to the point now where we as black men represent EVERY black man when we walk out of the house. Like it or not, it's the truth. Caucasian people, Asian people, EVEN our own people take ONE instance where a black man was disrespectful or out of order and have let that image roll over into their perception of all young black men. It's gotten to the point where if 3 or 4 black men are standing outside, they HAVE to be selling drugs. Well, that's in the eyes of outsiders and that saddens me. And its OUR people who think that the most. When we gather as black men, people see trouble. It's a power that we have and everyone senses it. The next time you get off work and you're standing outside and people think you are hustling, make sure you are talking about something positive. Make sure that the 3 or 4 of you gathered together can do something RIGHT there on that street corner to make people who make assumptions about you all eat their words. If it's nothing but helping an old lady with bags or simply speaking to an older person, go beyond your pride and do it. We aren't given much credit in the first place, so a simple "hello" might shock them.

* What a "man" is - No you dont have to have sex with every woman to be a man. Dudes kill me walking around talking about how many women they have. Ok homie, that's cool. But when you go out of your way to tell me how many you have, I can only think of 1 or 2 things. 1) You feel that you have to prove something to ME. I'm a regular dude. You dont have to lie to me or boost stories to me or show off to me. 2) You feel that women wanting you makes you a better person. That's a sorry excuse for a man. Like I said before, if you choose to have 30 women, thats cool. Just dont think that i'm supposed to be impressed. If you have 30 women and you aint thinking about taking it to another level with NONE of them, then I question how "BAD" these women are. Either they all are ditzy, ugly or not worth your time for real. Because if I had my choice of 30 women, I may have played around with the thought of having them ALL, but at a point, one has to be a good enough woman to make me give her more or all of my attention versus chasing all 30. And believe me, it takes WORK to keep alot of women. Most guys who say they have alot of women, spend their time chasing em.

* Weed - Fellas, you gotta stop hittin "J's". Marijuana makes you slow down and do nothing. NOTHING at all. It makes you complacent and furthermore, it makes you feel that whenever there is a problem, you can just smoke it away. It takes away our memory and our ability to function. This is NOT the way to be what we need to be

* Selling drugs - Fellas, we gotta stop selling drugs. One thing that I know is, if black men REALLY knew the damaging affects that drugs have, they wouldn't sell it. Some hustlers have seen the damage first-hand from parents that were addicts but now that they are adults, these hustlers hide from those past images. The ones who have never seen it up close, dont want to gander at or wonder what it does to the addicts. Drugs take food out of mouths, clothes off of backs, self-esteem out of young children and chances away from children to have a fully functioning set of parents to guide them in the right direction.

*Understand the "System" - Im not one to say that the "White Man" set-up or runs the "system". Im just saying that this "system" exists and it is right under our noses. This "system" makes us as blacks run to the suburbs and come back in town to work every morning. We try our hardest to be like the Bloombergs and the Kirkmeisters by moving out to their land. Now Sue and Bob are moving into the city and you look like a fool driving for 2 hours to get to work. The idea is simple. We are made to chase everything "they" do, then they switch it up. It's like a cat chasing his own tail. Understand that there is NO war on drugs. How can a government tell you how many pairs of Nikes are shipped in this country everyday but can't tell you how drugs are shipped in? They can capture Saddam, Noriega and any "baby-daddy" ANYWHERE in the world but they can't tell you why drugs are in this country? Powder cocaine might get you a slap on the wrist in court but "Crack" will get you a stiff bid to do down in the penitentiary. Who do YOU think smokes "crack"? Who do you think sniffs powder? Understand that we dont need to have sex with 50 women to be a "man". If you do that, then that is your choice but, dont think that makes you a bigger man. Those 50 women that you have left behind are scarred and probably wont have faith in a black man trying to be about a family. This is why the black family is broken. This is why young men dont want to get married or dont think about raising a family. Understand that drug and alcohol usage makes us feel that our current situation is "aight" as long as we have some remy and hydro to make it alright. The only elevation we look to is the high from the smoke. Understand that drug money might take you to the top but you might bring down hundreds of potentially great black people in the process.

Ladies, oh it aint sweet. I'm on your backs next Monday....And I promise that! This is my corner, and I'm glad that I can share it with you. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"