Friday, May 28, 2004

"Tips While in the Jungle"
By Salvador Gabor

Today is Friday. The Friday before Memorial Day. The Friday before the holiday that marks the day that everyone starts acting real niggerish. I just feel yall need a "Heads Up" on what to expect. I would hate to see you guys caught off guard. Here are a few things. I won't elaborate but, just take them into mind and know that it's a strong possibility that you will see them

* People who you deem to be "too old" blasting hip-hop in the ride

* Tank Tops. Tank tops are normally seen but not the regular ones. But the ones with the real thin shoulders and they hang down real low will be out. Off colors like Purple and Red too!

* A "Cuss-Out". Niggas get entirely too drunk on Memorial Day Weekend. This is the weekend where someone might find out that their uncle is really their daddy

* Adults bringing beer to kids' birthday parties. No gifts for the child, just Buds and Heinekens.

* You are bound to see a co-worker downtown somewhere with his girlfriend. His whole attitude is different. He aint nothing but a mail clerk on the job site but he gotta 325 BMW and a short set on with some shades.