Monday, May 17, 2004

Sal's Corner
"One Letter"

Spelling is a critical component to getting your point across from a written standpoint. There are so many words that can be spelled incorrectly so easily. I have a hard time posting columns because I have to proofread so much. One thing that I've noticed is that one letter can change everything. One letter turns one word turns into another. The effects of that one letter can be monsterous

*Suite VS. Suit: A suite is an upscale office or a hotel room. A suit can be an article of clothing or a legal case. A man in a suit can go to a suite with a woman and catch a SUIT. Just ask Kobe Bryant. That letter "I" made a BIG difference in the two words

*Effect VS. Affect: I've never gotten this one down pat. I STILL dont know when to use either. I just use em both and yall get the drift anyway.

*Skootch VS. Skoontch: Both are used to suggest or ask that someone move down or out of your way. When an old lady says "Skootch over a lil bit", she probably is at a graduation or a church service. Skootch is said quietly out of the reverance for the event. She may be even at a Black College Football game, who knows. But, the word Skoontch!!!! "Skoontch on........Skoontch on out the way". That is a very good sign that it's some Barbeque ribs somewhere in the vicinity. Something hot, spicy or very good is being served and you are just not moving fast enough for ole Sister Robinson. But, that letter "N" adds alot of funk to the lingo.

*Trip VS. Trap: We've all been through this. What seems to be a good outing turns bad. We all have that friend that is cool.........but, sometimes (most of the time) can be a hassle. They are very cool but, they always put you in a compromising situation. They ask for a ride to one place and after that it's "Run me here" or "Just 5 more minutes, stop me pass the other store" or "What you bout to do?...if you got some time could you........". A trip turns into a trap!

*Desert VS. Dessert: Could you imagine someone saying "My cousin got his leg blown off in Dessert Storm"? I'd probably thing he banged his leg on the bottom of the counter at Ben & Jerry's on "Free Ice Cream Day". How about your kid asking you........"Can I have ice cream for Desert?" I'd wonder if the kid wanted some Neopolitan packed in his lunch pale for his school trip to the Sahara???

*Holiday Vs. Holyday: Now Holy Day is not one word but, let's just assume it is for now. Holidays are days that we get off from work and that we get and/or give gifts on. They come and go and if you don't give somebody their gift ON that day, they will have a FIT. But a Holyday should be a day where we acknowledge what the day is actually about. The difference in the spelling of the two words are substituting an "I" for a "Y". And literally that's what we SHOULD do with these days. Take the "I" out and ask "WHY". Christmas is not about Santa Claus, Valentine's Day is not about giving balloons and Mother's Day is not about loving a mother on ONE day of the year. These Holiday/Holyday's are not about YOU, so take the "I" out

*Honies VS. Homies: First off, it's 2004 so if a dude is running around still calling females "honies" he is caught up in some 1994 cookout memories. But the "honies" are the ladies. The gals, the gang, or the womenssss. "Homies" are the fellas, the crew, the dogs. Fellas, if you email or instant message your wife/girlfriend, she would be HEATED if you type "Im chillin wit da Honies tonight". That "M" changed to an "N" could be deadly!

*Own VS. Owe: Many people buy cars or possessions and tell you that they "OWN" them. NO most likely they "OWE" on them. Please believe it. Many people lease cars and you never know it. Ever wonder why they can NEVER drive outta town? They gotta car sitting in the driveway but they caught the bus to Detroit for Thanksgiving. Wonder why they tried to squeeze in your car to ride down to Kings Dominion or Six Flags? They dont "OWN" it.

*Trickin VS. Trackin: These two words are representatives for the different levels in monetary male/female relationships. Relationships built on money aren't good for the soul. Feelings get involved and if the money begins not to be involved, the party expecting the money will be upset. Ladies/Fellas be careful of how you "trick" on someone. You may catch feeling and begin to try to "track" that person. This could get outta hand.

Bonus.... *Expect VS. Except. This is an instance where the same letters are used for both words. The only change is the swapping of places for the letters "C" and "P". Usually we start out friendships, relationships, job etc. etc. EXPECTING alot. Then later on, we get everything EXCEPT what we want. Ladies, all you ask is to be taken out. The guy doesn't do that but, he'll call you all day! The dude will call you at 7:00, knowing that your free minutes aint until 9:00. Fellas, all you ask is that she be quiet. So then, she thinks she can get over by talking about something you want to talk about. But, then she gets it wrong. "YOU GOTTA BE CRAZY....OH so they're not gonna call OFFSIDES on Shaq!" Or how about at work. All you ask for is a raise or a bonus. But they turn around and just give you $700 worth of credit at Staples. "I SURE could use some binder clips right about now". It's funny we get everything EXCEPT what we EXPECT.

Remember, make sure you spell your words right and use them right. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

"American Idol"
By Salvador Gabor

It's crazy how people get wound up in television. Yes I watch alot of TV. ALOT of TV! But, when I turn off the TV, I "try" to leave what's on the TV behind when the power is shut off. But, some people are SO into every show. "Girl did you see the Bachelor last night, I thought sure Jessica was going home!". People watch soap operas, court shows and reality shows like their OWN lives are on the line. Like, they are the ones facing elimination! They make these "characters" out to be "for real". This is corny to say but,.......... it's only a TV show!

One show in particular that really bothers me is "American Idol". The title itself bothers me the most. I look at the word "Idol" and I think of some megastar and nowadays WHO KNOWS what "American" really means. But, the idea is to expose "America's" most talented Amateurs and these contestants compete for a recording contract. In many cases, who we as people "feel" should win don't always win. On top of that, if the people we want to win actually do win, some way or another, the person that "they" wanted to win finds a way to get a spot in the limelight any way.

You see, "American Idol" is not about voting for the best singer/performer. Often times, it's about bringing back that old-fashion pop star. For a lack of better wording............the old "Caucasian Superstar Singer". African-Americans dominate virtually every genre of music known to man. The most popular genres in the country are Rap, R&B, Soul, Gospel, Rock & Roll and Country. Now, there are some other popular ones but, these stand out. Even the ones that are not dominated by African Americans have picked up on some African American culture and implemented that style within it's music. Country, Rock & Roll and other genres have "spiced" up their music a bit and has some African American "undertones".

The set-up of the show is strange. Now correct me if I'm wrong ,because I haven't watched the show more than twice. But, I believe that there are three celebrity judges that pick the contestants that advance to the "main event" yet, the public gets to vote for the final winners. It just seems like all of a sudden, the talented judges who know about the industry give the vote to the fans across the world who don't know as much about true talent???? It doesn't make much sense. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe those aren't the rules for the show. Will I ask someone how it really goes............NO! I don't care. I could care less who gets the recording contract. But, I do know that some of the most talented amateur artists are being eliminated.

"American Idol" is the idea of bringing back the "Doo-Wop" days. Back when kids drove Chevy's and drunk milkshakes. The guys wore varsity jackets and the girls wore long skirts and white shoes. There were drive-in movies and everything was so "innocent". Or at least that's what "innocence" is made out to be. Quite frankly, "America" is tired of hearing singers talk about "Bentley's", "Cheating Boyfriends" and "Baby Momma Drama" and other similar topics that seems to flood the airwaves. And there are African-American artists who go outside of those topics for songs. But, in this country, many times what ONE person does is looked at as what we ALL do. "America" wants a singer that "appears" to be "a good ole wholesome person". The "American Idol" will be someone that "America" can look to. Really, there's nothing wrong with that. Just understand that if you are looking for Keisha, Shaneequa, or Kamal to win "American Idol"........that won't happen in "America".