Monday, May 10, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Life: The Biggest Game on Earth"

People always say that life is a game. I hate to refer to it as such but, life really is a game. Not in the sense that it doesn't matter. But, in the sense that everyone wants to win in life. It takes teams to get through life. And of course, there are rules. Life is not like Baseball, Football, Basketball, or even duck duck goose. This is a different game. The rules of the game of life are almost a complete opposite of any other game or sport that we know. Let's take basketball for instance. Let's look at some things you CAN'T do in Basketball and how we HAVE to do these things in life to survive

* Double - In Basketball, when you dribble with both hands at the same time, it's called a "double" or a "double-dribble". But in life we MUST "double". You gotta "double" your wealth. You gotta "double" your power. You gotta "double" EVERYTHING. You never wanna be on the same level as your were last year. The older you get, it takes "double" to change your ways. As you get older it takes "double" the work to stay in shape. "Doubling" in a KEY part of the game of life.

* Traveling - In Basketball, taking more than 2 steps with the ball without dribbling is called "traveling". Well in life, you MUST "travel". Some of you niggas have never left Good Hope Road. GET OUT and explore! It will change your life! You get to see more. That "ball" is symbolic of a job or a restraint. We sometimes can not take more than two steps without dribbling that "ball". Just take 3 or 4 steps and "travel" sometimes.

* Goal-Tending - In Basketball, defending an attempted shot that is in the cylinder of the rim is called "Goal-Tending". Well in life, you have to Tend to your Goals. Tending to goals means defending your goal. Always know what it takes to get to where you wanna be. People try to put a "ball" in your goal. There's that "ball" again. Some restraint or some person telling you that you can't make it cause you have THIS or THAT to think about. If the ball looks close to going in, knock it out of your goal.

* Out of Bounds - In Basketball, when the ball touches the floor at a point where it is beyond the court or if you are touching the ball and one of your body parts is touching the part of the floor that is beyond the court, it is considered "Out of Bounds". But, in life, you must go beyond the boundaries. You never can stay in one place or one area.

* Foul Shots - In Basketball, free attempts at shooting the ball in the basket are awarded to a player who was fouled. Being fouled means that an opposing player was overly aggressive and physical which hampered the steady, fair and competitive game that was being played. Now keep in mind, I said OPPOSING player. Many people on your team may seem to foul you but they are helping you. A foul in life maybe constructive criticism or just hatred. It's a thin line. A thin, grey line. But, in this game of life, you don't get foul shots. You take comments, criticism, and hatred and keep going. No one is rewarded for being hurt. You just take that and keep going.

* Carrying - In Basketball, dribbling the ball and letting the ball go over your shoulder and bringing it back to the floor or having your hand holding the ball from the bottom of the ball is called "carrying". In life, you will have to "carry" something or someone. We all aren't natural leaders but, we all shall lead at least once in our lives. We work in teams and people on your team sometimes may be dead weight or people that can be put to good use but, they aren't motivated yet.

* Staying in the coaches box - In Basketball, a coach has a space that they have to stay in. Players on the bench can not come on the court unless they are substituting another player. Coaches can not come on the court at all. Now we talked about coaches a little while ago. But sometimes a coach HAS to come on the court and grab up a player! If you see something going wrong and you're viewing it from the sideline, sometimes you have to step ON the court and straighten it out.

* Self Pass - In Basketball, you can not pass the ball to yourself. Life is different. You have two hands. Sometimes, you have to free one hand and pass the ball to the other. Free yourself up for a day and do some other things to relax your mind. Sometimes you gotta throw the "ball" in the air. Not to someone else because it's your "ball" to use. But, just throw it in the air for a brief second to get a breather.

* 3 Seconds in the box - In Basketball, there is an area right under the goal called "The 3-Second Box". You can not stand in that box for more than 3-seconds. Well in life, you gotta stand in your place sometimes. Stand right near your goal until what's coming to you has arrived. Just keep on waiting!

You know why the rules in a game like basketball are so different than in the game of life? In life, there's no little old man in a striped shirt blowing a whistle. You are out here on your own. There is no referee. Although there are rules, you can do what you want to do. What you do wrong will catch up to you but, it may creep up. It wont be a whistle that will stop you. Control your destiny and try to travel, double, carry, and break every other basketball rule in life to get to where you oughta be.