Monday, May 03, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Black Hair" Vol. 2

Right back where we started from. If you havent read Vol. 1, you need to catch up. For those who havent, we just talked about how "Black Hair" has evolved and where we came from as a people when it comes to Hair Fashion. Needless to say, Madame CJ Walker would be proud!

* "The Shag" - See what people DON'T know is that this "do" is still sported. You may have to go down south to find one but don't be surprised........they always said "Be careful of how you look for something, cause you might just find what you were looking for!" A Shag is that mini-bumper on your neck. Men don't cut the hair from the neck area of their head and let it grow until a mini-bush has appeared on the back of their head. It takes the shape and form of a bumper or a space bar from a computer. "Shags" add a sleek look to any man wanting to be cool. Most people with "shags" wore their top button opened up and keep their hands in their pockets for a cool look. For some reason, a person with "shag" always has to look from left to right in real quick motion. I dont know, yall figure it out. The "Shag" is a bit different from the "rat tail". The "Rat Tail" was an up north thing, but that "Shag".............that was North Carolina and on down the road.

* "The Gumby" - As I write this article I think about how EASY barbers and beauticians have it now! Now, every guy gets an "even" and every woman gets something fairly manageable. The "Gumby" solidified your barber's expertise. I think this personified the difference between barbering and just "cutting niggas heads for $10". You had to be a master barber to cut a dude's head on a direct slant. That's still amazing to me!

* "Bangs" - Oh yes........."oooh SHE BANGS...SHE BANGS....oooh SHE BANGS". I think "Bangs" were very sexy when I was in the 5th grade. If you were ugly, had pimples or had a big forehead, "Bangs" did the job. A pony tail and "bangs" did it for me back in the day. I loved the girls with those.

* "Blonde Top and Dark Sides" - This is kinda when the whole hair coloring thing went crazy. I have a confession to make..........I LOVE women with the blonde/orange hair coloring. Even the light streaking in the hair is something that I love. So when this style came out, it added another flavor to it. This "do" is a short "do". It's a female version of the fade. Yet the top is curled and colored blonde or orange.....maybe red/burgundy if ya nasty. But, the sides are the natural color. The neck may have a thunderbolt cut into it. That's just to Jazz it on up a lil bit. This "do" can STILL be seen. You might find a nice 40-plus, good looking, Bus Driving woman wearing one of these. Bus Drivers, Parking attendants or maybe a lady who has a job counting money.

* "Perm" - Oh no, now I know ladies get perms. But im talking about the fellas who have perms. See you may laugh but, a nigga with a perm is the most serious nigga you are gonna run across. can you joke with or at a nigga wit a perm? A dude wit a perm aint about no jokes. It's always business. If you see a man with a perm in 2004 and dare to laugh at him he might just back-handedly slap the living "you know what" out of you. He wont SAY a word. Just slap you and keep it primpin and pimpin. Oh but some ladies have this style too. They might go up to NY or Philly on a bus trip from Gastonia, NC. They might get off the bus in the shopping district and get out with their rollers off but dont comb the curls out.

* "Jheri Curl" - (I can hear the Monday Night Football Theme Music in my head) Now this is the one we've ALL been waiting for. Truly, no truly...........all jokes being put aside...........the "Jheri Cul" changed the game as we know it. The "Jheri Curl" (also known as "Jerlie Curl"), was the biggest fad in Black Hair EVER!! It had spin-offs too. The "S" Curl, the "J" Curl and many more took after it's father-figure. Nevertheless, "Jheri" will ALWAYS stand shoulders above the rest. I wanna take my time on this one so let's lay back. See, this one is a prime example of how our people have longed and chased after other cultures. Many of us lied in elementary school. "I got Indian in my family". No No No. Those are the after-effects or curl mania. Or should we say......."Post Pardum Curl Depression" Now...........for EVERY "DO" that we have discussed, someone will admit to have wore it at one time or another. But a "Jheri Curl" wearer will only be known IF you knew that Curl wearer AT the very time that they wore the curl. Girls kill me. They be all cute in the street NOW. I be wantin' to buss them out.........."Dont even act like that, I remember when you was Juicin up back in '87". A person will get embarrassed NOW if you tell the world that they had a curl. Seriously though, this "do" was the demise of a strong black nation. So many black people made themselves look like coons. And to think, people STILL WEAR these curls. People, if you have an aunt or grandmother or (God Forbid) a male figure in your life with a curl, take them by the arm and go get that curl cut off.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

"Graduation Announcements"
by Salvador Gabor

Langston Glover

Lannie on this day, we celebrate your graduation. May your heart be filled with joy as you celebrate. We hope and pray that the Lord may bless you with the job that you longed for. All praises be unto him, our father. Be blessed baby!

From, the Covington's

Lynell "Man-Man" Simpkins

Baby boy, we know it took you 6 years to graduate from Mailmen school but we aint a drop less proud son. We love you so much. You will forever be in our hearts. May your routes be filled with joy as you pass out that mail. Today is truly a day for celebration. We love you "Man-Man", our favorite almost mailman in the world

Love, Big Mamma and Mr. Wiggins

People, if you have any kids or friends graduating from school this May and June, feel free to use this site for your kids' announcements.