Thursday, May 20, 2004

"Reading Material"
By Salvador Gabor

Reading is a key fundamental to gaining knowledge and being educated. Education and knowledge are keys to the path called success. The following are a few educational novels that can be used as information tools in your travels to success boulevard.

"Long Live Lester: The Story of Lester Metcalf"

This book entails the journeys of a self made Pimp. "Long Live Lester" is a true story of a man who went from begging for change outside of "Horace & Dickey's" Fish Frying House to driving Cutlass' and Delta 88's. Lester Metcalf has now made millions selling fake Versace shirts out of the back of his van. He talks about what it takes to be a street hustler/pimp. "Everything has it's own market, ya know! I can't sell these 5X Prada T-Shirts wit da loose collars downtown but, Leo and his wife Glenda may want a few". This book is definitely a must-read!

"Family Business: The Autobiography of James "Cotton" Williams"

"Ain't no lovin' like humpin a cousin". These are the words that "Cotton" lives by. Ole "Cotton" does EVERYTHING in the family. Why not???? You have to read the book to see why. "Cotton" steals from his family. Sells BACK the merchandise to other family members. "Cotton" steals checkbooks from his mamma and writes bounced checks to his aunts for the "Katydids" that they are selling. If you sit down and read the book, you can see why he does what he does. He gives you 100 tips on taking advantage of the idea of "family".

These books and more like them are available at "Mr Bumpa's Books and Thangs". Or you can order them over the phone. (301)455-3534. As for "BIG Bumpa". "Lil Bumpa" might answer but, you don't wanna speak to him.