Thursday, May 13, 2004

"Pack Your Vest"
By Salvador Gabor

Just wanted to let yall know........."Ricky Reynolds: The Playa's Boutique" has a 75%-off sale on Suit Vests. I know that all the "Macks", "Pimps", "Boss Playas" and "Dons" are gonna wanna look tight to death when they hit the scene this summer. It may be a lil too hot for the suit jacket, so why not just go on and flex the vest!!!!! Yall need to hop on this here game and get it while it lasts. A wise man by the name of "Ken" once told me........."DONT DOWN EM........CROWN EM!"

"A League of it's Own"
By Salvador Gabor

Could you imagine being at your place of work. While working, you may get frustrated. You may question the decision of an authority. Your defense may be just. But, yet you get told to leave the office for the rest of the day. Then, when people ask you what happened and you make a comment about your boss or authoritative figure, you get docked pay just for expressing your opinion. This is the life of many professional athletes in our world today.

With the 2004 Olympics just months away, the NBA officials and U.S. Olympic Committee are "scrambling" to get 12 strong U.S. players to compete in the Basketball Competition. With the foreign invasion that has occured in the last 3-5 years in the NBA, many of our best stars aren't from this country and have made the decision to represent their respective countries in the 2004 Games. So, with that being said, you can eliminate many players from the pool of "top-notch" talent that the NBA has to offer.

But, the U.S. born players that we automatically look to, find themselves in a bind on whether or not to participate in the 2004 Games. Preparation for and actual competition in the Games would occupy the majority of the players' off-season. Because of this, some of our U.S. superstars have declined to play. Others can not play because of legal issues, ceremonies such as weddings, and the opportunity to spend time with family. There are even some who are expecting "new" family members in the form of child birth. Then, there are those who have been to the Games a few times already and don't have the same "flame". Also, there were bombings in Greece recently (The Site of the 2004 Olympic Games) and some players fear for security. There are so many variables that play a major part in players deciding not to participate this summer.

The last time that the U.S. competed on an international level, we got demolished compared to the standards that we are used to. In the 2002 FIBA World Championship, we came in SIXTH PLACE! Yugoslavia, Argentina, Germany, New Zealand, and Spain all placed higher than we did. We went from "smashing" teams by 60 in past years, to losing by 5-10 points in each of the final rounds of the 2002 championships. Now, with all of this in mind, we want to bring a "top-notch" team to rebound from the embarrassment.

Well if the NBA treated players like humans and not slaves, many "top-notch" players would participate without any doubt. The same players that the media and NBA blast for making comments about coaches, front offices, and talking back to referees that don't always make proper calls are the same players we now NEED to show off the United States' talent. We pay these guys alot of money but, they can't say a word about how they feel. Now, it's a coincidence that many of these players have other obligations and won't be able to be apart of the Games. In my opinion, many of these players would put those obligations to the side momentarily to do this for their country. But, the way the NBA is set-up now, if you are not "hot" the league will forget about you. So why remember the league, when the league needs you?