Tuesday, May 25, 2004

LSE Success Tip (5/25/04)
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

"Dont drink hot orange juice, it might be made by Sonny and Dwight"
--Phillip "Buckets" McGraw--

"Courage" is that nigga in the dark alley, wearing a T-shirt in December. He tries to look like "Tough", since they share the same clothes.

"Confidence" is man who wears many hats. He hangs out in PTA meetings, counseling centers, and with pimps. Everybody needs "Confidence"..... from disinfranchised youth, to battered wives, to a hooker not exceeding her earning potential.

"Support" is a hard dude to catch up with. However I will tell you where to find him. He often attends many repasses, is on the phone with jailed buddies, and in the dressing room at Hechts. "Support" is needed by all, from the grievers to the wrongfully incarcerated, to a woman looking for an underwireless life.

"Succeed" is that old man who teaches elementary school. You hear so much about him as a youth. Just because he is old doesnt mean he knows nothing, ask him about his son "Success".

"Receptive" is a nigga you might pass everyday on the street. If you would only take that walkman off, you might learn something.

One eye closed might not necessarily be a wink, it might be a stigmatic twitch in an eye hit with a switch. Close one eye and see if things get clearer, if they dont go wash thine eye, any sleep in your eye that lasts more than five minutes after awakening is no longer sleep, it is just nast.

Remember the Time?
By Gartrelle W. Sexton, Esq.

"Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again." Ironically, I can't remember the guy that made this classic song, but I remember that feeling. I wish I could go back to the mid eighties and early nineties again. Back when being a kid, really meant being a kid and not getting shot by a stray bullet every other week. We are the last generation that actually had childhoods. When we were coming up, sadly it was said that just making it to 21 was an accomplishment. Nowadays, making it to 15 is miracle! Today's youth won't have anything to look back and reminisce on beside funerals at this rate. We have to save the children y'all but in the meantime, let's do like Pete Rock and CL Smooth and reminisce...

Remember the "Free Mike Tyson" t-shirts?

Remember Boston Baked Beans candy? The best part was blowing on the empty box and having a bootleg Kazoo.

Remember .15 cents bag of sunflower seeds for the broke kids that didn't have .50 cents for a big bag?

Remember kickball at recess?

Remember the big party on the last day of school? Everybody brought potato chips.

Remember permission slips? (Married men still have to get theirs signed.)

Remember Young MC? (Now don't just stand there bust a move!)

Remember Video Soul?

Remember when MTV didn't show any Black videos?

Remember when there was no cable and TV "went off" around 2:00 AM?

Remember Push Pops?

Remember Church's Chicken?

Remember Officer Friendly and the Side By Side Band? (If you went to DC public schools, you know.)

Remember lunch tickets?

Remember when the Metro bus cost 85 cents?

Remember the Smurfs?

Remember Teen Wolf? The Goonies?

Remember Troop? No, not the singing group, the tennis shoes?

Remember that song, "Liiiiiiiiife, life is what you make it, so come here, my dear. Tryyyyy and make it, I know that you wiiillllll. RAGGAMUFFIN, love come gimme da raggamuffin." (Who sang that?)

Remember when crack "came out"?

Remember Super Tims?

Remember when Michael Jackson was really the King of Pop? (And how every kid ruined their grandmother's communion gloves by putting glue and glitter all over them.)

Remember flat-top haircuts? Remember getting lines in the side of your head (*Cough* *Cough* Michael Irvin)

Remember when Doug "Touch of Class" Williams won Super Bowl MVP and we got out of school for the parade?

Remember pencil fighting? Spork fighting? (Spork fighting was truly an art.)

Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny? When we were kids, he was for the adults. Now that we're grown, he's all about the kids.

Remember when Prince actually wore purple?

Remember Freaky Friday?

Remember 500 C Street?

Remember playing "That's my car!"

Remember playing "Throwback"?

Remember Bart Simpson T-shirts?

Remember Dear God, It's Me Margaret? (I know the ladies remember this book.)

Remember when we didn't know what e-mail or cell phones were?

Remember pencil pocket Guess jeans?

Remember when Big Macs came in those styrofoam boxes?

Remember "Zayres"?

Remember the "Ya Mama's on Crack Rock Song"? (Not my mama)

Remember getting a whooping for actually doing something wrong and not because you were just walking too slow?

Remember when our parents actually spent time with us and took us places instead of depending on the school to take you on a field trip?

Remember the good ol' days?

I miss 'em.