Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"Loose Bowels"
By Salvador Gabor

"Loose Bowels" can be a tough situation to deal with. "Loose Bowels" can be the most embarrassing thing to deal with in a public situation. You are all the way down at Kings Dominion, Six Flags, or Disney World and your stomach wants to show out! Why didn't it act like this when you were in the backyard packing the sodas and honey buns in the rental car??? Your stomach could have gave you the signal WAY before you got up in the amusement park. Now you gotta go sit on them nasty stools in the park. Furthermore, you gotta run from your friends and act like you don't have to use the stool. "I'll be right back." Then they say "Where are you going?". Then you YELL "LOOK I'LL BE RIGHT BACK". But, it's hard to leave the group because everyone travels in groups at the amusement park.

Now I know and you know that this "Loose Bowels" article goes deeper than taking a "dump" unexpectedly. "Loose Bowels" is a problem that many of us have. Sometimes our stomach is not the problem. Sometimes "Loose Bowels" isn't even about using the restroom at all. It's about the way we carry ourselves.

Before we go that far, let's look at "Loose Bowels". What are some of the symptoms and signs of "Loose Bowels"? Well, first off there is a sharp pain that comes to you. That pain usually comes from something that you have taken or eaten. You ate of something that you shouldn't have. And now, you are full of "mess". Once the pain comes, there is a sudden DROP. That DROP is the feeling that this "mess" is gonna come out NOW. The next step is to "Clinch". You gotta hold your butt tight so that the "mess" doesn't come out. Then you have to RUN as fast as ever to the nearest place to get rid of that "mess". But, once you get to where you can get rid of that "mess", it's the best feeling. You take a deep breath and all of a sudden you no longer care if anyone knows you had to take a "dump". The funny thing is that you will probably turn back around and get another bowl of chili and that "Loose Bowels" will be back after you sooner or later.

In this "Amusement Park" that we know as life, we sometimes take in the wrong stuff. It affects our body and mind. It tastes good but, it can have a bad outcome. That pain comes in. THEN there's that DROP. That DROP causes us to "clinch" and try to hold ourselves together and make everyone else think that we are alright, even though we are about to explode! We RUN to get rid of that "mess". We may run to a family member, a church, or a friend that we know that has some good advice to get rid of our "mess". These people are our "restrooms". As soon as we get rid of the "mess" in the "restroom", we take a deep breath. That breath relieves us and we go back to eating the "chili" that this world has to offer. But, if you're gonna eat all of that "chili", you betta stay close to the "restroom".