Thursday, May 06, 2004

"Liquor Store Etiquette" 5.6.04
by Reggie Dinkins Jr.

"Niggas and society's strategy forge the chains along with the coordination of the matching jumpsuits"

Much of society's dysfunction is a result of the plan of so-called leaders, and these cultural weeders. Many people fail to realize that no matter what flavor Kool-Aid a nigga drinks, it's best when made with hot water.

Enjoy your inner peace. Without it, the letdowns will drop you off somewhere in Down & Out Terrace.

Why try to get even with your enemies, why have enemies, if it is deeper than Cowboys vs. Redskins, quite frankly someobody might get killed. Live your life and never burn your Hot Wheels.

Many people in today's society are ungrateful, and it is with gratitude that I except these ingrates.

Trouble don't last always, well it shouldn't, a dog can't jump but so many fences.

Imitation can only get you so far, you serve me an imitation steak, and you gonna get a legitimate side of cuss-cuss.

You can't please everybody all the time, so don't break your back trying to. Shoot..........everyone don't laugh at monkeys all the time. Happiness often disguises himself as Gay, so watch your proverbial buttock.

"55 niggas on a pirate ship, nigga don't act like you aint been to Kings Dominion."