Friday, May 14, 2004

"Knockout King"
By Salvador Gabor

Me and my homie were talking about real dudes that we knew in the streets. I respect ALOT of dudes for how they keep it real. If a problem comes along, they handle it. Whether it be through talking or fighting. I don't condone fighting but, these dudes had skills when it came to the hands. One dude in particular stood out to us. "Big Hugh" is his name. "Big Hugh" has been a rough nigga for years. He was running the streets when my daddy and em was young. Shoot......I've heard that he was out here knocking niggas out WAY before that!

"Big Hugh" is tough. I mean the toughest of the tough. Most niggas can't fade "Big Hugh". "Big Hugh" done made plenty of dudes run in the house. I've seen "Big Hugh" make niggas cry. I mean, ole "Hugh" is a gangsta! The reason why I'm talking about "Big Hugh" is because yall need to be scared of him. Be aware of "Big Hugh" and if you see him coming, you better run. Don't worry, I'm gonna let you know how to recognize "Big Hugh" when you see em. "Big Hugh" is very aggressive. Sometimes before you can walk out of your door, he's right in your face. Sometimes you can be at work and getting ready to leave and "Hugh" is at the door. He's pointing his finger and saying "Come on out lil nigga!". You can't stay at work! Your kids have homework to get checked. Your husband needs his dinner. Your wife needs her car to be taken to the shop. You can't tell your family that "Big Hugh" had you scared to leave work, now can you? "Big Hugh" is not an inside type of dude. He hates Air Conditioning. He usually stands outside between 11 A.M. and 8 or 9 P.M.. He aint a late night type of dude but, in July he hangs out a lil bit. He walks the streets and waits for people to come outside and he'll try to fight em. See, whenever you step outside, you are in a fight with "Big Hugh". This is whether you like it, know it, love it or not. Don't think "Hugh" is no sucka! You play with "Big Hugh" if you want. He'll knock you out. Sometimes what seems to be a slight tussle can turn into a "take your shirt off" kinda fight.

"Big Hugh" is a petty nigga. I done seen "Big Hugh" knock people's grandmothers out. One day I had to say something to that nigga. I took a deep breath and I just went on and told em about himself. I said "Looka here Hugh, you aint had to hit Mrs. Wilkins like that!". You know what the nigga "Hugh" told me........he said "Tell Ole Wilkins to sit in that window like she's supposed to!". I had to agree with em though. See, "Big Hugh" runs the streets in the summer. Then, he goes to Miami and Cancun and places like that for the winter and his homie "Hawk" comes out during the winter. Since he only has about 3 or 4 months to run the streets, Mrs. Wilkins should have known better than to come outside. Man "Hugh" knocks lil kids out and everything. "Big Hugh" done killed people. He catches alot of bodies in the summer. He's a cold killa! You gotta respect "Big Hugh".

Now I know what you are thinking. I do. I really really do. You're saying to yourself........."Have I seen Hugh?". YES you have. You're also probably thinking........."Have I fought Big Hugh?". Yes you have. And you're probably thinking........."How does he look then?". Well, I can't tell you all of that. I can tell you his real name though. His mother named him "Humidity" but, I just call him "Big Hugh". I got to know him real well when I was young. That's why me and him are on a "Nickname" basis. We met when I was about 7 back when I used to play freeze tag in the street all day long. He knocked me out that summer. A couple of times for that matter. But, once I got in the house and got some air conditioning, we always squashed our lil beefs. It was my fault, my mother used to tell me to stay in the house any ole way! I kept messing wit ole "Hugh" anyhow. Then after a while, I tried to duck him. I did that for a few summers but, we met up again when I had that summer job working outside. We talked alot that summer. Well "Humidity" is his first name but, I never found out his last name. I thought it was Jenkins. He used to always go to their family reunions. Then he showed up at the Robinson Family Reunion. He peeked in at the Brown Family Reunion. I caught him knockin' a nigga out at the Wilson Family Reunion. He even came to a few of mines. He wasn't invited to any of em so, I don't know whose boy he is???? Whoever his mamma is, she need to whip em cause he been knockin too many people out.

All I can say is stay clear of ole "Humidity". During his time out here in the summer, don't eat too much beef and pork. That makes you slowful and he'll uppercut you real quick if you eating that stuff too much. He'll give you a right hook if you're sitting outside off of a few cups of Remy. You may just have to decline on that last "run-it back" game of 5 on 5 sometimes. That last game might make "Hugh" come out there and close your eye wide-shut! Just don't play with "Hugh". He'll have you somewhere in the back room with "Big Mamma" with a wet rag on your head and sitting there watching "Judge Joe Brown" with her.