Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Just My Thoughts
By Gartrelle W. Sexton, Esq.

What's happening folks? Its been a while, but this legal profession is not a game. I hope this finds you all in good spirits. Now usually, I pick one topic and I share my views with you good people. Today, however, I'm going to give my take on a few topics of interest. I could go on and on, but I'll try to keep it brief for each topic. Follow me if you will...

"No homo": The rampant usage of this phrase needs to stop. Not now, but right now. A real man does not need to qualify any statement that he makes by using this phrase. A real man is confident in his sexuality and doesn't not feel the need to tell anyone that he's "no homo." If you are a real man, it will speak for itself.

This "Down Low" Nonsense: To all my beautiful sistas out there, don't believe the hype!!! I know there are some men who are secretly gay, but there are many more real brothers out here that want you. Don't give in to all the media attention being given to this so-called "phenomenon." Remember who controls the media. This is just another tactic to destroy the Black family and widen the gap between Black men and Black women. They want you to believe that we are either gay or in jail, or that all the good ones are married. There plenty of good brothers out here, just open your eyes.

Fitted Caps: What's up with you guys wearing the sticker on the brim of your fitted caps? Why do you want to inform us that you wear a "New Era" Size 7 5/8? Is the sticker necessary? Are you planning on returning the hat? Is it covering a stain? A hole? Are you too lazy to peel it off? Its a cap, not a mattress, you can tear it off. This is really one of life's mysteries to me.

HBCU Graduations: I went to both Hampton and Howard's graduation ceremonies this year. (I refuse to get into the HU v. HU debate anymore. I am a proud Hampton Alum but, big respect to Howard too, HBCU's unite) Anyway, it's always good to see Black families together at this time of year. Congrats to all the graduates and their families for supporting them.

"Soul Plane": Black people, please don't go see this movie. I beg you. This has got to stop. Hollywood is going to keep making these kinds of movies as long as we keep wasting our money going to see them. I'm all about supporting Black actors and all and I don't totally blame them, but c'mon?? A plane with hydraulics and spinners? Is that REALLY funny? I'm all for a good comedy, but all I ask for is some balance. How about a good Black drama or action movie? I had a heated discussion about Black cinema the other night so I'm not going to go into it in depth right now, but some of y'all may remember this old Public Enemy song, all I have to say is "Burn, Hollywood, Burn".

Voting: Go vote in November, it only takes a few minutes.

The War: I'm not going to get into my feelings on the war other than I am against it. But I just found out that a friend of my brother and myself is leaving on Monday for Iraq. God bless him and his family. I hope he makes it back to see his daughter grow up.

The Youth: This is for the Black men especially, they need us. If you have young kids in your neighborhood, talk to them, guide them, be a positive influence. Find a young Black boy in your neighborhood and be his friend. Give them things to do. Pay them a few dollars to wash your car or clean your yard. Teach them the value of hard work. Then teach them to save some of the money that they just earned. Show them a picture of a friend of yours that you lost in the streets and tell him why your friend is no longer living. Teach them that there is more to life, than the streets. If you don't ever listen to me, listen now, save the children.

My quote for the day: "Do not wait for ideal circumstances, nor the best opportunities; they will never come." --Janet E. Stuart

Until next time, be easy....

By Salvador Gabor

Recently, I've heard alot of talk of certain bugs or insects that will appear in bunches and annoy us for a few weeks and then leave for about 17 years. These bugs come around for about 2 weeks, every 17 years or so. We see them and the whole time that we see them, they make lots of noise and we can't wait until they're gone. No I'm not talking about "Cicadas", I'm talking about "Baby Fathers".

As a man, I feel that when I decide to have kids, I will take responsibility for my kids. FULL responsibility that is! I don't use the term "Baby Father" but, if you only come around for two weeks, mate with the "baby mother" and leave again for "17 Years", then that's what you are. It's always been funny to me to see "baby fathers" in action. They straighten up for a little while. They start going to church and all of a sudden everyone else is dead wrong if they are not headed to church on the Sunday when the "baby father" is headed to church. All of a sudden, the "baby mother" seems to just always have to drop his name in EVERY conversation. "Oh girl, Big Bill bought me this". "Big Bill was JUST saying the SAME thing honey!". "Big Bill took lil Bill to get a suit". But, it seems that the "baby mother" should know that "Big Bill" aint gonna be around long. He might drop off a short-set for your son and some sneakers, lay you down and sleep with you for a while but, then he's gone again.

The funniest thing about these "cicada-like" creatures is that they make ALOT of noise. These "baby fathers" come around and all of a sudden, the children are supposed to straighten up and fly right. How can you expect a boy or girl to listen to their mother, do their chores, behave in school and be the child they should be if you weren't around to instill these principles into the children? How can you expect much from a kid, if you haven't planted your seeds of knowledge? These "baby fathers" like to come right in from their extended absences and begin to "whip" and "beat" on the kids. When you haven't laid down the example for your children all you can do is hope that they turn out right. You can never expect a positive outcome. That child knows as much as you do that sooner or later, you will leave. You came around for Easter Sunday and you may be here for Memorial Day. You might even make it until the 4th of July but, when the holidays run out and you've gotten enough of that "baby mother" and what's between her legs, you WILL roll.

So for all of you who will be out and about this summer, have your pesticide sprays and "off" sprays out. The "cicadas" are out and about.