Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"Indestructable Niggas #2"
by Reggie Dinkins Jr.

In last time's volume, we met a laid back nigga named "Cras", and we delved into his indestructable nature. Oh but today......we take a look at a much more dominant and more physical nigga in nature......... "Inevitable".

Nobody really knows where this nigga came from, it was kind of inevitable that he showed up. Ole Mr. Forseeable, told us a predictable and unavoidable nigga would show up one day, and it was "Inevitable" that we would see.

A serious type nigga, never really wanting to say "I told you so", but it was "Inevitable" that said kicking rocks might break your toe. Always one to show kids and adults alike, a hungry wino might take your unchained bike. He is not necessarily the bearer of bad news, but he is related to "Reality", "Inevitable" is the one who told these young girls don't talk to Duracel employees, because you will wind up with spousal batteries.

He is the type of nigga who has accomplished many things from saving broken homes, to the celebration of Hooters 25-cent wings. Lets take a look at some of his works over the years. 25-cent wings and plenty of beer, it was "Inevitable" that said Hooters should have a great fiscal year. When momma said be home by the flicker of the streetlight, and you let Tyrone take a ride on your bike, now you're home bikeless and it is well after nine, it was "Inevitable" who said you gonna have welps on your behind. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, it was "Inevitable" who said the circle will remain unbroken, and these silly girls will chase distributors of crack unsmoken. Crack dealers selling crack to crackheads, related to hussies making crack dealers feel like crackheads.

One thing that should be understood about "Inevitable" is that he is man who shows up anywhere. He might show up in Vickie's Secret when you're buying them underwear........ "you know they too small so put them down, unless you wanna bake a muffin in your dark compound." A businessman he is, with many stocks and bonds, he doesn't pressure his broker about mutual funds....... "if the feeling's mutual you will sell when I tell you, but don't offer me no last second sneaky info and find your self locked up with a disease like a caged dog with fleas. I think it's called M-S (Martha Stewart)." "Inevitable" is one of the few niggas who can bust up in Congress, walk to the front and get right on the mic and speak of education and the gas price hike........... "Iraq is gonna teach you, he got a trick for you, dont worry about that oil but, about these rough-housers in school. You more worried about the children of oil in Istanbul, than these children of oil playing in pissy pools, freebasing on basement barstools, and learning math by using animals. Animal math will lead to blood baths" That wasn't a misquote that was "Inevitable".

"Inevitable" and his Circle 7 Theory, "Crack is circular, everybody chasing it, from the smokers to snorters, and those looking for sexual displacement, turning geniuses to fiends, pretty girls to sirens, and so-called bidnessmen to registered non-voters. The circle that surrounds crack may be big and soft, but all in all, no matter how big the circle, how nice the area, don't nothing good come out of crack but crap."

"Music News"
By Salvador Gabor

"Tite 2 Def" (From Left to Right.......Orlando-Miguel Jackson, Ricky Baker and Stanley Collins)

Dont forget to check out the new album "1989 Forever" from the group "Tite 2 Def".This group is attempting make a strong comeback. Rumors of frontman Stanley Collins' true sexuality haunted the group since it's last release, "Soft, Wet & Tite" in 1991. Collins denies the rumors of an "alterior" lifestyle. Orlando-Miguel was just released from jail on tax evasion and needs the money badly. Ricky Baker is just plain upset because he JUST missed out on the "Trucker Hat" Fad.

"1989 Forever" The Album is on sale at all "Wings & Things" and other Chinese Carryouts in the area. This album was rated a 1 out of 10 Stars but it does have the hit "Wait a Minute Now".