Wednesday, May 12, 2004

"In The News"
By Salvador Gabor

* Two middle aged men were arrested for stealing 3 pairs of "Corniche" Jeans from a Dillard's Department Store in Asheville, NC. The two men, Rodney Wilkins and Bruce "Two-Time" Wiggins were nabbed at a local Kroger Grocery Store with the jeans on. Asheville County Police Officers escorted the men to the Asheville County Jail but, they were released. Sources say that the Police Department felt that if these two men had the nerve to still be wearing "Corniche's" then, they should be left alone.

* Oglewood Elementary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has decided to have a Prom for it's Kindergarten graduates. This will be the first Prom held for a Kindergarten class in the history of American Elementary Schools. Thomas Wooden, Principal of the school noted that his decision for holding a Prom for the kids came from his observation of an increase of kids "humping" in the closet. He feels that if this is going on, they need some sort of outlet to release this tension. Maybe some off-beat dance moves such as the "butterfly" and the "tootsie roll" that little kids do will change the situation for the better.

"The Click"
By Salvador Gabor

Society leads us to believe that if we are not in the correct groups, we will not succeed. In many ways, this is true but, it is not the only way to become a better person. Many of us rely on "clickin" up with people to get by in this world. With the internet and other technological advancements, we are only a "click" away from anything that we want. Now I know that the word "click" is spelled "clique" when referring to groups but, let's just keep it simple for now. With a "click" of a button or a "click" of a crew, we believe that anything can happen.

This idea starts in grade school. Teachers angle their lesson plans around putting the class in groups to convey their points. For the first half of the class, the teacher will lay out the lesson. After that is finished, the class in broken down into groups for the activity that follows the lesson. At an early age, children begin to separate the winners from the losers. "oooooh I wanna be in the group wit Mike and Bobby". "Man....Kim is in OUR group!". "NO WE GOT KIM!". In most activity-oriented lessons, each student has a chance to answer questions to get points for their team. One reoccuring pattern is that kids who are deemed "smart" all want to get on the same team. Now as a member of the "smart" team, you may not have to answer ONE question. Your skills and knowledge will NOT be used nor is it needed on this superpower "smart" team. But, we wanna be with the winners. Nothing is wrong with that. It's necessary to get with the winners in life but, not at the expense of making your skills become dull.

This idea of "clickin" up continues onto Jr. High and High School levels. Between the ages of 12 and 18, kids feel a serious need to be wanted and accepted. All of the "fly" girls hang together. They hate each other most of the time but, they hang together just so that they can keep each other close and feed off that fashion energy, for whatever that is worth????? The "smart" people hang together. No one understands why they wear moccassins and pocket-protectors but, they have a different mission than the average student. Then, the "ruff" dudes all at least respect each other if they don't hang together. You might see two or three different "gangs", "hoods" or "crews" in the halls together smoking or running the halls just to prove to one another that they are "hard". Then you have the loners. No one knows them at first and when all of the other "clicks" are at a compacity, these loners come together. These are your future "columbine killers" and "American Taliban's" of this society. Anyway, no matter the circumstances, everyone finds somewhere to fit in.

You'd think that it stops at the High School level. Right? Naaaah. It goes on. For those who go to college or have been, you see that the "click" life gets worse. There are several "clicks" in college. You have the Frats and Sorors, Big Cities (D.C., N.Y., L.A., Philly, Atlanta) "clicks", Football and Basketball teams, "Fly Girls", "Earthy Girls", "Playas", and the "i'm just hear to get an education and I go home on the weekends click". There are SO many "clicks" in college. I could go on and on but, the picture has been drawn. In college, there are events on campus and off-campus where all of these "clicks" are in the same setting and many "clicks" use this time to show-off. The Big Cities "clicks" put on their fresh white tees and new shoes. Frats yell and dance all through the auditorium. The "Fly Girls" put on all of their designer wear just to go to the cafeteria. It can get really crazy. come home from college. Once you come home or to whatever place you may be in at the time, you try to fit in on the social scene in that city. It just seems like you don't get all the daps and hugs at the local sporting events, lounges and restaurants like you used to in High School and College. No, everyone doesn't know your name. Nope, no one knows how you had 2 Prada bags in High School. No sir, they don't know that you dated the baddest female on campus. It takes alot more than association with a "click" to make it in this big city that you're in. You begin to look forward to the cookouts in the summer where you see all of the old High School crew. You find yourself traveling back to your old school every chance you get, just to rekindle that feeling you once had. The idea of being the big fish in the little sea. In a big city, the "clicks" are executives and directors who have floor seats at the basketball games. In a big city, the "clicks" are the people who make power moves and control the economy of the city. It becomes a whole different ball game for many of us. But, way back in kindergarten, we were taught to be apart of a group. That idea stayed with us and now we can't just rely on looks or who's cool to be apart of the "click". Somewhere along the way, we lost our talent and it became dull because, we wanted JUST to be in the "click". We've sacrificed sharpening ourselves as people JUST to be in the "click". It's just like a mouse on a computer. If you "click" it too many times, you might not end up on the page that you are supposed to be on.