Wednesday, May 05, 2004

"Get a Grip"
by Salvador Gabor

"You really need to get a grip". Has someone ever told you that? I think in some fashion, we have all had that said to us at one time or another. "Getting a grip" means to regain control of yourself or to relax a little bit. So many people live their lives up tight.........or at least we THINK they live their lives up tight. See, when you "get a grip" on life, you are living up tight. it's the people that complain and whine that are living too loose.

Whenever you are in a rocky and rough situation you have to hold on. That requires one to "get a grip". If you are on a roller coaster, you gotta "get a grip". If someone is driving too fast, you gotta "get a grip". You would never loosen up if the road gets bumpy. That's destine to make your hit you head against the window. If you were to loosen up, you would lose control.

Most of these people who you think are up tight are actually too loose. Every bump in the rough road that they travel along has them bouncing around. Just "get a grip". Not having a "grip" means that you have nothing to hold onto when times get rough. In today's society, many of us have no foundation. All we know are the books that we study or the jobs that we work on. People don't have personalities. It takes some people hours to get simple jokes. Some people are too serious. Just too LOOSE. Tighten up your "grip" and come back to this world.

I wanna take it back to an old Sal's Corner. This is an old one from Rome's site that I did back in December just in case yall missed it, here it is.......

Sal's Corner

Names. We all have them. A name is a sound that comes out of our mouths that identifies a particular person. A name is much more than a sound though. Sometimes it predetermines out destiny. If you name your son a name that is feminine, he might turn out to be gay . A ghetto name MIGHT just turn out a ghetto adult. Names can be a blessing, curse or a flat out mistake. One thing about names is that people who bare the same names usually act the same. Let's take a look, if you agree ok, if not hey its ok too (I Know more than ONE of each of these people so dont think I'm singling you out if this is your name and you know me):

1) James. James is that guy who's mother yells his name out loud from the second floor of the house. He's usually the first to get grey hair, the first to get a beer belly and the last to move out of mamma's house. Sometimes, James' seem to be married to their mother. Aint too many James jr's and James sr's coexisting. Thats too much James Power!

2) David. David is the laid back guy who really aint into people that he dont know. You can always count on a David to be exactly where you thought they were gonna be and thats the same place they were 10 years ago, out on the porch, hands on the rail waiting for that nice young tender to come home from work that lives next door. Women love David's.

3) Chris. Chris is wild. No matter how you cut the mustard. He's a wild guy. He's gotta lil bit of the pure devil in him. You hang with a Chris long enough and you'll be at the precinct. Either picking Chris up or in there WITH Chris.

4) Leon. Leon is a guy you HAVE to deal with. He always has the hook-up on something. Its times when you cant beat having a Leon on your team. Tip: Always take a deep breath before dealing with a Leon.

5) Mark. Mark is a hustler. Street kinda guy. Cool but can be gully too. Mark's rely on their suave nature to get outta situations.

6) Marcus. Marcus is an offspring of Mark. He has hustler characteristics but he is a little more wild. Every Marcus has a nickname. I know like 5 or 6 and they all have Aliases

7) Charles. He's the dude that you grew up with, he gets shot and possibly dies at an early age. If you met him after the age of 12, you dont know that his name is Charles. You'll get to the funeral and the obituary will shock you. "THIS Nigga name was CHARLES....I always wondered what C-Rock stood for????"

8) Paul. A man's man. Laid back, avid sports watcher, sticks to his business. He's similar to Charles, in a sense that you might not know his real name. Paul's tend to deal with larger shaped women. Paul's have great relationships with their women for that reason. They love the inside of a woman in more than one way (if you get my drift)

9) Mike. The consumate cool guy. You think everyone loves havent met Mike. Michael, Mikey, Mike........its all the same. He's the class clown, class freak, class ladies man the all-american. In the 80's there were guys calling themselves Mike whose name wasnt even michael. There name might have been Jeremiah......"Hey man call me MIKE!"

10) Tony. Anthony, Antonio, Antoine.......real similar to Mike. Everyone wants to be a Tony. Your name is Ezekial, you can be a Tony. Your name is Eugene, "hey call me Tony". Another of the top 5 names of the 80's. Tony and Mike are usually good friends. Either that or they really respect each other. Tony sells drugs with Mark or they beef over territory. Tony gets shot and his life is lost before its prime. He doesnt live big very long but in the eyes of everyone, he's always Tony.

Bonus : Ray. I gave you 10 but this one is for free. Keep your eyes on all Ray's. Key word: Supervision. A Ray is just what the name means.........a streak of light. Ray shines bright and will hit you in the blink of an eye. Ray's are all over the place. Ray's are fun-loving, yet that fun can cost you sometimes.

Thats all my time for this week. Yall keep it light out there mayne! "This is my corner and Im glad to share it with yall". Until Next Week Playa..........."Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"