Thursday, May 27, 2004

"Excerpts from a Diary : volume 5.27.04"
By Salvador Gabor

Dear Diary,

Today was a very tough day. I started my day out early. I gotta "page" from Ms. Ruby around the corner. She wanted a "dime" rock but I only planned to sell "twenties" and "fifties" today. It was 6:00 A.M. and she had already woke me up so, I "served" her.

At about 9:00 A.M., the block was pumpin! The "first" is a few days away but, my "yiggidities" couldn't stay in my pocket.........or should I say my "back pocket". I keep my "crack" tucked in my drawls. I bet the neighbors probably think I don't wash good and my butt is itching but, Im gettin' this paper. Mrs. Alberta is always in her window looking at me. I'm glad she's deaf. If not she could tell EVERYTHING on me.

At about 1:30 P.M., the "feds" rolled through. I aint trippin' off them niggas. They some suckas anyway. They stopped, put me on the car and tried to go in my socks looking for "crack". By that time, I was just waiting on "Lil Bear" to come serve me wit some more weight. I was dry as skin on an elbow. So they had to let me go.

3:45, I'M BACK! "Lil Bear" just gave me what I need to continue my pumpin. I made $300 this morning, and I don't plan on sleeping no time soon. hmmmmmmm I should just wear this sweatsuit ALL weekend. So what....... it's Memorial Day............YEP that's it, mind's made up! I'm out here on these bricks ALL night in the same clothes till Tuesday!

5:50 P.M. Yesterday I told myself...........I said "C-Bone, you are not gonna slap, kick, steal, punch, or shoot ANYMORE Dope Fiends!". Well that lasted about 17 hours. Cause "Dirty Percy" came around the corner and bought some "yay" from my man "Scoot". AND IN MY FACE FOR THAT MATTER! That nigga Percy KNOW he owe me $17. I gave him a $40-rock for $23. Percy, you aint slick nigga. I know you spent that $17 on a bottle of "Andre". I don't even do credit. So I took a cylinder brick and hit em in the gut. YEP, the gut. When I picked it up, he thought I was going for the face so he covered up. Open season on that rib-cage. When I hit em there, he fell and me and "Scoot" stomped em out. "Scoot" still had his $20 and never "served" em.

9:00 P.M. Baby Moms came through. I had Shemia in the other room. Shemia comes out to get some Mad Dog out the fridge and that's when things went down hill. Knives were pulled and they weren't pointed at each other. They both went to chase me.

2:30 A.M, So here I am, no socks, no shoes, no pants, no shirt. Just some boxers and a pen, writing this entry. Shemia and Baby Moms have locked me out. I should have never went in the house any ole way! I said I was out here ALL weekend. Out here bangin on this block tryna get some "ink". I see "Gary the Mechanic" coming. He may want some "butter". Lemme check my "inventory". And NO Mrs. butt isnt itchin!

Yours Truly,
Carlton "C-Bone" Williams