Wednesday, May 26, 2004

"CIAA Champeens"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

We would like to salute the CIAA Champion Virginia State "Bulls". The "Lady Bulls" took home the CIAA Championship in "Big Girls Jump Rope" this past weekend in Durham, NC. Not to be mistaken with the "Woo-Woo's", the "Moo Moo's" celebrated their 1st Conference Championship in the past 5yrs, and 8th in the past 2 decades. The "Moo Moo's" defeated Shaw, St. Augustine's and the heavily favored Lady Bruins of Bowie State.

The Moo Moo's won their "Big Girls Jump Rope Chamionship" on the strength of their quartet of 250 pound jumpers, called the "4 Quarters". Veronica Blackwell, Candy Thomas, NaKeisha Davenport, and Jamie Bowman moved as gracefully as sugar monkeys swinging through banana trees. They performed their routines "Lemon-Lime", "Jello Boogie", "Potato Salad", and "Poison Ivy City". These young heavies showed their extraordinary skill and footwork all season and it paid off in Durham this past weekend.

3 of the "4 Quarters" are from Washington, DC, and the fourth, Candy Thomas is from Henrico, which is just outside of Richmond. Oh but Jamie Bowman, aka "Big Bowman" took home the tournament's MOP, sponsored by the "Really-Dough Doughnut Shop". The Most Obese Performer, "Big Bowman" sewed up the title with her individual performance in the double-rope with a dazzling performance she calls "Honey Mustard". Veronica Blackwell, aka "Downtown", took second in the competition. Blackwell was elated after her team's victory, and led the "Moo Moo's" in their victory dance, "Shake it like a Polarbear on Roids".

"Ole Justice"
By Salvador Gabor

"Justice", I'm writing this love letter to you because, I don't think that you and I see things on the same wave-length anymore. I am hurt and upset at the fact that you've treated me this way for so long. I took all of the punishment that you threw at me. What's messed up is.......I really loved you "Justice". Where did we go wrong? How did all of this happen?

When I was introduced to you, I was told that you couldn't see that well. Matter of fact when I got your number, I called you the next day and you didn't even remember my face. I never looked at your vision as a setback because, "Love is Blind". And I love you "Justice".............well at least I thought I did.

"Justice", after we met, I started noticing things about you. Things that I didn't like. I am supposed to be your friend yet, I'm criticized for EVERYTHING I do. All the while, your rich friends get away with murder (literally)! You give me brief conversation but, your rich friends come and see you for days and days only to be "slapped on the wrist" when they do something dangerous. In my life, if I make a mistake, it's probably harmless at first. If I break a rule, it's probably "just to get by". I don't mean any harm at all. If I did anything to hurt you, it may have been because I couldn't visualize the whole scheme of things. Yet, your rich buddies KNOW what they are doing and you let them "slide".

Even though I am a man, I looked to you for protection. You were the woman that stood strong for me when those people in high places tried to take advantage of me. You used to let your "cousins" on your father side (The Jury Family) sit and listen to me when I had a problem. Then your rich friends turned around and bought them out too.

I'm not going to rant and rave. All I can say "Justice" is that we had something. It was special. I was the gentlemen that I thought you needed in your life. Whenever we "ate", I waited for YOU to get "served" first. But, when you "eat" you are never satisfied. And I'M definitely not satisfied because I never get to eat AT ALL. "Justice", I DON'T love you anymore. I really don't. You are a two-timing, money hungry, stingy brat. And you weren't there for me when I needed you. I've taken all of the blame for the bad things that were passed on to me from your high-ranking friends. I admit, I was wrong and you don't have to treat me special. Just treat me fairly. That's all I ask of you "Justice"

Yours Truly,
Leslie "Nigga" James