Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Technology News
by Salvador Gabor

T.I. 825

SprintPCS and Tay Jewelers have came together to create the latest trend in the fashion/technology industry. Tay Jewelers, a jeweler that has been known for creating the finest rubberband and wrist and neckwear for the hoodstars across the U.S. has designed a rubberband for the head. This band is being created so that you can have your cell phone attached to your ear without holding it and possibly receiving a ticket from your local police force.

Many laws have banned cell phone use in cars because phones hampers the drivers ability to control the vehicle with both hands. This new invention the "T.I. 825" will eliminate any discomfort of cell phone use in vehicles. Also the bigger problem has been solved. People no longer have to walk around looking like a secret service agent or Bobby Brown. Also you eliminate the possibility of people thinking that you are talking to yourself. With the phone directly attached to your ear people know that you aren't crazy.

Long-time cell phone users are wondering if the original cell phones, which are bigger than the current sized phones, will be adequate for the "T.I. 825". That question remains to be seen.

Automobile News
by Salvador Gabor

In life, everyone longs to look good. We all cant be filthy rich but we can live lavishly on our level. The following are a few items that you can use to look good, feel good and play you part.

The New Chrysler 300 C

If you've been outside in the last 5-6 days, you've had to see at least 8 of these on the streets. This is the hottest mid-range vehicle to touch the concrete in quite some time. The 300 C ranges from $23K to $33K. This is not a bad price for a car that looks similar to the Rolls Royce Phantom. I call it "The Baby Phantom". This will probably be the car of choice for many young people for the months to come.

Kia Amanti

YES, ladies and gents........KIA has a "Big Body". NO not Kia that lives in the corner house down the street. Kia the car company. It was a total shock to me. But, for a price of $22K - $25K, this is not a bad pick up either. I could see this vehicle being more suitable and angled towards females. I cant see a grown man saying "Yeah I just bought this KIA". It's not a good look for the fellas. My suggestion is that the wife get the Amanti and the husband go out and get the 300 C.

The Chevette

The only difference between the Corvette and the Chevette is the C O R. A vette is a vette is a vette. What a sports car the Chevette is? This solidifies the word sports car. Imagine being out on the open road and popping the clutch on a 1980 Chevette. Going 45 MPH on I-95, just-a-cruising. This is life, this is luxury, this is Chevette-living.