Friday, April 16, 2004

"The Salvador Gabor Project"
by Salvador Gabor

The following is just a brief explanation for this blogspot. Read it and maybe you will get a better understanding of what's going on in here on a daily basis.

The Salvador Gabor Project was initiated from an idea. An idea that this world that we live in can be shaken up and rattled by the minds of people who think in an "akward" fashion. The project's purpose is to look at life from a peculiar angle. This angle can be compared to an object that is balanced at an edge of a table. Although it is at the edge and leaning over the edge to an extent, it never falls over. You may not even know why the object was at the edge in the first place. You may not know if it will fall or not. But, you run over to the table and put your hands down under the table JUST in case it falls. But everytime you think it will fall, it DOESN'T. It never goes quite that far. But your reaction.......that slight sense of fear or quickness to reach down and grab the object stays with you. That's the feel we want from you when you read the postings. I feel that if you know what's coming down the pipe, we may lose your attention.

My goal is to post articles and columns that have two, three, maybe even four meanings. These postings may not always be understood, yet they draw your attention. You may need to read a posting four to five times before coming up with your own interpretation of exactly what is going on. See, the idea is not to change your thinking or change your ways. The idea is to make you stop and wonder for a brief second......"What if?", "Why not?", "How can I/they?" and maybe some other questions that might come to mind when reading the columns. If you read some of the postings, one writer in particular ("Reggie Dinkins, Jr") often refers to jungles and the safari. A person maybe unfamiliar with this "jungle" that they travel through. This maybe their very first time here. Leaves are hitting their face. Branches are clipping them up. Noises have them fearful as to what may attack them. These are all obstacles and factors that may lead one journeyman to turn around. You can only get but so deep before turning around becomes as hard as going forward. The time it takes to go in either direction may become even depending on how deep into the jungle you have traveled. If you choose to go on through this "jungle", your tour guide is always there. You may even need to hold his/her hand. A jungle is not a paved path. As I said, there are objects within the jungle that appear to be standing in your way. These objects are not standing in your way. These objects and so-called obstacles make up the aura and essence of that jungle.

When traveling through a jungle, you can look at is as a messy, slimey, gewey piece of unchartered land OR you can see it as nature and the beautiful landscape that could never be manmade. What makes a trip to the Safari a bad experience is when you focus on what's around you and what it can do to you. What makes a trip to the Safari a good experience is when you focus on what you can get out of the trip. That could be pictures, facing your fears directly or just an everlasting memory. So as you continue to read these postings, understand one thing. The noises, leaves, branches, animals and the other aspects that may appear or be heard in our "jungle" are apart of the element. The Salvador Gabor Project is not Lakeshore Drive, Rodeo Drive or 5th is a "Jungle".................Now I wouldn't touch those leaves if I were you, poison ivy is rampid during this season.