Monday, April 26, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Black Hair" Vol. 1

Hair is a physical trait that we all cherish. Your feet might be "busted" but, you gotta get your hair right. You might not have much hair left, but the little hair you have, you keep it trimmed. Now as we look at the African-American culture, hair is taken to another level. Hair defines who you are. Hair is always a perfect fit for your individual personality. Hair can make or break you. It's all up to you and how you "fix" your hair. Let's look at some classic "Black" hairstyles........

* "The Fade" - There are many dimensions to "The Fade". The "Hightop". This was a style for most basketball players, fly dressers and background dancers in Rap Videos. You really couldn't be "uncool" and have a "Hightop". For those who couldn't pull off the "Hightop", the "regular" fade was cool. The fading line was at about eyebrow length and the hair height wasn't too high. The "Low Fade" was at right around the ear length. It looked almost like a "Temple Taper" (which we will discuss later). Then we have the "high and tight". Now the real gangstas wore the "High and Tight". This is the fade that Roy Jones, Jr sports. You might see a west coast/midwest thug wearing one of those in 2004!

* "French Roll" - Ladies! This was sexy in 91. Every Jr. High prom or Battalion was French Rolled out! Nowadays, only women going on church bus trips wear the "French Roll". I think what took out the "French Roll" was when people started french rolling braids. That tight pullover started to give women that temple fade on the side. The braids were just pulling too hard.

* "The Rat Tail" - A lot of guys will claim they didnt have certain hairdos. But if you sit here and say that you didnt have a RAT TAIL, you is a liar and a thief!!!! If you were born before 1980, you had a rat tail. Cause in '88 you were at least 8 years old. You had to have that rat tail! My question is.......WHO STARTED THIS NONSENSE? Who said they were gonna let a piece in the back grow? Remember when you were'd tell the barber "Leave the back alone Im growing a tail". Your barber gives you the "Nigga Please!" look.

* Sideburns - I dont know what it was about these but sideburns were strange to me. Girls used to actually GEL their sideburns. Back in like '85 it was so many girls walking around looking like Kool & the Gang back-up singers. It got out of control when women who had thinning hair started to have more sideburn hair than hair on their scalp.

* "Asymmetric" - This was that "do" that ladies had where the one side was long and the other side was long. See........SO many females TRIED this one. But ladies, you gotta WORK to keep this one up. You cant just get up and go to work with the "Asymmetric". You might gotta roll up the short side and "wrap" the long side. You're up early in the morning.........curling one side and flat-ironing the other side. It's a lot of work ladies.

Stay Tuned until next week when we will go over "do's" such as the "Shag", "Bangs" "Jheri Curls", "Blonde tops and dark sides" and other all-time greats.

"You got it up" Pt. 1
by EEzy Duz it

I was asked to enlighten the people on something that is endangering our society. These things are "GUNS". We need to put the "guns" down. I know you think this is some "Cease Fire" speech but, it is not. Everybody has a "gun". The simplest form of a "gun" is a lie. When you are lying, “you got it up”. The "It" being your "gun". It gets a lot more complex so you need to put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride. (This is not written to offend anyone in anyway, so if you are offended take it as constructive criticism)

"You got it up" when you go outside of your character to be like someone else. If you are lost, I will tell you exactly what I mean. As we all know, television and music videos in particular set the majority of the trends in our society. From fashion to cars to slang etc. etc. Everyone has seen something on TV and said "That’s nice I think I will try that". But, some of you go to the extreme. "You Got It Up!!" It’s to the point that all the good rappers are playing "Simon Says" with the world. They say or wear something and everyone in the whole world will run and do it. Last spring and summer, it was the "throwbacks". Everybody had to have a "throwback". Now it is pinstripe button ups, polo’s and blazers. This doesn’t go out to everyone because some people have been dressing like this forever. The appropriate people know who I am talking to. Even if you like the style, try to make it your own. Don’t do exactly what you see in a video. "You got it up" for real! A couple of people that I know, I couldn’t have paid them to slightly dress up a while ago. Now they're talking bout, “I am giving all my jerseys away an I'm wearing all button ups.” I wonder why?? Go out in publice. Almost every single dude had on a pinstripe button up or a blazer. You see them in the club or in a restaurant with cigars and shades. Shades in a club?!?!?! "You got it up". Be original in everything that you do. Even when you copy try to make it your own. Secondly, let's talk about these fake "spinners" yall are buying for yall cars. Aw man!!! Please put your "gun" down because "you got it up" way too high for me! Now keep in mind that a real set of "spinners" is going to run you at least $10,000. Why do you think that you would impress anyone if your rims cost more than your car? You moving too fast. Pump your brakes and leave them Wal Mart hubcaps where they at. I might pull up to you at the light in your got one rim in slow motion, one spinning backwards, one rocking back and forth and the last one not even moving. That speaks for itself. I will leave you with a small note on "having it up". Big diamonds are expensive. Louis Vuitton is expensive. Gucci is expensive. If someone you know comes up to you talking about they got a deal $100 or less on any of these, please do not buy it. "They got it up" and "you got it up" if you think about copping. Until the next time, Try not to "have it up" so much.