Thursday, April 08, 2004

"Niggas Write to 'get right' "
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Many people often worry about things they have no control over, from other peoples reactions and mindsets, and whether or not to take a match in the bathroom. "You can please some people sometime, but you cant please all the people all the time" --Bob Marley--. This being said do what you do, just get right in. Oh and if you eat them spicy buffalo wings, the match wont ease the wallpaper sting. Follow me if you will, I dont eat trail mix, but I will mix the trail. If you see footnotes, pick yourself up off the ground, I didnt mean to kick you that hard.

People always seek attention, recognition, and emotional perscription from others. Sometimes people do this in expectation that someone will change or award you "Best Nigga of the Week" for being so kind, smart, and such a good communicator. Nigga please, do things selflessly. If you waiting for a nigga to recognize all the things you want recognized, you better get some silicone post-its. If you understand people, then sometimes you need to know that that man understands you, and understands that you need too many pat-on-the-backs, and his depriving you of these pat-on-the-backs is a lesson learned. Starvation can be the meal love found, not the meal love fed.

There are a couple of ignorant people who hang together that really bother people. We all know them, they go by the names, "Disprespect", "Betray", and "Belittle". They love to hang out, and talk about anything, and mess with with anyone who will listen. "Disrespect", often jealous of his brother "Respect" feels the need to get "Belittle" and the two talk bad about those doing right, and those who think they doing right. Oftentimes, people mistake "Disrespect" for "Reality", their voices sound alike. "Belittle" is sometimes confused with "Criticism", they are brothers, but "Belittle" gets in way more trouble. "Betrayal" is that nigga that is sometimes in your house, lives right in the basement, but we are quick to put him on somebody else. Naw that nigga was with you, when you were talking all sassy to your daddy and he popped your lip, "Betrayal" was standing behind your daddy, but he was egging you on.

There are many who warrant certain things from others, and feel their misconceptions should be rewarded and or amended to their liking. People often confuse men with boys. Lets get this straight, niggas will be niggas. An educated nigga can be found anywhere, in jail, in the street, at your job, and in line at the liquor store. Never mistake that an educated nigga is spoiled because they do as they see fit. Niggas out here on the street do the same thing. A nigga is a nigga is a nigga, please understand that. You think that a nigga selling weed aint picky about his women??? Get REAL and get in, I'm gonna crack the window. Females have been picky about men ever since speed bumps hit their concrete. They have been selective as to who they would talk to, who they would let feel them up in the coatroom, and who they would tattle on. An educated man might be educated on the ways of women, and is aware that certain women are just eye candy. No need in getting yourself involved with a pretty gold-digger. This same nigga might realize that some women are just cool, cool enough to keep as your friends, no need in ruining a good friendship just to be her platonic water spoon.

Niggas are what they are, and our father's children. Niggas as males are a logical species. Never mistake the non-chalant for not caring. A nigga can give you the world, but his muscles might be sore from angling Tibet on his shoulders for 3yrs. So if you think a nigga is non-chalant about your new found joy, wont you bring your joyous self on over and massage his shoulder, since he "gave you the world" after he won you over, picking up this and that, because you refused to bend over. He might not be nonchalant just tired from lugging that Range Rover from Angola.

A nigga knows a good meal. Whether it is a steak dinner, pork chop marinade or a Wednesday afternoon trip to Duff's, never turn your nose at the salad bar. Females need not worry about "appetizers" because many of you get full off of appetizers, "I'll just have stuffed mushrooms and a salad". A nigga aint worried about no crab dip, or no Alaskan Crab Legs. A real nigga will prohibit those appetizer seekers from eating at his table. Alaskan Crab Legs, nigga please I aint seen Alaska, I'm bout to go down "Ruff N Ready" get a bushel of crabs and some beer. So if you want them crab legs and dip suit yourself, the proof is in the pudding, and if you dont finish your meal, there is no desert.

"I'm just a nigga in the seatbelt"

by Salvador Gabor

We know yall want to know who is "Single and ready to mingle". So we want to provide the resources to connect you with those people.

RaNylah Walker

RaNylah is a life-long citizen of the Stanton Road area of Washington, D.C. Being from the Southeast Inner-City streets, "Nylah-Boo" (As she is affectionately known by friends) is a washingtonian at heart. Gaining her GED in 1989, "Nylah-Boo" joined the Salvador Gabor Project Personals to find a man filled with adventure.

Interests: Playing Spades, sitting on the porch listening to her Anita Baker tapes, speed-walking with her aunt and mother and making "Watergate" Salad

Favorite Foods: Adult Back Ribs, Sausage and a teaspoon of sugar on her collard greens.

Hangout Spots: Any local Bar & Pub Cabarets and all amusement parks that sell funnel cakes.

What she looks for in a man: "I like lightskin boys. I like them classy boys that smoke but never blows the smoke in my face. He has to be romantic. I like a man that will clip my toenails while I watch Ricky Lake".

Goals & Ambitions: "Im tryna get myself together. I do hair on the side, but I need a license to go in a shop and do hair. Im not really good with prom dresses but I did do Keela's dress for her Jr. High Prom. Other than that Im just tryna lose a lil weight so I can be sexy for the summertime."

To contact "Nylah-Boo", call the Salvador Gabor Project Hotline at (301) 455-3534