Tuesday, April 06, 2004

"Im OVER it"
by Salvador Gabor

"Im OVER it". This is another familiar one. Alot of us say this, but we dont mean it. You lose your man/woman........."Im OVER him/her". You getting into a beef with a friend....."Im OVER it". So many times when we have something wrong happen, we struggle. Then when we think everyone is looking and we think that THEY think we are STILL trippin, we blurt out "IM OVER IT". But you are not!

So why do we have to get "OVER" it in the first place. Maybe because we tried going "Through" it and that didnt work. We might have tried to go "UNDER" it and we couldnt see ourselves getting THAT low. Tried to go "around" it but that takes too much time. I mean ENTIRELY too much time. Sometimes we try to turn around. "I wish things were like they used to be". But they are not! Sorry. You gotta always move forward. Never stop and never step back.

So if we cant go around, turn around, go under or go through it, the situation must be sturdy and hard to move. If an empty box is in your way, you can go through it. Just kick it and keep moving. If you approach a tunnel, you walk under it. If you see a pothole, you go around it. If you see the "boogie monster" you turn around cause you're scared. All are examples of when you go around, turn around, go under or go through something. But when you have to get "OVER" it, it must be a hard thing. When you were young and Mr. Randolph's dog was loose, you had to get out of there! Cause "King" was a BIG DOG. If he chased you up the sidewalk you had to get in the street. If the cars were lined up, it was too long of a line of cars to go around. The cars were too low to go under. Too hard to go through and you couldnt turn around cause "King" was behind you. (Sometimes what's behind you can scare you too!) So you had to hop them cars! Jump on top of Glenda's Buick and get to the other side! You might even have to climb a fence, but whatever you do, dont let "King" get close to you!

When getting "Over" something, there are some things you have to do. You gotta put your feet to work. Your feet are the first parts of your body that move when you are climbing. Then in climbing you are putting yourself on a higher level. And last but not least...... when you get to the TOP, the thing that you are getting "Over" sees your TAIL! SO in life, when someone gets you mad, Get "OVER" it. Get your feet to moving, take the HIGH road and in the end, SHOW YOUR TAIL in a nice way!

In life, we dont have time to talk about what's bothering us. You're not gonna call my phone and stand there and say "KING is loose and he out here chasing me!". You're just gonna run and get over that fence. You might call me later but its AFTER you've got over that fence. Maybe you might not tell me until you see "KING" again but he is IN the yard this time. We might walk pass the yard and you might say "WHOOO that dog is fast, I aint even tell you how he chased me and I had to climb Mr. Ellard's fence!". When you talk about it, and you havent got "OVER" it, you will never have time to get over it. And it could turn around to haunt you. Keep it moving and dont let "King" bite you in the butt. I doubt if Mr. Randolph got that mangy dog any rabies shots anyhow. You know Mr. Randolph dont get around too good anymore anyway.

"Announcement from the UNTN"
by Salvador Gabor

The Salvador Gabor Project has just received word that the UNTN, better known as the United Nation of Thug Niggas, has released its new rules, regulations, laws and by-laws. In a statement made late yesterday evening, Rodney "Alley-Way" Robinson, the current President of the organization released this statement to the press:

"Dear Thug Niggas, constituents and outsiders that wanna be gangstas, as the year 2004 progress, we the UNTN feel a need to separate ourselves from this UNION we call America. Many outside influences such as Rap Music, Movies and Black Sitcoms have made it so that everyday Americans feel than can UP and be gangstas and thug niggas. NOT the case buddy! We are here to set the records straight, ONCE and FOR ALL. The following are prerequisites for being a thug nigga":

* Under no circumstances should a Thug Nigga eat Yogurt. Not even during a tonsil infection. Thug Niggas dont even have their Tonsils taken out!

* Thug Niggas are allowed to go to church. They are even allowed to be apart of a church club or organization, BUT no Thug Nigga shall be in a church club that requires wearing a robe or wearing those white gloves.

* Shall only date white women for the sake of spreading "Blackness" throughout the continents

* Sandles are a no-no. Although Flip Flops and socks are permissible.

* Feet, Belly-Buttons and Thighs are not to be exposed by Thug Niggas. Keep socks on, shirts down and shorts below or at the knee at all times

* Thugs do not get Migrane headaches, nor do they take excedrin. Some Kool-Aid, a warm rag and some time directly under an A/C or a Fan will do.

* Thugs can not deem actors such as Taye Diggs, Will Smith, or Boris Kodjoe as their favorite actors. We at the UNTN suggest that John Amos, Redd Foxx and the Ving Rhames' role as "Melvin" in Baby Boy to be used as measuring sticks.

* Thugs shall not drive the following vehicles: Dodge Neons, Hyundai's, any vehicles made by Kia and Geo Metro's. These MUST be cars owned by your "baby mamma" and you must sit "up right" in these cars while driving to denote that it is a rental or it is in the ownership of someone else

These are only a few of the amendments set to be added to the UNTN Constitution. Others shall be made and will be announced as soon as their are passed by Urban Legislature.