Wednesday, April 21, 2004

"I wanna be Rich!"
by Salvador Gabor

I wanna be rich! I'm telling you, I DO! I want it all. Don't we all? I had a friend say to me one time "I'm gonna be rich! R-E-C-H..........Rich Nigga Rich!". The poor boy didn't even realize that he spelled the word rich wrong! But, it didnt matter because he wants to be rich. So, what exactly is the fascination with being rich? People want to be recognized and appreciated. I've always felt that the best way to show appreciation for someone's efforts is by paying them. When you do a good job nothing is better than some money in your pocket. When you cut the old lady's grass on your block, she offers you money but, you dont want to take it. But, her offering money is a sign that she appreciates your work. Now it's always that "other" old lady who wants to give you a soda and a piece of pound cake for your work. She can keep that, as far as I'm concerned!

But seriously, there has to be a deeper meaning to it all. I thought about why I wanted to be rich. I figured that I wanted attention. I want to "come through" in the Bentley Coupe with the top down. I want people to do "double takes" when I ride through. I want people to say "Dag, Sal got that Bent and he is doing it!". I want to be the topic of conversation when it comes to luxury. But is it worth it? I truly believe that the day will come when I will have an opportunity to become rich. I could do it real simple. Get the money, take care of my family and just live life to the fullest. Nothing physical or materialistic would be an obstacle. Anything that I want, I could get. This would be the easy way out. But couldn't I do something more productive than that?

I think back to the idea of me "coming through" in the Bentley. The "oohs" and the "aahhs" that I would hear from friends and family couldn't match the idea of me actually helping THEM get to that point. I often battle with the idea of how I would spend my money. I look at the Bentley and I say to myself "If I am a multi-millionaire, what is $400,000 for a Bentley?". It's nothing! But, $400,000 can be used in so many ways. Sometimes I'd rather take that $400,000 and pay for 4 kids to go to school. I've always had a wild way of thinking. I wouldn't take 4 so-called "smart" kids and pay for school. I'd take maybe 4 drug dealers who had no reason to or thought of going to school. Taking $100,000 and paying for a kid to go to school who already has scholarship offers is like killing one bird with TWO stones. I'd rather walk up to 4 guys who have no direction and say "How would you like to go to college?". This sounds crazy right? But listen. If I offer a person a chance at a better life who seemed to have NO chance, the chances are, that person will be more likely to appreciate my investment. When they complete school, they would be more than willing to work with me and help me grab more and more kids. They would almost feel obligated to be apart of my plan because they had no options before I came and offered them this chance. It sounds like a stretch but, it's possible. At the end of it all, spending $400,000 on 4 kids will make my money more valuable than a Bentley. That same Bentley that will cost me $400,000, will only be worth about $250,000 in 4 to 5 years. But those 4 kids who I spent $400,000 on could be worth ANY amount of money. You might invest into the next superpower businessman or businesswoman. Your money may go to providing an education for the person who will discover a cure for a disease. More importantly, you invested in one person but, that person may spend their entire lives investing in others. You took time out with ONE person but, doing that lead to your "investment" becoming a resource to others in this world for years to come.

I dont know about anyone else but, it feels good to ride good, look good and feel good. But, the ultimate feeling is to look back and know that someone else is "shining" because of you. Instead of me "coming through" with the Bentley, I'd much rather have 4 or 5 youngsters that I helped get to a better place in life "come though" with something nice. That's a feeling that money can't buy. It's the idea of building a foundation. It's too much money coming in and out of our community for only one man to be worth $300 Million from selling rap cd's or playing basketball and he's not turning around and providing our youth with educational resources and positive experiences. How can one man be worth that much and not share SOME of it? That's the difference between being rich and just having alot of money. Having alot of money is blowing every dime of it. Being rich is being fulfilled. Rich is being able to spread the wealth without feeling hurt about doing so. So if you ask me, YES, I want to be RICH. And YES, I want that Bentley, the Phantom AND the Maybach (if I could have ALL THREE). But, I would never get those items JUST for others to "ooh" and "ahh" at me.

Always remember, pick someone else up as you climb. Strive to be the reason that another man elevates. When you die, the money is gone but, leave a legacy for someone to follow. The most that some rims spinning will do, is keep the next man dizzy.

"The Fabulous Life of....."
by Salvador Gabor

Rolan "Sharp Suit" Nelson

The Salvador Gabor Project presents the Fabulous Life of Rolan "Sharp Suit" Nelson. "Sharp Suit" got his name from the fact that he wore Shark Skinned suits. But, you know niggas dont talk correctly, so he thought all his friends were complementing him. He thought they were saying "Hey Sharp Suit" but it was really "Hey there go that nigga Shark Suit". Anyway "Shark Suit" turned into "Sharp Suit" when all the ladies began to attach themselves to Rolan and the fellas who teased him turned jealous and bought sharp shark suits themselves. Rolan has always been the premiere playa. His name should have been Rollin', cause that's what he does. So today, we go deep into the life of Rolan "Sharp Suit" Nelson.

Attire: When Rolan goes shopping, it's only the finest gear for a fine young playa like himself. Stores like Cavalier, Harold Pener and Target could get up to $200 in purchases of 3 piece suits. Oh no, he is not a cheap spender! What is $30 for a pair of J.C. Penney loafers???? This is Rollin Rolan we are talking about. He's no Joe Blow off the street. He's also into pastel colored suits. He said he read the "Fashion Cents" on the Salvador Gabor Project last week and he is definetely gonna pick up on the pastel colors even more. He has his own personal shopping assistant, who has introduced him to Gucci Buckets and XXXXL Prada shirts on Canal Street in New York City.

Restaurants: When "Sharp Suit" goes out to eat, he dines in fine fashion. It's no McDonalds for him. Its only Checkers for Rollin Rolan! His favorite burger is the "Champ Burger". Oh yes, and that's WITH cheese. Once again, what is $.45 to a playa like "Sharp Suit".

Women: "Sharp Suit" is the don when it comes to women. He even got his main woman Emma Jean an efficiency apartment in the Section 8 area of Southeast D.C.

Traveling: "Sharp Suit" only goes to the BEST resorts. It is rumored that he has a "time-share" in the Calliope Projects in New Orleans. When he is out of town he uses his Super 8 Motel Platinum Card and has access to the finest suites on the 1st floor.

Pets: Rolan has a Doberman named "Rudy" that lives as a king. "Rudy" doesnt eat dog food. "Rudy" eats exactly what the rest of the Nelson's eat. "Rudy" eats eggs, donuts, now-a-laters and any other food from the table that he can get his hands on.

Assets: Well Rolan doesnt have a job, but he can play some spades. On an average day, "Sharp Suit" can bring home $50 - $65 a day by playing spades. Of course he loses on certain days too but it doesnt stop ole Rolan

Parties: It aint no cabaret till Rolan steps in the place. His favorite drink is Martell. "Why go top shelf, that's too high to be reaching for" says Rolan. He bought 17 bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 for his 23rd Birthday and he wasnt selfish. He even let the ground have something to drink. Between him peeing on himself and his suit and throwing up in the dirt in the parking lot, the whole world got a sip of some drank that night

Keep your mouse tuned it to the Salvador Gabor Project as we unveil the fabulous lives of other not so famous celebrities..........that's all for now ladies and gentlemen!