Friday, April 30, 2004

"Gotcha Hood On?"
by Salvador Gabor

I was reading Rome's site and he talked about the "hood" and "blocks. He was wondering why guys in big cities are so attached to their "hood"? The following is my outlook on the situation

Experts say that in the beginning of time, this world that we live in was one big piece of land. All of the continents that we know now were attached. This is called the "Pangaea Theory" (Pronounced Pan-Gee-Ahh). As the story goes, time went on, natural events took place and the "Pangaea" separated into 7 continents. Within these seven continents, we now have countries, states, counties, cities, quadrants, districts, sections, neighborhoods and blocks. Sometimes, it makes you wonder........why are we so broken down now? Well, we are broken down now because it is impossible for us to all listen to one human being. Take the U.S. for example. The states weren't always united. People who didn't agree with the rules being enforced moved west and started their own states with their own rules. It's the nature of our society. We are "territorial" people. "I need my space". "Why is she in MY room?". "That's MY parking space!". The "hood" is no different.

We all know what the "hood" is. It's our "block". We live in a house in a neighborhood. Within every neighborhood there is a hangout spot. That is labeled the "block". Your designated "hood" might be 5 streets long but there is ONE "block" where yall hang. "Hoods" and "Blocks" are all many of today's youth know. Just as politicians battle for leadership in local, state and national offices, many of our kids battle for "hood" status or "block" status. We talk about these kids and go on and on about how bad it is that they think this way. In reality we ALL think that way.

Some corporate workers would have a FIT if they are moved out of an office into a cubicle for the sake of a new employee. Many homeowners would get their underwear in a bunch if their neighbors were lowering the value of the property. Some preachers would get mad if a church is built across the street from theirs and possibly took some of their members. Sometimes pretty girls get mad when the new pretty girl transfers to their school. There are so many elementary examples of this "territorial" mindstate that WE ALL have to some extent.

So what is it that makes these dudes "Hug the block"? What else do they have? When a dude from the "hood" goes to another community, he has NO say-so. He's just another guy passing through. And that's what he wants from other people when they come to HIS "hood". He just wants them to pass through. When more people have a say-so in his "hood", he loses the little bit of possession of an item that he has. Do you remember the theme song for "Cheers"? "You wanna go where everybody knows your name"? You want to be accepted. There is no election for the "hood". There is no probation period to become a member of your "hood". You're born into it and the sad thing is that no one wants to go beyond that. Many of our youth feel that if they go away, they will not be accepted in the new environment and more importantly...........they will be forgotten in the "hood". This sometimes can be true. The "hood" shall keep itself alive without you. Guys come home from jail and it's a new breed on the "block". You gotta start over. No one remembers your legendary status. No one remembers the Fila Sweatsuits or the Diadora shoes. When you move to another hood, no one remembers when you scored 6 touchdowns in the street that one day at the block party. All of that is forgotten. But does a neighborhood memory prevent you from going beyond a green sign with a street name on it?

A "Hood". What is it? A "hood" is a cover for your head when the weather is cold or inclimate. You put on your "hood" when it's raining, snowing or just too cold for your ears. But, you look foolish and/or "up to something" when it's nice outside and you have on a "hood". People can't truly see who you are if you have your "hood" on ALL THE TIME. The "hood" can be used for comfort when the elements outside are uncomfortable. When times get tough you rely on your "hood" to get you through. Being familiar with that "hood" develops that toughness needed in this society. But, at the same time, it's not always appropriate to keep your "hood" on. Meaning, when it's time for you to shine, take off your "hood". Even when you got your "hood" on, you never pull the drawstrings too tight. Keeping the "hood" real close impairs your vision and you hearing. Everybody wants to be so "Hood". Just loosen up on the "hood" a bit, so that you can see and hear things OUTSIDE of your "hood".

"Health and Fitness"
by Salvador Gabor

Tyrone "Bo" Sanders

I know you guys have heard of Tae Bo. Well unfortunately, Billy Blanks did not invent the fitness exercise we know as Tae Bo. Tyrone "Bo" Sanders of Chattanooga, Tennessee invented "Ty Bo". After years of fighting in smoky cafe's and bars, Tyrone decided to tape all of the butt-kickin' he did and sold a few copies on BetaMax. Well, of course we all know that Beta went down the drain. VHS cam along and wiped that out and now DVD's are the main players in the video game.

"Ty Bo" missed all of that. In 1991, Tyrone caught a drunk-driving charge on Interstate 26. Knowing that he had outstanding child support charges, "Ty Bo" tried to run from the Po-Po. Well he didn't get far. They caught em and he tried to use some of his "Ty Bo" skills. They whipped that boy all night. That country karate he called himself doing got him into more trouble than it did help.

Well after 13 years of jail time, ole "Ty Bo" is back. And even though the police on I-26 whipped him almost to death when he used his "Ty Bo" skills, Tyrone needs about $32 for gas so he can get to work down at the plant next week. Make a long story short, he called me long distance and asked for a favor. He asked ME for the $32. I told em "I can't do nuttin for ya", but I decided to post this ad. Maybe one of you might want a copy of the tape from 1987 where he fought his grandma's boyfriend over a game of spades. He used some serious ghetto kickboxing tactics in that one. And it's going for $32.

For shipping call (423) 808-1905. Ask to speak to Tiny. If you can't reach them you can always call our hotline here at "The Project"........(301) 455-3534. Ask for whoever you want. Remember all proceeds from the tapes go to the Citgo Fund for "Ty-Bo".