Thursday, April 15, 2004

"Do You Want This D" Pt. 1
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Oftentimes in today's self-centered society people confuse the simplified, misuse the wet-side, and drag dirt in your new ride. People like to tell you what they want and how they want it. Be careful what you say, especially if a nigga asks you, "Do you want this D?"

The Underworld known as Mass Transit requires many tactical moves, and formations. So many are concerned with attacking for their own good. They are so offensive at heart, jump-pushing, run-shoving, and leading with fatty tissues. Stop being so offensive before you get this D. I dont act like that on the train so why should you? Do you want this D, you want to see apart of me, that belongs in a tree, nobody wants to act out the early morning monkey.

The young and supposedly sophisticated often think of themselves highly, as anyone should. However, many of these supposedly sophisticated don't know how to read the D. They fail to realize a point made doesnt equal a good grade. Dont tell a lion how to safari, unless you are a bit of a jaguar yourself. Don't take offense when there is none to be taken. Do you want this D, I mean some real D, not that nice cover-up you get at the shop de beauty. Special Teams gets on the field at some point. Special Teams is the art of understanding special situations a.k.a. "where I'm coming from". If a person understands your point, don't try to force it, especially if they understand. Don't force it in, you might be the one who gets chafe.

There are many dazed and confused,
misunderstood with egos bruised
thinking they got it all figured out but accuse you of a short-fuse
explanations of things repeated
don't confuse my mind for my language slightly streeted.
early morning perusing on a topic you never thought of using
snake-bitten by the words my fangers take your mind cruising.
Never misconstrue the office for my zoo,
a queen for a bunk.
got so much offense you think my battleship sunk.
nigga check my shelf and notice my titles,
Run and Shoot, West Coast, a good offense is vital.
but read a lil closer you might see a Matchup Zone, a 4-6, or even a 2-3.
Do you want this D?
If you're offensive then this D you might not like,
cool your jets or get wet next to a dam dyke

If I have offended any with the above passage, then perhaps it is YOU who have the D, and you might be getting too much D. For those of you who may have found any specific words offensive, pick up a Dictionary. DUAL meanings separate the misconstrued from the genious

"Fashion Cents"
with Ms. Monique

When Its Time To Draw The Line

Hello fashion people and non-fashion people. I'm here to enlighten you all on the latest fashion tips and the fashion "No-No's". OK.......I'm pretty sure you know that the color of this year has is Pink! Now......of course Pink isn't the ONLY color that you have to choose from. So ladies......please lay off of the Pink. Bright neon colors and pastel colors can be used as other color options as well.

Fashion "No-No's"

This has to be my biggest pet peeve..........Ladies PLEASE stop wearing these stretch jeans with the combat boots over top of them like this style is still hip! Yes this WAS the style back in 1999 and 2000 but, not anymore. This year it is all about femininity. Colorful prints and lots of shear ruffle materials. Try wearing a knee length (YES I said knee length) skirt with colorful prints and a "off the shoulder" solid color shirt along with some stiletto heels/sandals that give definition to your legs. Last but not least, bring out your confidence and fierce attitude that will have everyone drawn to your energy

** only look good when you feel good. Next week we will discuss what you should and shouldn't wear with undergarments.

by Salvador Gabor

Willie Atkins III A.K.A. "Lil Lil Willie"

"Lil Lil Willie" is a 43-year old single man from Dekalb, GA. Being from down south, "Lil Lil Willie" enjoys being with women who know their way around the kitchen. "Im a sucka for Liver Pudding and BatterBread" says Willie. He came to the Salvador Gabor Project Personals Ad because he wants a dedicated lady that will help him get his lawnmowing company off the ground.

Activities: Member of the "In the Oldsmobile" Listening Club. Referee for the Dekalb County 12 and Under Cee-Lo League.

Interests: Baking Cornbread, Fishing and a fetish for Satin Roller Skating Jackets

Quote: "That relish always does something to my belly"

Type of Woman: "I just need a big woman to cuddle wit. I need her to hold me when its thundering"

Dont forget people.........(301) 455-3534. If you want to see one of our bachelors or bachelorettes, call that number