Friday, April 02, 2004

by Salvador Gabor

*** Here at the Salvador Gabor Project, we do alot of what we call "Word Play". We love to play on words. We do this because many times, the masses use words out of context and inappropriately. So if you notice a pattern on this site with the way we "play" with words, nevermind us, just listen. Notice the word "listen" and not the word "look". We want you to HEAR this site and not just see it. Open ya ears, let this Q-tip do its job.

"Commercial". What is "commercial". I've learned that a "commercial" is an ad that promotes a product. This "commercial" is usually about 15 to 20 seconds long. "Commercials" do alot for the selling of a product. Super Bowl Sunday is the BIGGEST day for "commercials". Companies pay between $1-3 Million for a spot during that 4-hour period. I would assume that "commercials" must be THAT important.

Then I look at society. Society says if you follow the crowd and do what others do for the sake of doing what others do, you are deemed as being "commercial". If everyone listens to a certain musical artist and you jump on the wagon, you are "commercial". If everyone is wearing a certain type of clothing and you go out and get it, you are "commercial". We can go on and on. But regardless, NO ONE wants to be "commercial", now do we?

Many of us are caught in the crossfire as innocent bystanders (so to speak) when it comes to being "commercial". I myself, I am a "white-tee" kinda guy. Now that the white-tee is considered to be "commercial", I get persecuted for my apparel. Im here to say that I've been doing that style for years. I was around when it was cool to wear a white-tee out in public. Then I was still "white-tee'n it" when the jersey's came. Now that the "Button-Ups" are here, im still in my white-tee. Thats just me and MY example. Many of us may have more to share. But I got caught in innocent cross-fire.

Due to the word "commercial" being used to describe "jock-riders" and "followers", many people overuse it and take it too seriously. Many of us go out of our way NOT to be "commercial". Hence the new wave of young men and women wearing "WILD" clothing. Females with these self-made skirts and new natural hair growth. Males with these leather blazers and tight tee-shirts with "Black Power" messages on it. Back in like 1998, this was cool. The first wave of people doing it seemed ok. I wasnt into it at all, but I respected their move. As we move into 2004, NOT being "commercial" has become SO "commercial".

As we grow older, people go through several phases. We go through the "Im tryna be in the crowd" phase. Then the "Im doing me, so thats my excuse for not combing my hair" phase. Then the "Im just gonna go to work and whatever happens, happens" phase. Regardless of where you are in these phases, or even if these phases dont define where you are, remember, being "commercial" is not what everyone is doing. It's being an ad for someone else or for a style. Wearing a coofi doesnt make me conscience. Wearing a white-tee doesnt make me a thug. Wearing a suit doesnt make me corporate. When you focus on attire to make your statement of "who you are", you are "commercial". Whether you represent a few or the masses, if your mindset is programmed to believe the clothes make you, then all you are is AN AD THAT PROMOTES A PRODUCT. Now go grab another Qtip so I can clear that left ear.

"The Outside Voice"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Many people often tell us a people dont loud talk, use your inside voice. This is a good tool to use, especially if you dont want people in your business. But sometimes that Outside Voice, that hear me, that beer-plated echo in the public bathroom, yeah that is what you need.

Sometimes you need to let the Outside Voice come from within. Everyone has an inner-nigga, and he should be, he must be heard. Sometimes he needs to be the main attraction not just the side-bet at the dice game. If you at the job and somebody is giving you guff, you might need to tell them "Look here, you better do it, cause James Folkes aint nobodys ho".

Oh the Outside Voice comes with many smells, tastes and feelings. The barbershop, the place where you get your fried fish, church, the street, the liquor store. Many times we as black folk try to be conservative and neglect our Outside Voice, thus keeping him inside. You cannot keep an Outside creature inside, it will mess up your house, or outgrow your house. You can keep buying new houses, or just set the lion out back to roam, and be at peace outside.

Sometimes the outside voice comes from outside. It might be the nigga who pumps your gas giving you 3minutes of wisdom on how your neighborhood is more than it seems. It might be that old lady in church telling you about these young girls, and how they dont wash their hands. The Outside Voice should never be kept in the zoo, you just cant cage heeem up, but sometimes he needs a leash.

There are many animals in this so-called civilization that run free, racism, greed, and funk. You need to let that Outside Voice outside before he eats all your ribs.

For years we as niggas have been instructed to be seen and not heard
to understand but never say a mumbling word.
speak soft and kep our eyes to the curb.
Use your inside voice, that was cracker barrell volume of choice
In this day it is sometimes the outside voice that needs to be heard
The voice of the black masses, the black people's word.
Many people often wonder what guides them
Could it be the voices in their head that leads them
to be mislead or is it the common man under the streetlights so dim.
picking his teeth and counting his bread.
An outside voice might come from many sources,
a wino, the barber, and loud women big as horses,
no need to speak quiet with these powerful outside forces.
Street people talking loud but crackheads dont get divorces,
just smoke real good with no chance of remorses.
Some people say the word on the street aint right,
but if you on Kenilworth go thru stop on red but never for the blue light.

I'm just a nigga in the seatbelt.

Every now and then we might have a special guest on to write. Today is one of those days. Our guest today is gonna give it you from a female's perspective............

"Dream on"
by KM

In my lifetime, I’ve made choices. Some good , some bad, but no regrets. Right now I reflect on my short lived years and I am amazed at how many of those choices were influenced by my family’s expectations of me, other people’s opinions of me or my obligation to do just what is right. Getting a good job? Did I really want to work right out of school? Maybe I really just wanted to sit home watching Judge Judy and Oprah for a couple of months, traveling and kicking it with my friends. For example college. Did I really want to go to college? Was this something I had waited for all my life? Or, was this a choice made for me by my parents years ago? Funny, I never contemplated not going. Still, I did not know what I wanted to study or learn when I got there. Good grades? Did I really care about getting A’s? Or was knowing the consequences behind disappointing the people around me the driving factor in obtaining good grades. I realize that in college I learned, masterfully , how to get by. The information I sometimes read, the papers I wrote, the presentations and other requirements I fulfilled to get the grade. Not to be enlightened. As I think of my motivation now, I am relieved to know that I am finally doing things primarily for the expectations I have set out for myself. Remember back to college, there were so many things we wanted to do. Sports Agent, Media Broadcaster, Advertising Exec…. Travel…. And then… You enter the job market running. We get caught up in the job and our new lifestyles. Let us not forget our dreams, whatever they may be. This time before your next Birthday, reflect on those things, you really want to do or be in life. Start saving NOW, planning NOW and executing NOW to get there. For real, time is flying and there are probably some things you expected to have done by now and where are you in that process? Everyday ask yourself where Do I want to be? Everyday evaluate if what you are doing today is going to help you get there. Because, ultimately where we end up is up to us. Whether we end up locking ourselves into the same everyday job, or go out there and pursue our dreams, time is moving fast. As much as I would like to blame my failures on someone else, I gotta do things for me. Smell me?