Friday, April 30, 2004

"Gotcha Hood On?"
by Salvador Gabor

I was reading Rome's site and he talked about the "hood" and "blocks. He was wondering why guys in big cities are so attached to their "hood"? The following is my outlook on the situation

Experts say that in the beginning of time, this world that we live in was one big piece of land. All of the continents that we know now were attached. This is called the "Pangaea Theory" (Pronounced Pan-Gee-Ahh). As the story goes, time went on, natural events took place and the "Pangaea" separated into 7 continents. Within these seven continents, we now have countries, states, counties, cities, quadrants, districts, sections, neighborhoods and blocks. Sometimes, it makes you wonder........why are we so broken down now? Well, we are broken down now because it is impossible for us to all listen to one human being. Take the U.S. for example. The states weren't always united. People who didn't agree with the rules being enforced moved west and started their own states with their own rules. It's the nature of our society. We are "territorial" people. "I need my space". "Why is she in MY room?". "That's MY parking space!". The "hood" is no different.

We all know what the "hood" is. It's our "block". We live in a house in a neighborhood. Within every neighborhood there is a hangout spot. That is labeled the "block". Your designated "hood" might be 5 streets long but there is ONE "block" where yall hang. "Hoods" and "Blocks" are all many of today's youth know. Just as politicians battle for leadership in local, state and national offices, many of our kids battle for "hood" status or "block" status. We talk about these kids and go on and on about how bad it is that they think this way. In reality we ALL think that way.

Some corporate workers would have a FIT if they are moved out of an office into a cubicle for the sake of a new employee. Many homeowners would get their underwear in a bunch if their neighbors were lowering the value of the property. Some preachers would get mad if a church is built across the street from theirs and possibly took some of their members. Sometimes pretty girls get mad when the new pretty girl transfers to their school. There are so many elementary examples of this "territorial" mindstate that WE ALL have to some extent.

So what is it that makes these dudes "Hug the block"? What else do they have? When a dude from the "hood" goes to another community, he has NO say-so. He's just another guy passing through. And that's what he wants from other people when they come to HIS "hood". He just wants them to pass through. When more people have a say-so in his "hood", he loses the little bit of possession of an item that he has. Do you remember the theme song for "Cheers"? "You wanna go where everybody knows your name"? You want to be accepted. There is no election for the "hood". There is no probation period to become a member of your "hood". You're born into it and the sad thing is that no one wants to go beyond that. Many of our youth feel that if they go away, they will not be accepted in the new environment and more importantly...........they will be forgotten in the "hood". This sometimes can be true. The "hood" shall keep itself alive without you. Guys come home from jail and it's a new breed on the "block". You gotta start over. No one remembers your legendary status. No one remembers the Fila Sweatsuits or the Diadora shoes. When you move to another hood, no one remembers when you scored 6 touchdowns in the street that one day at the block party. All of that is forgotten. But does a neighborhood memory prevent you from going beyond a green sign with a street name on it?

A "Hood". What is it? A "hood" is a cover for your head when the weather is cold or inclimate. You put on your "hood" when it's raining, snowing or just too cold for your ears. But, you look foolish and/or "up to something" when it's nice outside and you have on a "hood". People can't truly see who you are if you have your "hood" on ALL THE TIME. The "hood" can be used for comfort when the elements outside are uncomfortable. When times get tough you rely on your "hood" to get you through. Being familiar with that "hood" develops that toughness needed in this society. But, at the same time, it's not always appropriate to keep your "hood" on. Meaning, when it's time for you to shine, take off your "hood". Even when you got your "hood" on, you never pull the drawstrings too tight. Keeping the "hood" real close impairs your vision and you hearing. Everybody wants to be so "Hood". Just loosen up on the "hood" a bit, so that you can see and hear things OUTSIDE of your "hood".

"Health and Fitness"
by Salvador Gabor

Tyrone "Bo" Sanders

I know you guys have heard of Tae Bo. Well unfortunately, Billy Blanks did not invent the fitness exercise we know as Tae Bo. Tyrone "Bo" Sanders of Chattanooga, Tennessee invented "Ty Bo". After years of fighting in smoky cafe's and bars, Tyrone decided to tape all of the butt-kickin' he did and sold a few copies on BetaMax. Well, of course we all know that Beta went down the drain. VHS cam along and wiped that out and now DVD's are the main players in the video game.

"Ty Bo" missed all of that. In 1991, Tyrone caught a drunk-driving charge on Interstate 26. Knowing that he had outstanding child support charges, "Ty Bo" tried to run from the Po-Po. Well he didn't get far. They caught em and he tried to use some of his "Ty Bo" skills. They whipped that boy all night. That country karate he called himself doing got him into more trouble than it did help.

Well after 13 years of jail time, ole "Ty Bo" is back. And even though the police on I-26 whipped him almost to death when he used his "Ty Bo" skills, Tyrone needs about $32 for gas so he can get to work down at the plant next week. Make a long story short, he called me long distance and asked for a favor. He asked ME for the $32. I told em "I can't do nuttin for ya", but I decided to post this ad. Maybe one of you might want a copy of the tape from 1987 where he fought his grandma's boyfriend over a game of spades. He used some serious ghetto kickboxing tactics in that one. And it's going for $32.

For shipping call (423) 808-1905. Ask to speak to Tiny. If you can't reach them you can always call our hotline here at "The Project"........(301) 455-3534. Ask for whoever you want. Remember all proceeds from the tapes go to the Citgo Fund for "Ty-Bo".

Thursday, April 29, 2004

"An interview with Meshach Malone"
by Salvador Gabor

I've always vowed to myself and those close to me that I would never ADD fame to someone already famous on this site. I wanted to search out people who don't get the credit they deserve. Meshach is a very good example of this idea. Meshach has been working in the mailroom at DuPont for 16 years. He has never had a raise. He has never had a vacation more than a 4 day weekend for MLK Day and Goshdarnit he's mad. Let's talk to Meshach

Salvador Gabor: Shack, how ya doing there?

Meshach Malone: Tired. VERY tired. I can't even half talk. All these envelopes got my tongue heavy

SG: You still lick the envelopes?

MM: How else they gonna get sent out!!!!!!!!!

SG: That's tough

MM: Then I lick all day at work and this heffa I got for a wife thinks Im a lick a home too!

SG: Well isn't she just the freak of the household??????

MM: I don't even want her getting close to me, let alone touching me. I just need some michelob

SG: So what makes you stay at DuPont day in and day out?

MM: The lil bit of change I make does me well.

SG: What's an average day at DuPont like Shack?

MM: Folding, licking and shipping. That's it. I come home and listen to this heffa run her mouth and I watch a Pistons Game

SG: Big Detroit Fan huh?

MM: I prefer the old Pistons. I gotta autographed Satin Jacket upstairs.

SG: Isaiah or Laimbeer signed it?

MM: OH NO. The real dudes.......Vinnie Johnson and James Edwards. James' daddy worked at DuPont. I tell ya.......ole Rufus could lick some envelopes!

SG: NBA Championship this year

MM: Them Wallace boys are something else! Man I like Corliss too. He got some nice haircuts. But ahhhh It's gonna be tough. L.A., Minnesota, the Spurs and Sackamenno are gonna be tough to beat

SG: Do you feel that the age of the "hard worker" is over?

MM: People dont come to work to work no more. I drink plenty of cranberry juice and eat pineapples in the morning just so my tongue can be ready for the day. They say it's the most powerful muscle in the body. You gotta be ready!

SG: What causes this laziness in today's worker?

MM: I couldn't tell ya? Niggas taking 2 hr breaks. I get a half hour. Thats it mayn! A half hour. 30 quick minutes and I'm back to licking and stamping. The real work gets done in the mailroom.

SG: If you could have 2 minutes with DuPont's CEO, what would you say?

MM: I don't need 2 minutes. Give me 2 seconds.........PAY ME

SG: Your favorite quote?

MM: You gotta lick it, before you stick it!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

"Sample Clearance"
By Gartrelle W. Sexton, Esq.

You brothers need to get your samples cleared before you start using what somebody else did before. You are probably asking yourself "What in the world is Gartrelle talking about"? Well I'm talking about the "Button-Up" craze/phenomenon that has invaded the closets of young brothers everywhere.

"I don't wear jerseys, I'm thirty plus/Get a crisp pair of jeans nigga button up." And with that line, Shawn Corey Carter once again dictated YOUR wardrobe.

Ya know, I'm glad that brother's have somewhat slowed down with the wearing of the "throwbacks" because at least it doesn't look like an NBA All-Star game is about to break-out on every corner. But now everybody looks like that BIG colorful lollipop you get at Kings Dominion.

You can't go out nowadays without seeing brothers in a butto...(Wait a minute, I refuse to call a basic SHIRT, a button-up anymore. It's just a shirt. AND like my colleague Reggie Dinkins, Jr. has said, it really is a button-DOWN. I start from the top and work my way down when I put on my 16 1/2 [that's the measurement of your neck-size for all of you who don't know how to buy a shirt that FITS. XXL, XXXL are not sizes for real shirts.] But I digress)

I was recently out and about and out of say 30 dudes, about 21 had on striped SHIRTS. What happened to originality? Dudes can't think for themselves anymore? I mean I saw two guys together both wearing similar shirts. What's worse is that one actually had on a blue Yankee fitted cap. I said to myself, "What a tool." Niggas will wear whatever ever you tell them to wear if you tell them the right way. Niggas would start wearing trash bags if a rapper could make it rhyme. He could say something like: "I'm dressed so fresh all you niggas is mad/Button ups is for fags/I rock a Glad trash bag." Next thing you know niggas would stop wearing "button ups" and would be buying designer trash bags at Shopper's Food Warehouse.

And the cufflinks. Niggas that don't even own suits are wearing cufflinks now. A shirt, some jeans, some tennis shoes, and cufflinks. Stop it! Cufflinks are to be worn with a French cuffed shirt, a suit, and some HARD bottom shoes. Now I've always been one to go against the grain and ignore the brainwashing of the "the white man," so wearing clothes in an unconventional manner is cool with me. But think about it gentlemen, when this "style" fades away, you will look back and realize how foolish you looked wearing cufflinks without a suit and tie.

What also upsets me is that I will not wear my shirts with jeans as often now because I don't want to look like every one else. I have worn shirts for years, colorful striped ones, plain basic ones, etc. (I never wore cufflinks though unless I had on a suit.) Since I'm not a follower, and I don't like to dress exactly like everyone else, I'm putting my shirts on the backburner for a while. But I still do me, without looking like everybody else, because even though I took the time to write this, I really don't care what any of y'all wear. I'm just trying to enlighten some of you. So fellas, stop sampling and start creating your own style, then maybe, just maybe, you can be as cool as me.

"You could not be like me even if you was my twin"--Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000)

This PSA was not brought to you by C.L.O.N.E.S. (Creating Leisure Outfits Now Everyone's the Same)

"True Courage"
by Salvador Gabor

A few days ago a man named Pat Tillman died. Yes, people die everyday. At first sight, this seems like a regular death but, it's not. Pat Tillman was a football player for the Arizona Cardinals. Even though he wasn't extremely known, his presence will be missed. Now Tillman didn't die on a football field, he died in the act of war. He died while serving in Afghanistan. Tillman gave up his football career for a career in the military. He wanted to join his brother in active duty for the United States. Tillman was far from some bum who didn't have a shot at playing time. Pat Tillman turned down $3,600,000 from the Cardinals to go to serve his country. How many of us would do that?

I feel for the Tillman family. Most people would say "Awww they gonna be aight. They have money". But, it's obvious that money isn't the determining factor to the Tillman's. This is a man who gave up his possessions and fame for what he believed in. Now many of us are skeptical over the war but, that's beside the point. He chose a path and was not lead by his own wants. He felt that he had a mission to carry out. People lose focus and scan in on the fact that he died but, he is leaving a legacy. He makes the soldiers in Iraq know that no matter if the war is right or wrong, they have a reason to be proud. They chose this life and no matter what decisions come down from the Government, they are ready to follow suit.

Normally, I don't get THIS serious but, what are you willing to die for? Tillman took the saying "Stand for nothing and you'll fall for anything" to another level. he gave up $3.6 Million for the sake of serving the U.S.. Now, I dont care what any of you all say. If I had to give up a few "meeyons" to serve yall............cancel that.....quickly! I send out my condolences to the Tillman family and the other fallen soldiers and their respective families. We have men dying over debts, drugs, and "respect" in this country. These guys who die over insignificant things are dying for NO reason and a soldier gives up his life for another man to able to sleep with no fear. It's something to think about. But, what are you willing to die for?

"Word of the Day"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

quixotic \kwik-SOT-ik\, adjective 1. Caught up in the romance of noble deeds andthe pursuit of unreachable goals; foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals.2. Capricious; impulsive; unpredictable.

"That Janet Jackson had that sun thing on ha' tit.......hmmmmm shoot.......that was way too quixotic for the Super Bowl."

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

by Salvador Gabor

"Ware are you going?" Limousine Services

Kofe Ware, owner of "Ware are you going?" Limousine Services would like to extend an invitation to you and yours. Come on out and experience riding in fashion with Koko B. Ware. "Ware are you going?" is an upscale limousine service that specializes in proms, weddings and niggas hitting the lottery for $1,000 or better.

Mr. Ware is aware of the individual financial situations of each person. Therefore he has a variety of limousines. Have you ever rode in a stretch Delta 88? How about a three-row Cutlass? Tell had to have rode in a convertible Ford Conversion Van before? If not Koko B. Ware and "Ware are you going?" Limousine Services is the place for you.

We know that it's prom season AND that alot of your close friends will be getting shot and dying this summer. Because of this, Mr. Ware is willing to cut a deal for high school students and gangsters across this area. Act now, this discount doesnt last long. $20/Hr for all Crown Victoria Wagons and Chevrolet Caprice Classics.

Caution: If you come out of your funeral and/or prom and DONT see ole KOKO, dont mind him, he's just making some other business moves. You might have to wait for about 20 minutes but could only afford $20/hr. SO, WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY?

Monday, April 26, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Black Hair" Vol. 1

Hair is a physical trait that we all cherish. Your feet might be "busted" but, you gotta get your hair right. You might not have much hair left, but the little hair you have, you keep it trimmed. Now as we look at the African-American culture, hair is taken to another level. Hair defines who you are. Hair is always a perfect fit for your individual personality. Hair can make or break you. It's all up to you and how you "fix" your hair. Let's look at some classic "Black" hairstyles........

* "The Fade" - There are many dimensions to "The Fade". The "Hightop". This was a style for most basketball players, fly dressers and background dancers in Rap Videos. You really couldn't be "uncool" and have a "Hightop". For those who couldn't pull off the "Hightop", the "regular" fade was cool. The fading line was at about eyebrow length and the hair height wasn't too high. The "Low Fade" was at right around the ear length. It looked almost like a "Temple Taper" (which we will discuss later). Then we have the "high and tight". Now the real gangstas wore the "High and Tight". This is the fade that Roy Jones, Jr sports. You might see a west coast/midwest thug wearing one of those in 2004!

* "French Roll" - Ladies! This was sexy in 91. Every Jr. High prom or Battalion was French Rolled out! Nowadays, only women going on church bus trips wear the "French Roll". I think what took out the "French Roll" was when people started french rolling braids. That tight pullover started to give women that temple fade on the side. The braids were just pulling too hard.

* "The Rat Tail" - A lot of guys will claim they didnt have certain hairdos. But if you sit here and say that you didnt have a RAT TAIL, you is a liar and a thief!!!! If you were born before 1980, you had a rat tail. Cause in '88 you were at least 8 years old. You had to have that rat tail! My question is.......WHO STARTED THIS NONSENSE? Who said they were gonna let a piece in the back grow? Remember when you were'd tell the barber "Leave the back alone Im growing a tail". Your barber gives you the "Nigga Please!" look.

* Sideburns - I dont know what it was about these but sideburns were strange to me. Girls used to actually GEL their sideburns. Back in like '85 it was so many girls walking around looking like Kool & the Gang back-up singers. It got out of control when women who had thinning hair started to have more sideburn hair than hair on their scalp.

* "Asymmetric" - This was that "do" that ladies had where the one side was long and the other side was long. See........SO many females TRIED this one. But ladies, you gotta WORK to keep this one up. You cant just get up and go to work with the "Asymmetric". You might gotta roll up the short side and "wrap" the long side. You're up early in the morning.........curling one side and flat-ironing the other side. It's a lot of work ladies.

Stay Tuned until next week when we will go over "do's" such as the "Shag", "Bangs" "Jheri Curls", "Blonde tops and dark sides" and other all-time greats.

"You got it up" Pt. 1
by EEzy Duz it

I was asked to enlighten the people on something that is endangering our society. These things are "GUNS". We need to put the "guns" down. I know you think this is some "Cease Fire" speech but, it is not. Everybody has a "gun". The simplest form of a "gun" is a lie. When you are lying, “you got it up”. The "It" being your "gun". It gets a lot more complex so you need to put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride. (This is not written to offend anyone in anyway, so if you are offended take it as constructive criticism)

"You got it up" when you go outside of your character to be like someone else. If you are lost, I will tell you exactly what I mean. As we all know, television and music videos in particular set the majority of the trends in our society. From fashion to cars to slang etc. etc. Everyone has seen something on TV and said "That’s nice I think I will try that". But, some of you go to the extreme. "You Got It Up!!" It’s to the point that all the good rappers are playing "Simon Says" with the world. They say or wear something and everyone in the whole world will run and do it. Last spring and summer, it was the "throwbacks". Everybody had to have a "throwback". Now it is pinstripe button ups, polo’s and blazers. This doesn’t go out to everyone because some people have been dressing like this forever. The appropriate people know who I am talking to. Even if you like the style, try to make it your own. Don’t do exactly what you see in a video. "You got it up" for real! A couple of people that I know, I couldn’t have paid them to slightly dress up a while ago. Now they're talking bout, “I am giving all my jerseys away an I'm wearing all button ups.” I wonder why?? Go out in publice. Almost every single dude had on a pinstripe button up or a blazer. You see them in the club or in a restaurant with cigars and shades. Shades in a club?!?!?! "You got it up". Be original in everything that you do. Even when you copy try to make it your own. Secondly, let's talk about these fake "spinners" yall are buying for yall cars. Aw man!!! Please put your "gun" down because "you got it up" way too high for me! Now keep in mind that a real set of "spinners" is going to run you at least $10,000. Why do you think that you would impress anyone if your rims cost more than your car? You moving too fast. Pump your brakes and leave them Wal Mart hubcaps where they at. I might pull up to you at the light in your got one rim in slow motion, one spinning backwards, one rocking back and forth and the last one not even moving. That speaks for itself. I will leave you with a small note on "having it up". Big diamonds are expensive. Louis Vuitton is expensive. Gucci is expensive. If someone you know comes up to you talking about they got a deal $100 or less on any of these, please do not buy it. "They got it up" and "you got it up" if you think about copping. Until the next time, Try not to "have it up" so much.

Friday, April 23, 2004

"One Monkey Dont Stop No Show"
By Salvador Gabor

The other day I had my lil nephew in the car with me. He asked me about some random guy that he just felt I SHOULD know. He kept going on and on......."You dont know SUCH & SUCH!" "Man you GOTTA KNOW him!". I stopped and said "DO THAT NIGGA KNOW ME?" "You run and ask him that.........that's what you do!". And again I say "One monkey dont stop no show". Granted he is young, but as adults sometimes we dont realize that "One monkey dont stop no show".

I respect everybody. If you are a star, I respect your status. Stars work hard to get to where they are. I'm not gonna lie, if I see a star in public, I will tell my friends. That's not a big deal. But some take it too far. I wont get into what they do. But.........."One monkey dont stop no show"

Sometimes it doesn't have to be a star. It could be another person you know. I had a friend tell me recently that a guy walked up to him and said "How can I get all the girls like you?". Now I was SHOCKED. Because my friend said that the guy was serious! Well to that guy, if you are reading this.............thats ONE sure way to know you WONT be getting them. I dont use this word but that my friend is the characteristics of a true prankster. And again I say "One monkey dont stop no show"

Now this one is the catch. This is the one we hate to admit. Fellas and Ladies..........we've all done it. You see the one for you walking down the street. Looking good, walking good, just all wrapped up for the taking. In your mind, you've already thought up what YOU think they are about. "Man, she looks like she is intelligent. She probably stay at home and read all day. She probably a good girl". Or how about the ladies. "Oooh he is fine, he probably has a career, maybe he owns his own business, he and his friends probably travel cause he looks so cultured". Please get to KNOW that person. Dont assume from afar. And when you get up on eeeemmmm, check your assumptions against what's really going on. And if they are not feeling you.........."One monkey dont stop no show"

Im not trying to say act bigger than what you are. Just have some confidence within self. People come and go. There's only ONE person that you will be guaranteed to be linked to forever............thats YOU! If you walk in a place and somebody gets on a loud speaker and says "Michael Jordan is IN HERE!"...............walk up and tell em, "SLIM....... IM IN HERE, SHOUT ME OUT!"

An Interview with "Uncle Bub"
by Salvador Gabor

Charles "Bub" Dennis has been around the block a few times. "Bub", as he is affectionately know by his family, doesn't do much with himself. he is the typical guy that walks in your local barbershops, corner stores and neighborhood pool halls and taverns with his "dress clothes" on but is not going, headed or hasnt been anywhere important. I've always wondered what "Uncle Bub" does and what is his goal. I got a chance to sit down with the fella and to see what is the deal with him

Salvador Gabor: UNCLE BUB!!!!!! Man how are you??? Did I come at a wrong time?

"Uncle Bub": Youngster, Im just enjoying this here sun. It's a nice day. You caught me just as I was pressing my slacks here.

SG: Well I'm sure you dont want to do an interview in boxers and suspenders now Bub do ya?

UB: Oh no, just give me one second. (calls his wife).......CAROL. Hey CA-ROLL, fix me a bit of them grits.

UB: Go on now Im ready

SG: So what have you been up to?

UB: Ive been working hard man. Working real hard!

SG: I didn't know you had a job Uncle Bub

UB: No son I dont have a job. I've been working hard at hitting the number down at the liquor store.

SG: No luck on the straight box huh?

UB: I keep playing 6-1-7-8! That's my son's birthday. That nigga aint never been nuttin' no way. I see why I keep losing.

SG: Have you ever won any money before.

UB: Of course son, everyone wins every once in a while. I hit the number for $750 one Wednesday. I took my wife to Atlantic City that weekend. I let her drive up as I took some swigs on that Christian Brothers. I bought these glasses with that money too.

SG: EK's huh. Pretty nice

UB: My wife bought me a pair a few years ago. But I broke em when I slammed em at a card game. Niggas love to renig like its sweet!

SG: So I see that you've ironed your clothes now. They look nice, you must have somewhere important to go?

UB: Yeah it's Friday. All the fellas hang out by the barber shop and shoot the breeze. Might catch a lil air and flirt with the bus driver on her route.

SG: You're married Bub?!?!

UB: I flirt son. I JUST flirt. Now when I start doing the other "F" word with the bus driver, then we gotta problem. That's whats wrong with the youth. Yall take it too far. Entirely! I just say hello and maybe sometimes I buy her a soda or a honey bun. Nothing more.

SG: Ok ok. So what else is going on for today?

UB: That's about it. I gotta cabaret to go to tomorrow. BYO

SG: Bring your own liquor

UB: Yes and no. BYO is just Bring ya Own! Whatever it is. If its heroin.........Bring Ya Own. I dont know much about it but some niggas do it. Just bring it, and dont expect to get it from nobody else.

SG: You have nice clothes, nice cars and plenty of money.........How do you get all of this stuff with no job?

UB: I draw unemployment and a disability check. That serves me well. I just can't go to my dancing night on Monday's no more. Since I draw disability I can't be seen dancing. I used to be on that show on Public Access........"Tony and his Dancing Friends". We used to jam to the oldies and do line dancing and so forth. But since I got disability coming in.........Disability is messing wit Dis Ability!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

UB: Look here, Big Ray and sleepy bout to come get me so we can run down to the crab shack and get a bushel or two. Im a see you later baby

SG: Ok Unk.

So there we have it. Another nigga who has NO job, nothing to do and collects TWO checks from the good folks in our Government. Sometimes I wonder, "WHY do I have aspirations and goals and dreams?". The only dream "Uncle Bub" is having is that dream that he left them drawls with the brown stain in em ontop of the washer and not in the "to be cleaned by ME" pile.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

by Salvador Gabor

"Im a pimp". "Im a pimp by blood......". My car is "pimped out". Im out here "Pimpin these hoes". Oh yeah playboy? You's a "pimp" huh? "Pimp", "Pimpin" and "Pimped out" are some of the most coonified words (yes coonified is a word, I made it up so it's a word). People beat these words into the ground. Everybody is a "pimp", but nobody wants to be a "ho". I thought about the word "Pimp" and I want to talk about what it means and maybe some of these so-called "pimps" might just turn out to be "hoes".

When you look at the idea of a "pimp" or the idealogy of "pimpin" it deals with a simple concept. There is a product, gift and/or talent that has not been tapped into. This product. gift and/or talent may not even been known. You may not know that it lies within you. Yet, someone else sees your product, gift and/or talent. That person is your "pimp". That "pimp" may not be able to do what you do when it comes to that product, gift and/or talent but, he or she provides the avenue for you to begin to make a profit from it.

"Pimps" come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Selling sex is just a small portion of true "pimpin". Sports Agents, Temp Agencies, Bankers, Lawyers, the government and many other professions and industry use "pimp" tactics.

Sports Agents and managers tell you what your schedule should be. They negotiate your contract and often times they see your talent before you do. You just go out and shoot ball. But it's you shooting that ball that makes him money. You can easily handle your own schedule, but can he dunk from the dotted lines? You can easily read your own contract and consult an agent on a hourly basis but can he take a point guard off the dribble and penetrate to the hole for the score?

Temp Agencies are some of the biggest, most gorilla pimps in Corporate America. Who do you know that finds a job for you and takes half of your check EVERY pay period? I've found a few dudes job placement in the past, the most I got was a thank you and a strong dap. But temp agencies need that 50%. I worked for a temp agency once. The temp agency grossed $1,000/week and I came home with about $400. Now I figured it out. At the time, I was getting about $100 per week taken out for the little bit of insurance and taxes I had as a temporary worker. So the agency taxed from the $1000 as a whole. That left "us" with $900. These "pimps" didnt even give me $450! They took half of the base amount, which is $500 and slid me the remaining $400. It's sick, aint it man!

The Banking systems is "pimpin" in a real kinda way. Now check this out. I ask hold my money..........and when I want it........I gotta come to you...........but if I dont come by 5:00 P.M...............I gotta stand outside your house and put my card in the mailbox and hope that nobody robs me while I'm outside your house? Sense? It makes none to me. Dont get me wrong, I have a bank account. But, I dont understand how in this world, I HAVE to have a bank account to get any possessions. You have to have credit cards and bank accounts. BUT, with my bank account, these clowns charge me for using MY money. The game is vicious. So just to break it down so far...........I HAVE to have a bank account and I have to pay charges for them holding my money. Now check this out...........for those who dont know, the bank doesnt put your money in a safe and write "Silas Grant" on the front of the box. They take ALL of the money, pile it together and hope we all never come in at the same time to withdraw. So your money is NOT there all the time. While we let our money sit, the banks re-invest it and make interest off of it. That is why we gain interest when we open savings accounts. But the profit that they get from the re-investment is HUGE. Now they take chances and risks with thousands of our dollars, but when we take a chance and overdraw by two or three dollars, they charge us $30-60. But ITS MY MONEY. Why can't I owe you a dollar or two for a day or so? It's "pimpin" at its finest.

I have friends who are pursuing the Law field. Because of this I have a better appreciation for lawyers. But, let's be real. I caught the charge, let me talk to the judge. Forget law books and rules, because when it's all said and done, those laws and books are thrown out half of the time anyway! Law depends on the dude on trial. If the judge chooses to implement the appropriate punishment, he can. It's really in the hands of the jury and the judge. I feel as though, Im a pretty likeable person. I can "holla" at the judge. I should be able to go see him in his quarters, "dimes" or "nickels" if I want to. But I gotta pay this dumb dude next to me $200/hr to do the same thing that I can do. And then they got court appointed lawyers. These guys must have went to the Harlem Law School for repeat-petty act criminals. I'd rather have a judge "appoint" me to a cell before I get a court appointed lawyer. These fools know less about the cases than I do. We're both just standing there........shrugging our shoulders. I can talk and represent for my own self!

The government is wild too. They make you pay taxes but you cant tell them where your tax money can go. If I owe $823.57, then I should be able to assign my $823.57 to where I want it to go. I dont want a new Baseball stadium in D.C. I'd rather my money go to a pay increase for teachers. But I'm paying my taxes so ANOTHER sorry D.C. team can come here. Lemme just vent for a second............THESE CLOWNS in D.C. are begging for the MONTREAL EXPOS to come here????????? They are the worst team. Yet, my $823.57 is funding it. And then let's not talk about the war. I can't shoot who I want to shoot. I can't even have a gun. But, when the government has beef, they can shoot.........better yet they can draft ME to shoot. So when I was beefin' wit "Lil Boogie" and em down the street, the guns was a problem. Now, you want me to kill Akbar and it's alright?

Just understand one thing. The biggest "pimps" dont wear purple suits and stand on stage with rappers. And the biggest "Hoes" dont wear see-thru dresses either. If you want to know what a real "hoe" wears, you may not have to look far.

Ladies and Gentlemen......back in January when we started this spot, I promised that we would have another writer along with Me, Reggie, Gartrelle and Lonnie. His name is "The Counseler" or you can call him Martel. It took him 4 1/2 months to get an article posted. Let's hope it doesn't take another 4 1/2 for the next one.

“Miss You, Miss You, Miss You, Miss You, Miss You”-Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes
By Martel S. Cunningham, Ph.D.

We all know how it feels to lose something of value – IT SUCKS. Whether it be something irreplaceable – like a close friend or loved one, something that took a lot of money or effort to produce - like the paper that kept u up all night to type, and was lost right near the end when the power flashed, or something relatively simple like a wallet or a fare card in the backseat of your buddies’ car. Whatever the case may be, losing something that is important is never fun. In some extreme cases it can even be accompanied by acute feelings of grief and heartache.

Many times losses are unpreventable, and they almost never come at a good time. However there are those rare occasions where we actually make a loss worse by failing to take a single action that could very easily make the situation better. Recently I’ve been working with a newlywed couple that that was on the brink of divorce. The problem began when they lost the remote control to their bedroom television. This may seem strange but this couple’s ENTIRE lives were programmed around the tube. The husband found himself frequently late for work as he didn’t have the remote to grab for in the morning when the alarm clock went off. And the wife stopped spending as much time in the bedroom because the husband refused to change the channel from ESPN. Even their sex life was interrupted. Look, I don’t care who you are and how much you love thongs, but watching The Ultimate Sumo Wrestling Championship on pay-per-view until the “after-hours” movies come on is a sure-fire way to take the Spice out of any pre-sexual activities. Fortunately, I convinced the husband to break down and buy that All-4-One remote, and I haven’t heard from them since.

In any event, going through a loss if tough if and if you are not prepared or not able to adjust it just might overwhelm. In her book On and Death and Dying, Elizabeth K├╝bler-Ross offers 5 stages that can be helpful fore those who experience a great loss in their life. The quicker you are able to get through these stages the better you will be able to cope with the loss. Using the “lost farecard" scenario from earlier here is my adapted version of her stages:

denial – self explanatory; “HOLD-UP I KNOW I aint loose my fare card. Naw its gotta be right in my back pocket…..

anger – getting mad and blaming somebody else; “(sucks teeth) That nigga Darnell always be rollin out after he drop me off, he know I’m twisted right now! Niggas don’t wait after they drop you off no more. MAN its cold out here! Wait till I see that nigga again I’m gonna fu….”

bargaining - the last “ditch-effort” to overcome the loss; “(spinning around) Aight, I thought I put in my back pocket but maybe I missed and it slipped in between my belt and got stuck on a loop….”

depression - The full impact sets in; (sobs) Man I’m gonna have to bum $2.15 from somebody and it aint NO big girls out here. Why I had to come waaay out here neway? I know these whitees aint gonna help me either. At least if I was in the city I might see somebody I know”

acceptance - come to grips with the loss and makes preparation for it; “’xcuse me can I borrow a…, ‘xcuse me sir ‘xcuse ma’am can I borrow a…. Man my girl gonna be pissed when she come and get me. Well at least I’m still drunk (shrugging shoulders)”

Hopefully these stages will help you or someone you know if they are grieving over some type of loss
**Remember ** Life is a journey and along the way you’re going lose some things as well as find some things before you reach your final destination. Sometimes what you find will easily replace what you lost, and you will be better for it. Other times what you lose will leave huge void in your life forever and you will never be the same. But always remember whatever you lose or find.............without your farecard your journey will never begin.

Signing off until next time - yours truly,
- Martel S. Cunningham, Ph.D.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

"I wanna be Rich!"
by Salvador Gabor

I wanna be rich! I'm telling you, I DO! I want it all. Don't we all? I had a friend say to me one time "I'm gonna be rich! R-E-C-H..........Rich Nigga Rich!". The poor boy didn't even realize that he spelled the word rich wrong! But, it didnt matter because he wants to be rich. So, what exactly is the fascination with being rich? People want to be recognized and appreciated. I've always felt that the best way to show appreciation for someone's efforts is by paying them. When you do a good job nothing is better than some money in your pocket. When you cut the old lady's grass on your block, she offers you money but, you dont want to take it. But, her offering money is a sign that she appreciates your work. Now it's always that "other" old lady who wants to give you a soda and a piece of pound cake for your work. She can keep that, as far as I'm concerned!

But seriously, there has to be a deeper meaning to it all. I thought about why I wanted to be rich. I figured that I wanted attention. I want to "come through" in the Bentley Coupe with the top down. I want people to do "double takes" when I ride through. I want people to say "Dag, Sal got that Bent and he is doing it!". I want to be the topic of conversation when it comes to luxury. But is it worth it? I truly believe that the day will come when I will have an opportunity to become rich. I could do it real simple. Get the money, take care of my family and just live life to the fullest. Nothing physical or materialistic would be an obstacle. Anything that I want, I could get. This would be the easy way out. But couldn't I do something more productive than that?

I think back to the idea of me "coming through" in the Bentley. The "oohs" and the "aahhs" that I would hear from friends and family couldn't match the idea of me actually helping THEM get to that point. I often battle with the idea of how I would spend my money. I look at the Bentley and I say to myself "If I am a multi-millionaire, what is $400,000 for a Bentley?". It's nothing! But, $400,000 can be used in so many ways. Sometimes I'd rather take that $400,000 and pay for 4 kids to go to school. I've always had a wild way of thinking. I wouldn't take 4 so-called "smart" kids and pay for school. I'd take maybe 4 drug dealers who had no reason to or thought of going to school. Taking $100,000 and paying for a kid to go to school who already has scholarship offers is like killing one bird with TWO stones. I'd rather walk up to 4 guys who have no direction and say "How would you like to go to college?". This sounds crazy right? But listen. If I offer a person a chance at a better life who seemed to have NO chance, the chances are, that person will be more likely to appreciate my investment. When they complete school, they would be more than willing to work with me and help me grab more and more kids. They would almost feel obligated to be apart of my plan because they had no options before I came and offered them this chance. It sounds like a stretch but, it's possible. At the end of it all, spending $400,000 on 4 kids will make my money more valuable than a Bentley. That same Bentley that will cost me $400,000, will only be worth about $250,000 in 4 to 5 years. But those 4 kids who I spent $400,000 on could be worth ANY amount of money. You might invest into the next superpower businessman or businesswoman. Your money may go to providing an education for the person who will discover a cure for a disease. More importantly, you invested in one person but, that person may spend their entire lives investing in others. You took time out with ONE person but, doing that lead to your "investment" becoming a resource to others in this world for years to come.

I dont know about anyone else but, it feels good to ride good, look good and feel good. But, the ultimate feeling is to look back and know that someone else is "shining" because of you. Instead of me "coming through" with the Bentley, I'd much rather have 4 or 5 youngsters that I helped get to a better place in life "come though" with something nice. That's a feeling that money can't buy. It's the idea of building a foundation. It's too much money coming in and out of our community for only one man to be worth $300 Million from selling rap cd's or playing basketball and he's not turning around and providing our youth with educational resources and positive experiences. How can one man be worth that much and not share SOME of it? That's the difference between being rich and just having alot of money. Having alot of money is blowing every dime of it. Being rich is being fulfilled. Rich is being able to spread the wealth without feeling hurt about doing so. So if you ask me, YES, I want to be RICH. And YES, I want that Bentley, the Phantom AND the Maybach (if I could have ALL THREE). But, I would never get those items JUST for others to "ooh" and "ahh" at me.

Always remember, pick someone else up as you climb. Strive to be the reason that another man elevates. When you die, the money is gone but, leave a legacy for someone to follow. The most that some rims spinning will do, is keep the next man dizzy.

"The Fabulous Life of....."
by Salvador Gabor

Rolan "Sharp Suit" Nelson

The Salvador Gabor Project presents the Fabulous Life of Rolan "Sharp Suit" Nelson. "Sharp Suit" got his name from the fact that he wore Shark Skinned suits. But, you know niggas dont talk correctly, so he thought all his friends were complementing him. He thought they were saying "Hey Sharp Suit" but it was really "Hey there go that nigga Shark Suit". Anyway "Shark Suit" turned into "Sharp Suit" when all the ladies began to attach themselves to Rolan and the fellas who teased him turned jealous and bought sharp shark suits themselves. Rolan has always been the premiere playa. His name should have been Rollin', cause that's what he does. So today, we go deep into the life of Rolan "Sharp Suit" Nelson.

Attire: When Rolan goes shopping, it's only the finest gear for a fine young playa like himself. Stores like Cavalier, Harold Pener and Target could get up to $200 in purchases of 3 piece suits. Oh no, he is not a cheap spender! What is $30 for a pair of J.C. Penney loafers???? This is Rollin Rolan we are talking about. He's no Joe Blow off the street. He's also into pastel colored suits. He said he read the "Fashion Cents" on the Salvador Gabor Project last week and he is definetely gonna pick up on the pastel colors even more. He has his own personal shopping assistant, who has introduced him to Gucci Buckets and XXXXL Prada shirts on Canal Street in New York City.

Restaurants: When "Sharp Suit" goes out to eat, he dines in fine fashion. It's no McDonalds for him. Its only Checkers for Rollin Rolan! His favorite burger is the "Champ Burger". Oh yes, and that's WITH cheese. Once again, what is $.45 to a playa like "Sharp Suit".

Women: "Sharp Suit" is the don when it comes to women. He even got his main woman Emma Jean an efficiency apartment in the Section 8 area of Southeast D.C.

Traveling: "Sharp Suit" only goes to the BEST resorts. It is rumored that he has a "time-share" in the Calliope Projects in New Orleans. When he is out of town he uses his Super 8 Motel Platinum Card and has access to the finest suites on the 1st floor.

Pets: Rolan has a Doberman named "Rudy" that lives as a king. "Rudy" doesnt eat dog food. "Rudy" eats exactly what the rest of the Nelson's eat. "Rudy" eats eggs, donuts, now-a-laters and any other food from the table that he can get his hands on.

Assets: Well Rolan doesnt have a job, but he can play some spades. On an average day, "Sharp Suit" can bring home $50 - $65 a day by playing spades. Of course he loses on certain days too but it doesnt stop ole Rolan

Parties: It aint no cabaret till Rolan steps in the place. His favorite drink is Martell. "Why go top shelf, that's too high to be reaching for" says Rolan. He bought 17 bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 for his 23rd Birthday and he wasnt selfish. He even let the ground have something to drink. Between him peeing on himself and his suit and throwing up in the dirt in the parking lot, the whole world got a sip of some drank that night

Keep your mouse tuned it to the Salvador Gabor Project as we unveil the fabulous lives of other not so famous celebrities..........that's all for now ladies and gentlemen!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Technology News
by Salvador Gabor

T.I. 825

SprintPCS and Tay Jewelers have came together to create the latest trend in the fashion/technology industry. Tay Jewelers, a jeweler that has been known for creating the finest rubberband and wrist and neckwear for the hoodstars across the U.S. has designed a rubberband for the head. This band is being created so that you can have your cell phone attached to your ear without holding it and possibly receiving a ticket from your local police force.

Many laws have banned cell phone use in cars because phones hampers the drivers ability to control the vehicle with both hands. This new invention the "T.I. 825" will eliminate any discomfort of cell phone use in vehicles. Also the bigger problem has been solved. People no longer have to walk around looking like a secret service agent or Bobby Brown. Also you eliminate the possibility of people thinking that you are talking to yourself. With the phone directly attached to your ear people know that you aren't crazy.

Long-time cell phone users are wondering if the original cell phones, which are bigger than the current sized phones, will be adequate for the "T.I. 825". That question remains to be seen.

Automobile News
by Salvador Gabor

In life, everyone longs to look good. We all cant be filthy rich but we can live lavishly on our level. The following are a few items that you can use to look good, feel good and play you part.

The New Chrysler 300 C

If you've been outside in the last 5-6 days, you've had to see at least 8 of these on the streets. This is the hottest mid-range vehicle to touch the concrete in quite some time. The 300 C ranges from $23K to $33K. This is not a bad price for a car that looks similar to the Rolls Royce Phantom. I call it "The Baby Phantom". This will probably be the car of choice for many young people for the months to come.

Kia Amanti

YES, ladies and gents........KIA has a "Big Body". NO not Kia that lives in the corner house down the street. Kia the car company. It was a total shock to me. But, for a price of $22K - $25K, this is not a bad pick up either. I could see this vehicle being more suitable and angled towards females. I cant see a grown man saying "Yeah I just bought this KIA". It's not a good look for the fellas. My suggestion is that the wife get the Amanti and the husband go out and get the 300 C.

The Chevette

The only difference between the Corvette and the Chevette is the C O R. A vette is a vette is a vette. What a sports car the Chevette is? This solidifies the word sports car. Imagine being out on the open road and popping the clutch on a 1980 Chevette. Going 45 MPH on I-95, just-a-cruising. This is life, this is luxury, this is Chevette-living.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Time to Check My Crackhouse" Vol. 2

The last time we talked, I told you guys about the characteristics of "pipeheads". Now we move on to the usefulness of "pipeheads" and how resourceful they are

* Car Wash - You'll be hard-pressed to find a detail shop that will clean your car inside and out for $10. A car wash wont "hit your wheels" for $10. Air Freshener ALONE costs $10 in some car washes! Now onto the actual wash of the car. "Pipeheads" can do an immaculate job or ANY vehicle! They do this with a bucket of water, a bar of soap, a brush and a Frankie Beverly tape. NO vacuums, NO big sponges.........NO Problem. I've seen "pipeheads" brush up dirt SO fast that their arms move in a Blurr. LITERALLY. When letting "pipeheads" wash your car, there tends to be a risk. If you give them the $10 early they may get high and wash your car while they are high. OR, they may be "feenin" SO hard that they may do a rush job. This is where their Frankie Beverly tape comes in. The tape distracts them from the "crack" and makes them focus on that woman they loved before they fell in love with "crack". They begin to rub your car as if it were that woman and they were giving her a bath and a rub down.

* Entertainment - TV's, cameras, computers, DVD's. You name it, and a "pipehead" can get it! There are people with dining rooms fully furnished by "pipeheads". "Pipeheads" have NO shame. They will lug a TV in the middle of the street for the right price. The only setback is that unlike other salesmen, "pipeheads" dont know the features of their product. You might say "How many megapixels does that camera have?". More than likely, the response will be........"Dog I just got the camera and Im tryna sell what is you gonna do?" If you are looking for customer service, go to BEST BUY.

* Fashion - "Pipeheads" go for the gusto. Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Lord & Taylor, Gucci, Prada or any store you need to go to, a "pipehead" can get you those clothes. You may have to take the "pipehead" TO the store and wait, but he will never let you down. You might walk down the street and a pipehead might stop you DEAD in your tracks and see if those Evisu Jeans he has can fit you. "Pipeheads" have cheaper deals than TJ Maxx when it comes to clothing.

* Delivery - You ever been in your "hood" and wanted a pizza but the store didn't deliver to your neighborhood late at night? You ever wanted McDonalds or Wendy's but you didn't feel like driving to get it? You ever needed milk from the corner store but didn't feel like walking down the street? "Pipeheads" save the day in these situations. Man oh man. "Pipeheads" are truly a blessing. They naturally walk fast so your food wont be cold.

* Auto Repair - Yes yes yes! "Pipeheads" HAVE to know how to fix cars. Either you wash them, or you fix them. It's a prerequisite. The only shortcoming is that whenever you take your car to a "pipehead", they ALWAYS tell you that its the Alternator, the Battery or the Carborator.

* Housing Products - Out of nowhere, you can get soap, dish detergent, clorox and starch off the street from a "pipehead". You might find yourself buying products like batteryoperated toothbrushes. You never thought of buying one before but a "pipehead" had one for $2 and all of a sudden, the health of your teeth became a concern.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

"Nigga: The Word, The Meaning, The Way of Life"
by Salvador Gabor

Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga. How many times can one nigga say nigga? Thats the question many people ask today. Its funny how the word nigga gets bleeped out on TV, yet you can say B*tch, A$$ and D@mn on television. People look at the word nigga as being derogatory??? Nigga derives from the word NIGGER. The actual meaning of NIGGER is dumb and/or ignorant person. Contrary to what we believe, the word NIGGER existed before slavery. Slavemasters used the word NIGGER to describe the slaves. This was a key factor in damaging the morale of slaves. Many researchers believe that the word NIGGER was used due to the fact that the African country Niger had a similar spelling. Regardless of what is said, when NIGGER is said, it is felt as a slur towards African-Americans. Most African-Americans will become very upset and will resort to violence when called a NIGGER. But today I didnt come to talk about the word NIGGER, im talking about the word NIGGA!

Many black leaders say that we shouldn't use the term Nigga. I beg to differ. See, nigga refers to the deep, inner-man within each male. White men can be niggas. Hispanic men can be niggas. Asian men can be niggas. Nigga in the way that we use it today refers to the male species ONLY. You never hear a person talking about a woman and say "That nigga is cute". They might say "That honey is cute" or "That broad is cute" or "That lady is cute". There maybe plenty of words to describe a woman but nigga is NOT one of them.

Let's go back to describing the nigga. A little bit of nigga is in ALL men. That nigga comes out at times, and for others, well.......them niggas just wear it on their sleeve. When you are at the urinals in a public place, that NIGGA inside of you wont let you pee directly next to the next man when there is another empty urinal. When someone jumps in front of a man in line, that man gives a look (not a mean look just THAT look), ....."oh excuse me, go ahead you were first". Thats that nigga in you.

Many people say that nigga and nigger denote ignorance. Not ignorance as in "I dont know" but ignorance as in "I Know and Im a act a fool any ole way". In other words just plain ole "Ignint". What's so wrong with that? We all need to get a lil "Ignint" every once in a while. "Ignince" doesnt have to be a loud display of foolishness. It can be done with one word. Let's say there is some trash on the floor. Someone asks if the trash is yours. You could reply "No, that's not my trash". Or you can reply "Naw SLIM, that's not my trash". A slight change in your response, JUST with one word change can alter the outcome. The guy who say "No" may continue to get questioned. The guy who said "Look SLIM that aint my trash" is left alone. Just a pinch of nigga was displayed to reconcile the problem.

Many environments REQUIRE bringing out the nigga in you. The barbershop, the DMV, the corner store, the car auction, PTA and parent/teacher meeting and so forth. Sometimes, you have to let people see you unveil that nigga inside of you.

Now some people have nigga in them and bring out that side in appropriate situations, and others are JUST NIGGAS. Im not in favor of NIGGAS being NIGGAS. These are the ones who wear it on their sleeve. We ALL dont need to hear you talking loud. We dont need to hear that your mother just hit "da number" for $7,500. We dont need to hear you cursing in public or playing your walkman at a volume that the whole train can hear it. We also dont need to see your boxers. Im sure JC Penney will hire more underwear models if needed. And WE DEFINITELY dont need you saying NIGGA all loud in some restaurant or department store. They JUST started to let "US" in those kinds of places a few years ago. And there you go running your mouth sounding like the COON that you are.

Its ok to show signs of the nigga that lies within thee. Just do it in moderation. And oh.........I asked a question earlier, "Just how times can one nigga say nigga?" ..........47 times to be exact. Thats ALOT of niggas.........(DING)........48!!!

Friday, April 16, 2004

"The Salvador Gabor Project"
by Salvador Gabor

The following is just a brief explanation for this blogspot. Read it and maybe you will get a better understanding of what's going on in here on a daily basis.

The Salvador Gabor Project was initiated from an idea. An idea that this world that we live in can be shaken up and rattled by the minds of people who think in an "akward" fashion. The project's purpose is to look at life from a peculiar angle. This angle can be compared to an object that is balanced at an edge of a table. Although it is at the edge and leaning over the edge to an extent, it never falls over. You may not even know why the object was at the edge in the first place. You may not know if it will fall or not. But, you run over to the table and put your hands down under the table JUST in case it falls. But everytime you think it will fall, it DOESN'T. It never goes quite that far. But your reaction.......that slight sense of fear or quickness to reach down and grab the object stays with you. That's the feel we want from you when you read the postings. I feel that if you know what's coming down the pipe, we may lose your attention.

My goal is to post articles and columns that have two, three, maybe even four meanings. These postings may not always be understood, yet they draw your attention. You may need to read a posting four to five times before coming up with your own interpretation of exactly what is going on. See, the idea is not to change your thinking or change your ways. The idea is to make you stop and wonder for a brief second......"What if?", "Why not?", "How can I/they?" and maybe some other questions that might come to mind when reading the columns. If you read some of the postings, one writer in particular ("Reggie Dinkins, Jr") often refers to jungles and the safari. A person maybe unfamiliar with this "jungle" that they travel through. This maybe their very first time here. Leaves are hitting their face. Branches are clipping them up. Noises have them fearful as to what may attack them. These are all obstacles and factors that may lead one journeyman to turn around. You can only get but so deep before turning around becomes as hard as going forward. The time it takes to go in either direction may become even depending on how deep into the jungle you have traveled. If you choose to go on through this "jungle", your tour guide is always there. You may even need to hold his/her hand. A jungle is not a paved path. As I said, there are objects within the jungle that appear to be standing in your way. These objects are not standing in your way. These objects and so-called obstacles make up the aura and essence of that jungle.

When traveling through a jungle, you can look at is as a messy, slimey, gewey piece of unchartered land OR you can see it as nature and the beautiful landscape that could never be manmade. What makes a trip to the Safari a bad experience is when you focus on what's around you and what it can do to you. What makes a trip to the Safari a good experience is when you focus on what you can get out of the trip. That could be pictures, facing your fears directly or just an everlasting memory. So as you continue to read these postings, understand one thing. The noises, leaves, branches, animals and the other aspects that may appear or be heard in our "jungle" are apart of the element. The Salvador Gabor Project is not Lakeshore Drive, Rodeo Drive or 5th is a "Jungle".................Now I wouldn't touch those leaves if I were you, poison ivy is rampid during this season.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

"Do You Want This D" Pt. 1
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Oftentimes in today's self-centered society people confuse the simplified, misuse the wet-side, and drag dirt in your new ride. People like to tell you what they want and how they want it. Be careful what you say, especially if a nigga asks you, "Do you want this D?"

The Underworld known as Mass Transit requires many tactical moves, and formations. So many are concerned with attacking for their own good. They are so offensive at heart, jump-pushing, run-shoving, and leading with fatty tissues. Stop being so offensive before you get this D. I dont act like that on the train so why should you? Do you want this D, you want to see apart of me, that belongs in a tree, nobody wants to act out the early morning monkey.

The young and supposedly sophisticated often think of themselves highly, as anyone should. However, many of these supposedly sophisticated don't know how to read the D. They fail to realize a point made doesnt equal a good grade. Dont tell a lion how to safari, unless you are a bit of a jaguar yourself. Don't take offense when there is none to be taken. Do you want this D, I mean some real D, not that nice cover-up you get at the shop de beauty. Special Teams gets on the field at some point. Special Teams is the art of understanding special situations a.k.a. "where I'm coming from". If a person understands your point, don't try to force it, especially if they understand. Don't force it in, you might be the one who gets chafe.

There are many dazed and confused,
misunderstood with egos bruised
thinking they got it all figured out but accuse you of a short-fuse
explanations of things repeated
don't confuse my mind for my language slightly streeted.
early morning perusing on a topic you never thought of using
snake-bitten by the words my fangers take your mind cruising.
Never misconstrue the office for my zoo,
a queen for a bunk.
got so much offense you think my battleship sunk.
nigga check my shelf and notice my titles,
Run and Shoot, West Coast, a good offense is vital.
but read a lil closer you might see a Matchup Zone, a 4-6, or even a 2-3.
Do you want this D?
If you're offensive then this D you might not like,
cool your jets or get wet next to a dam dyke

If I have offended any with the above passage, then perhaps it is YOU who have the D, and you might be getting too much D. For those of you who may have found any specific words offensive, pick up a Dictionary. DUAL meanings separate the misconstrued from the genious

"Fashion Cents"
with Ms. Monique

When Its Time To Draw The Line

Hello fashion people and non-fashion people. I'm here to enlighten you all on the latest fashion tips and the fashion "No-No's". OK.......I'm pretty sure you know that the color of this year has is Pink! Now......of course Pink isn't the ONLY color that you have to choose from. So ladies......please lay off of the Pink. Bright neon colors and pastel colors can be used as other color options as well.

Fashion "No-No's"

This has to be my biggest pet peeve..........Ladies PLEASE stop wearing these stretch jeans with the combat boots over top of them like this style is still hip! Yes this WAS the style back in 1999 and 2000 but, not anymore. This year it is all about femininity. Colorful prints and lots of shear ruffle materials. Try wearing a knee length (YES I said knee length) skirt with colorful prints and a "off the shoulder" solid color shirt along with some stiletto heels/sandals that give definition to your legs. Last but not least, bring out your confidence and fierce attitude that will have everyone drawn to your energy

** only look good when you feel good. Next week we will discuss what you should and shouldn't wear with undergarments.

by Salvador Gabor

Willie Atkins III A.K.A. "Lil Lil Willie"

"Lil Lil Willie" is a 43-year old single man from Dekalb, GA. Being from down south, "Lil Lil Willie" enjoys being with women who know their way around the kitchen. "Im a sucka for Liver Pudding and BatterBread" says Willie. He came to the Salvador Gabor Project Personals Ad because he wants a dedicated lady that will help him get his lawnmowing company off the ground.

Activities: Member of the "In the Oldsmobile" Listening Club. Referee for the Dekalb County 12 and Under Cee-Lo League.

Interests: Baking Cornbread, Fishing and a fetish for Satin Roller Skating Jackets

Quote: "That relish always does something to my belly"

Type of Woman: "I just need a big woman to cuddle wit. I need her to hold me when its thundering"

Dont forget people.........(301) 455-3534. If you want to see one of our bachelors or bachelorettes, call that number

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

"Thinking Outside the Box"
by Salvador Gabor

During my college years, I remember people referring to a term/phrase that was catchy and cool to say. That term is "Thinking Outside the Box". From what I was told, the term dealt with the idea of ridding yourself of mental restraints. Eliminating the idea of being trapped in a small, narrow and straightaway mindset. "You gotta think outside of the box!". I bought into that system to a certain extent. You'd never see me in some psychodelic tye-dye shirt and a brown sport coat with some lowtop converse but, I did believe in expanding on my thought patterns.

But what is a box? A Box for some can be a restraint. A box could be a birdcage or a jail cell. A box could be a set of boundaries. Maybe a crib or a playpen for a child that cant be left unsupervised. A box can be the pager on your ankle which goes off if you leave a certain area which is your imaginary box. This is the perception of a box to many people........ well that the people that say "think outside the box". These people dont want to conform. They want to be free. And they are free to want to be free. These are usually the people who say "I cant see myself working for nobody". Many of these people want their own businesses or they want to work from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. with a 2-hour lunch break. Thinking "outside of the box" makes things REAL simple doesn't it?????

A box can also be a resource. Boxes are used to move objects from one place to another. Those cans of beans that you take to the goodwill aren't so hard to carry when you have a box, now are they? It's much easier to store those old records in the basement if you have a box, now isn't it? It's much easier to lug that big ole big screen from "Best Buy" if it's in a box, right? How bout that bike for your kid? What if the sales rep just handed you the parts all in your hands? A box might not always be such a bad idea.

The idea of a box is that it is used to transport and store what you need. It's taken out once you need it and used and then the remains are put back into the box. The "Box" in our world represents authority and rank. Sometimes we need authority and rank in our lives. It's cool to "do your own thang" to a certain extent. But no authority means no rules, which means no structure, which means chaos and confusion. People who talk too much are people who have never been ignored or have just not been told to SHUT UP. Kids who act up constantly probably just need to go outside and get a "switch" and then put across someone's lap. A person who always wants to fight has probably never had his or her teeth KNOCKED OUT. Structure is put in place for proper reasoning.

Now, there is nothing wrong with thinking "outside the box". Just remember, the box transports and stores everything until the RIGHT TIME. You cant be an entry level worker talking about "Im gonna think outside the box". Sit back and let "the box" transport you to a higher level. Once you get there, then you can be taken out of "the box" and used. Sometimes, you have to stay IN a system, establish yourself within that system and THEN move out.

So the next time your life calls for you to buy all those cans of pork & beans, without that box, you might drop those cans. And black toe nails aint cool when you are wearing sandles.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

"Lemme Get a Sheet of Paper"
by Salvador Gabor

Remember that saying......."Lemme get a sheet of paper?". We used to say that in school. You'd go to a class that was kinda boring and not care at all. The class wasnt important.......well at least to you it wasnt. The teacher was boring. But, in order to look like you were doing SOMETHING, you'd ask your buddy for a sheet of paper. Who knows what you would do with that sheet. You MIGHT takes notes. You might SEND notes to the pretty girl in class. You might draw your friend's big head on that sheet of paper. Who knows?? But asking for that sheet meant nothing. It was just going to determine how you would spend your next 50 minutes in that boring class.

Well some might say, "What is the significance of paper?". Paper is used throughout our society. Money, licenses, contracts, and degrees are ALL important documents on paper. But what is the value of a sheet of paper? Has it gotten to the point where asking for a sheet of paper means doodling on it? Is ONE sheet of paper still valuable in this society? Lets take some of the examples of paper that we used earlier.

Let's talk about money. Money is a type of paper. But, how valuable is it? My mother once told me "Being nice can get you places that money cant". It may seem hard to believe but its true. Money isnt ALWAYS the answer. Me being a black man in America........I am educated, skilled and I'm a great learner. Its very possible that I could become rich and successful. What if I join a country club.......or should I say TRY to join a country club? Does my money make it a sure bet that I'll get in? I would be a First-Generation "rich man" in my family. My grandfathers weren't rich. My father isn't rich. Some societies and clubs require that your family be drenched in wealth before you can be deemed as fit to enter. Do you think Lebron James or "50 Cent" can just UP and join certain societies? Naw, I dont think so. They both come from the hood and I couldnt see LeBron's mother sipping Tea with no uppidity ladies. I dont see the Augusta Country Club playing "Go Shawdy" anytime soon. Nor do I see the golfers wearing LeBron James Jerseys while playing 18 holes. Not to say that eventually these two stars wont ease their way in. Their older counterparts, Michael Jordan and "Jay-Z" have begun to brush shoulders with the big shots. But it isnt JUST the money. They've gained the respect after years of carrying themselves like class acts. You cant just win the lottery coming out of Milwaukee or Detroit in the slums and think that you can go anywhere you want. Un uh, no sir. That "paper" dont mean as much as you think.

What about licenses? You might have a driver's license, a gun license or a marriage license. You might have all three. But if you just shot somebody coming from your mistress' house and you get pulled over for speeding, none of those licenses mean anything. You shot somebody. So what that you have a license?? You have a license to carry a gun, not to shoot someone. You were speeding. So what that you have a Driver's license?? You have a license to drive, not to be wreckless. You just came from your mistress' house. So what that you are married?? You didnt think about that license 45 minutes ago.

Let's go onto contracts. A contract is a document with agreements included. Two or more parties come together and agree on the stipulations of the contracts. Their agreement is documented by signatures. You'd think that this is etched in stone right?......uhhh Not quite. Do you know that on some jobs, companies agree to offer you X,Y and Z and at the end of the contract there is a clause. The clause says "We reserve the right not to fulfill X,Y and Z". What kinda sense does that make? I sign a contract that says I get X,Y, and Z but, then again the job doesnt have to give me X,Y, and Z??? Houses have contracts too. You sign a mortgage. You pay on that mortgage. You eventually own that house. But if the local government decides to build a stadium on your property, unless you want your living room to be the visitors' locker're gonna have to move. The same idea applies if the city wants to build a subway stop on your property. I'd hate to hear "Ladies & Gentlemen please refrain from leaning on all doors......Next Stop...Silas' Room........"

What about degrees? Alot of us paid $60,000 for a sheet of paper. Alot of us are STILL paying for that sheet of paper. Some of us went to two or three schools to get that sheet of paper. The ink that it took to write your name on that sheet with the school name and the President's signature is worth about $2. I tell ya, thats some expensive paper. It must be made outta Eqyptian cotton on something. I just wonder sometimes what is this particular paper all about????

My point to all of this is that, the power is in the person, not the paper. That sheet means nothing if I dont have control over the situation. If I have some money and no clout behind it, im just some guy looking to spend money. Ever heard the phrase "your money's no good here"? Ask that question to some black folks that lived during segregation. Ask a gay person if their marriage license means anything in certain states. Ask a college graduate working at Denny's if their degree means anything.
So I wonder how many of you still put value in a sheet of paper? The powers that be look at your sheet of paper like that kid in the class that bores him. Sometimes I think we waste our time and money buying toilet paper. All the other papers we have seem fit enough to wipe ourselves with. "Boooooooossssshhhhhhhh"........Oh yeah, dont leave the toilet seat up and for God's sake put the exhaust on!!!!!!!

"Lemme Get a Sheet too"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr

Lemme get a sheet too,
Would you pass the sheet to me,
a piece of top paper so I can twist this doobie.
People feel the need to jot stuff down,
history notes on Board of Education and some dude named Brown.
All the while they write stuff down,
they miss real reason of how it all went down.
Lemme get a piece of paper and I will take you to town,
pick up some eggs some milk, and play my numbers by six.
Matter of fact drop that paper and gimme a stick,
It looks as though I got some gum on my shoe grip.

Lemme get a sheet too,
Wont you gimme just one,
naw I aint concerned about the spiral rippings Ms. Johnson.
Now let me get that piece and I will show you its worth,
I'll rip it and tear it and send it back to the earth,
Why did I do it, well its simple and plain.
If you can do it dont document it, just execute the insane.
Business plans to crazy man bump that just pay me,
A swoosh is just a dinner spoon without the gravy.

Lemme get a sheet too,
Or maybe even two,
I need a receipt for that number you gave me.
Numbers on napkins are worth more than wide-ruled baby.
Wide-ruled means study group, that you wanna borrow my book,
But that there napkin, that is a different sorta look
"call me round ten" tone of voice saying she'll give you the nook.
Napkins can be the basis for a binding contract,
a kinky waitress attracted by your binding contact.
Maybe even a figure that will get you to sign that car contract,
0 down, no monthly payments might find your pockets Koons attracts.

Lemme get a sheet too,
whether its top, or spiral
it's what's on the inside that is what is vital,
tricky words, sticky herbs, or a pill named Midol
The man behind the paper tells the world's survival,
Mr. Xerox or that nigga whose words you quoting
or even that nigga down 58th whose reefer you toking.
Spend less time with sheets, and more with your memory
unless you on the comode the same color as emory.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Time to Check My Crackhouse" Vol. 1

Reggie spoke about pipeheads in his article "High Standards" back on 4/5/04. I think we've ALL seen crackheads. You might know em as "Fiends", "Crackheads", "Dopeheads", "Cluckers", or just "Niggas thats on it". No matter how you know them...YOU KNOW THEM. Lets talk about em.......

* Memory: Crackheads have no memory. That's why they keep tryna get this $20 bag for $17. Crackheads will walk up on you, congratulate you on finishing school THEN ask you "when are you graduating?" the NEXT day.

* "Sweetie": "Sweetie" is a word of choice for female crackheads. It's never "boo" or "honey" or "child" (pronounced CHYLE).

* Purse: The purse of a female crackhead is held close. Lady crackheads who walk the street MUST have a purse to keep their crack addiction "on the low". You have to maintain secrecy on these streets.

* Sweaters: You wont see a crackhead in a T-Shirt unless its July. The months of June and August will see a sweater from a crackhead. If it gets a lil warm under the collar, sleeves may be rolled up. The sweater may even come off, but initially the sweater is worn

* Watches: Crackheads DONT wear watches. They tell time by the affects of their high. If a crackhead gets hight at 4:00 P.M., they KNOW their high should last 2 hours, so when they get to feenin', it must be 6:00 P.M.

* Hats: Female Crackheads: The Bucket Style Hat with a flower ontop. The Flower is a little stale. Now the material of choice is denim. Disclaimer: Many women do their gardening in Denim Hats, but if I see you at the corner store wit some "20/20" in your hand, I know you hittin that pipe. Male Crackheads: Any hat that straps is sufficient. Fitted caps add more sweat and arent as easy to take off as strap hats are. Male crackheads tend to take off their hats many times during the day. They are mostly seen in Fishing, Negro League and Newport Cigarette hats.

* Vehicles: Vehicles of choice....... Chevrolet Corsicas, Plymouth "K" Cars and convertible Dodge LeBarons. The LeBaron's bring back memories of the old days for crackheads. Crackheads tend to gather and fellowship around older droptop models of cars.

* Jeans: Crackheads never wear BLUE jeans. Either ashy black or almost white jeans.

* July Apparel: Like I said before, ONLY in July do they shed the Sweaters. Fellas may have on a 1987 Ashford & Simpson World Tour Tee or maybe a 1990 Detroit Pistons Championship TEE with the Caricatures on the front. Ladies, you might catch some of our beautiful Crackhead Queens in a jean short set. The white sandles with the jean shorts and the cut-off jean top. The top is sleeveless buttoned down top with denim material down towards the waist that can be used as a pretty knot.

* "Hand-Me-Down": Crackladies tend to wear fake Iceberg Shirts with stretch pants that their daughters wore years ago. Crackmen might keep on their blue "working" jumper but have on their son's 1997 Nike Foamposites.

These are just a few pointers on who, what, when, where, why and how to spot a "pipehead". Next we will discuss the usefulness of a "pipehead".

Friday, April 09, 2004

"Employee of Note"
by Salvador Gabor

Alot of people think that we just pick and clown on people. NO I beg to differ. We here at the Salvador Gabor Project feel the need to recognize those individuals who are hard at work and making a difference in society. Most of us spend time doing nothing. Surfing the net, taking 2-hour lunch breaks and not to mention coming in late and leaving early. But we are here to salute REAL workers

Dr. Cleveland Ginyard, chef expertise

Mr. Ginyard has served in the Morgan State University Cafeteria for 27 years. Since 1977, he has been responsible for all of the tasty, delictable treats the Bears' students have eaten on campus for 4 decades now. Mr. Ginyard specializes in his favorite breakfast meal "The Breakfast Bear". This is a hearty meal for the students who need energy for their upcoming day. The meal includes Scrapple, Eggs over easy and Buttermilk Toast along with 2 Sausage Links (with or without slits in the middle) and a waffle.

Mr. Ginyard isnt the most talkative fella. Yet, he has developed a strong relationship with some of the students. "Yeah I talks to eeem. But dont think Ole Ginyard is gonna give you a free meal or an extra biscuit wit dem Panny Cakes." says Mr. Ginyard. Tasha McAllister a Jr. Marketing Major at Morgan State says "the only words i've ever heard him say was 'With or WITHOUT Slits?'"

Now dont think that Mr. Ginyard is a slacker on the dinner side. His Baked Chicken and Seafood Salad combo is a force to be reckoned with. He also used to serve "Hogmaws and Fat Back Meat" until Maryland State Laws restricted the amounts of pork being used in State and Public Schools back in 1986.

As for life outside of the kitchen for Mr. Ginyard........well there isnt too much to life besides cracking eggs and the sound of bacon being fried to a fricasee on a stovetop. Here's to Mr. Ginyard, a master chef amongst cooks.

The following is a "test run" for the winner of out writing contest.

Salvador Gabor Writing Contest Entry#221
By Blake C. Winters

Primping Pimpin Paul of the 15th & L chapter was being harassed by Metropolitan Police at about 1:30am Tuesday morning. The police had his burgundy Caddy with gold trim blocked in on the corner of 16th & L. It was in front of the Green Pub where he publicly pleads his case to the authorities. Getting out of his car in his burgundy and gold party shirt and top hat was enough to convince officer Daniels to make an arrest. Over and over again Officer Daniels attempted to implicate Pimpin Paul in the local prostitution ring. After every inquiry Pimpin Paul simply replies

Paul: “no I am not involved! And I don’t know no pimps or no hoes ”.

Officer Daniels: “ Then why did that lady in the white fur jacket and panty-set get out of that man’s car and give you money?”

Paul: “Yeah well she owed me money”

Officer Daniels: “At one in the morning on a Tuesday?”

Paul: “Just because the lady gave me money at one in the morning doesn’t make me a pimp! Just because I have a car like this, gold teeth, and matching outfit doesn’t mean I’m a pimp!”

Officer Daniels: “Then explain that perm”?

After the officer questioned Paul’s hairstyle Paul got defensive and quickly became uncooperative with Officer Daniels. Officer Daniels by procedure had to call for back-up. Moments later another officer pulls up gets out of his cruiser and walks over to the scene.

Officer Lathan: What seems to be the problem here?

(Before Officer Daniels could explain the situation Paul yells out)

Paul: "Hey man! Do I look like a pimp to you?"

Officer Lathan: "Book ‘em!"

(Once the police took Paul down to the station he was forced to make an official statement.)

Primpin Pimpin Paul’s Official Statement: "Asking a pro-ho to stop hooking is like asking a pro-athlete to stop playing the game. Both make their living sacrificing their flesh for other’s enjoyment, both are paid more than their service is worth, and both have learned to take hard hits. They know no other way to live."

Disclaimer: Events described are almost true. Names and street corners have been changed to ensure privacy.

Comments from the editor: Now if you’re going to be involved in illegal activities why wear the uniform? I totally understand and encourage the need for the hooker to wear the uniform, its free advertising. But the Pimp, I just don’t understand. Drug pushers would be better off wearing T-shirts with big letters say I SELL DRUGS! ARREST ME! At least they could claim to the judge he was joking at the time. But that perm and that party shirt, there’s nothing funny about that!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

"Niggas Write to 'get right' "
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Many people often worry about things they have no control over, from other peoples reactions and mindsets, and whether or not to take a match in the bathroom. "You can please some people sometime, but you cant please all the people all the time" --Bob Marley--. This being said do what you do, just get right in. Oh and if you eat them spicy buffalo wings, the match wont ease the wallpaper sting. Follow me if you will, I dont eat trail mix, but I will mix the trail. If you see footnotes, pick yourself up off the ground, I didnt mean to kick you that hard.

People always seek attention, recognition, and emotional perscription from others. Sometimes people do this in expectation that someone will change or award you "Best Nigga of the Week" for being so kind, smart, and such a good communicator. Nigga please, do things selflessly. If you waiting for a nigga to recognize all the things you want recognized, you better get some silicone post-its. If you understand people, then sometimes you need to know that that man understands you, and understands that you need too many pat-on-the-backs, and his depriving you of these pat-on-the-backs is a lesson learned. Starvation can be the meal love found, not the meal love fed.

There are a couple of ignorant people who hang together that really bother people. We all know them, they go by the names, "Disprespect", "Betray", and "Belittle". They love to hang out, and talk about anything, and mess with with anyone who will listen. "Disrespect", often jealous of his brother "Respect" feels the need to get "Belittle" and the two talk bad about those doing right, and those who think they doing right. Oftentimes, people mistake "Disrespect" for "Reality", their voices sound alike. "Belittle" is sometimes confused with "Criticism", they are brothers, but "Belittle" gets in way more trouble. "Betrayal" is that nigga that is sometimes in your house, lives right in the basement, but we are quick to put him on somebody else. Naw that nigga was with you, when you were talking all sassy to your daddy and he popped your lip, "Betrayal" was standing behind your daddy, but he was egging you on.

There are many who warrant certain things from others, and feel their misconceptions should be rewarded and or amended to their liking. People often confuse men with boys. Lets get this straight, niggas will be niggas. An educated nigga can be found anywhere, in jail, in the street, at your job, and in line at the liquor store. Never mistake that an educated nigga is spoiled because they do as they see fit. Niggas out here on the street do the same thing. A nigga is a nigga is a nigga, please understand that. You think that a nigga selling weed aint picky about his women??? Get REAL and get in, I'm gonna crack the window. Females have been picky about men ever since speed bumps hit their concrete. They have been selective as to who they would talk to, who they would let feel them up in the coatroom, and who they would tattle on. An educated man might be educated on the ways of women, and is aware that certain women are just eye candy. No need in getting yourself involved with a pretty gold-digger. This same nigga might realize that some women are just cool, cool enough to keep as your friends, no need in ruining a good friendship just to be her platonic water spoon.

Niggas are what they are, and our father's children. Niggas as males are a logical species. Never mistake the non-chalant for not caring. A nigga can give you the world, but his muscles might be sore from angling Tibet on his shoulders for 3yrs. So if you think a nigga is non-chalant about your new found joy, wont you bring your joyous self on over and massage his shoulder, since he "gave you the world" after he won you over, picking up this and that, because you refused to bend over. He might not be nonchalant just tired from lugging that Range Rover from Angola.

A nigga knows a good meal. Whether it is a steak dinner, pork chop marinade or a Wednesday afternoon trip to Duff's, never turn your nose at the salad bar. Females need not worry about "appetizers" because many of you get full off of appetizers, "I'll just have stuffed mushrooms and a salad". A nigga aint worried about no crab dip, or no Alaskan Crab Legs. A real nigga will prohibit those appetizer seekers from eating at his table. Alaskan Crab Legs, nigga please I aint seen Alaska, I'm bout to go down "Ruff N Ready" get a bushel of crabs and some beer. So if you want them crab legs and dip suit yourself, the proof is in the pudding, and if you dont finish your meal, there is no desert.

"I'm just a nigga in the seatbelt"

by Salvador Gabor

We know yall want to know who is "Single and ready to mingle". So we want to provide the resources to connect you with those people.

RaNylah Walker

RaNylah is a life-long citizen of the Stanton Road area of Washington, D.C. Being from the Southeast Inner-City streets, "Nylah-Boo" (As she is affectionately known by friends) is a washingtonian at heart. Gaining her GED in 1989, "Nylah-Boo" joined the Salvador Gabor Project Personals to find a man filled with adventure.

Interests: Playing Spades, sitting on the porch listening to her Anita Baker tapes, speed-walking with her aunt and mother and making "Watergate" Salad

Favorite Foods: Adult Back Ribs, Sausage and a teaspoon of sugar on her collard greens.

Hangout Spots: Any local Bar & Pub Cabarets and all amusement parks that sell funnel cakes.

What she looks for in a man: "I like lightskin boys. I like them classy boys that smoke but never blows the smoke in my face. He has to be romantic. I like a man that will clip my toenails while I watch Ricky Lake".

Goals & Ambitions: "Im tryna get myself together. I do hair on the side, but I need a license to go in a shop and do hair. Im not really good with prom dresses but I did do Keela's dress for her Jr. High Prom. Other than that Im just tryna lose a lil weight so I can be sexy for the summertime."

To contact "Nylah-Boo", call the Salvador Gabor Project Hotline at (301) 455-3534

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

"The Game"
by Salvador Gabor

Close your eyes (well not literally cause you gotta READ THIS). But, Imagine that its Friday evening. Let's say around 6:30. You just got paid. You dont have that many bills and financial obligations to take care of, but those that you do have, have already been taken care of. So you hop in your car. You have about $300 or $400 to BLOW! Free Money! You got your favorite CD on. You are kissing that cubicle goodbye for the weekend. It's a little traffic outside but your CD has you in a zone. Your cell phone rings. You turn down the music. It might be your homey, good friend or that "special" someone. You pick up the phone. Yall are talking. That person tells you about some restaurant or some place yall can go this weekend. You are "WIT IT". Plus you was going to the mall ANYWAY. And you know when we get new gear, all of a sudden we just wanna go out. So you go to the mall. That $300-$400 is nothing to you! You BLOW it ALL in the mall. Well almost. Let's say you blew $250. Anyway the night goes on. You are where you wanna be. You come back from the mall. Now your CD is on about track number 12. You are speeding. You got your CD loud, $150 in your pocket, you just "popped some tags" on some gear at the mall, and you are headed to the spot. You feel like you cant be stopped. You can do ANYTHING in the world. Right? I would say yes.

For many of us this only happens on "Payday". And "payday" only comes once every 2 weeks. And that little bit of money you were playing with is "CHUMP CHANGE" for real. That lil restaurant, that lil car, that lil girlfriend/boyfriend and that lil JOB you got are all NOTHING for real! You are just a regular person in the eyes of many. But imagine, the same story, but elevated. Instead of it being 6:30 on a end of the week payday, it was EVERYDAY. Instead of that Honda Accord, it was a Maybach or a Bentley. Instead of that $300-$400, it was $30,000-$40,000. Instead of some cubicle, it was a Basketball Court or a Football Field. Imagine that instead of an outfit, you bought the MALL! You felt on top of the world wit that lil $150 and that CD blasting in your lil efficiency car didnt you! Just imagine actually being a star with millions of dollars. Imagine how FAST your life would really be going. Imagine how fast you really would drive and how much you really would spend and how NO ONE else in this world would mean much in this world but you. Because you really would feel like you cant be stopped now. You probably almost could do ANYTHING in the world. Right? I would say yes.

So the next time you watch ESPN, MTV or your local news and you see a rapper, ball player or actor in trouble, just think. Think about how they feel when they drive in their car on "payday". You might just stop wondering "Why all these famous people STAY in trouble!!!!" Everybody on your job wouldnt be gathered in Roberta's office talking about Kobe or R. Kelly or Whitney on Monday morning. Understand that if we dont have self-control BEFORE we become stars we might lose it AS stars. Not to take anything away from the character of those that are in the limelight. We all are human. But maybe you and I are just like the superstars that get into an arguement that ends up in an assault charge. Maybe you and I have been driving drunk. Maybe a sexual act by you and I turned into a misunderstanding and one of us gets accused of rape. Maybe Maybe Maybe. We live regular lives. Our lack of money prohibits us from "cutting a fool" like they do. Maybe if you had $2 Mil in the bank you might not be as calm as you are. Maybe your financial status keeps you as the "nice" person you are. The true test is when you are unleashed. Until you are unleashed to possibly cause madness you will never know. If you dont live their life, dont judge it. Im just saying sometimes we buy their shoes, but we dont know how it feels to be IN them. Or maybe we do???

"Men got to get right"
by KM

You got to get right. As I have experienced several relationships in my adulthood. I have come to realize that there are two types of males. There are many types but generally they fall into two categories. Real Men and Real Boys. Why is it that men are so afraid of what a good woman has to offer? We offer intelligence, confidence, communication, maturity, and experience. Any real woman knows how to please a good man. How to sooth his ego, pleasure his senses, relate to his struggle, provide him with his space. How to make him feel confident, secure and loved.

Every woman also knows that in order to reap these benefits a man must make it through the “earning stage”. For those who don’t know or don’t believe it, women do appreciate good men. What woman wants to be disrespected, betrayed, belittled or taken advantage of? What women want is clear communication, partnership, financial stability, emotional support, love, nurturing and good. They want their man to see them as the sexiest thing in his sight. They want to be stimulated by his conversations and secure in his commitment. Today’s men are so overly consumed by their own aspirations and needs that they often don’t recognize a good woman when they see one. They may acknowledge that “she’s cool” or that she is “bad” (eye candy), but they don’t realize how a little effort, time, and attention could make them the happiest man on Earth. I have noticed a pattern amongst young professional men. Yes, they have the degrees, the good jobs, the career goals. But they are missing the most important ingredient, the ability to relate to, appreciate, understand and address the needs of a real woman. Why is this? I have my own theory. These young, professional men are spoiled. They realize that they have beaten the odds. They are NOT IN JAIL, NOT ON DRUGS, NOT DEAD. They feel as though the world is against them and they have made it which makes them as valuable and as treasured as an educated sista. They believe that they deserve to be pampered, treated, and spoiled. And they do if they earn it.

The truth is congratulations on making it, but the game of love is one that women cherish and is most effective when it is not modernized. Women want to be courted. They want to be treated. They don’t mind having the door held for them. Minority Women endure a lot by being limited in race and gender. We want our relationships to be different. We have to be strong at work, play the game, firm and convincing. We constantly have to prove that we deserve to be in that position with that title, earning that salary. We have to be twice as good as our female counterparts and four times better than our male counterparts. Men, we need our softer side stroked, our egos caressed, our worries addressed are insecurities made confident. We don’t always want to be the strong one all of the time. We want a strong man to stand by us and for us. To encourage us when we are "doing it" and to check us when we are TRIPPING.

Women are naturally nurturing. We want to take care of the man in our lives. But, most men never see that because they don’t take the steps in the beginning to establish that woman’s trust.

Real Boys do get the girls, but real men keep them. Real boys keep the girl entertained just enough for her to think you have potential to be a good man. But a woman who is dealing with a boy, soon realizes what she is missing the moment a real man steps into her life. Real boys are men who drag their feet. They do just enough to get by. They like you, but don’t take the time to show it. They do not go above and beyond to let the girl know how they feel about her or where they want the friendship to go. They are nonchalant, not showing emotion either way. They have a selfish mentality an “it is what it is” type of vibe. Real boys make it real easy for real men to slide right in. They are kind of like the appetizers before the seafood buffet. You know the crab dip which is good, but nowhere near as good as the Alaskan snow crabs. Often women don’t even realize they have a boy until a real man steps in the picture.

"The Word of the Day"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.


\Cop"u*late\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Copulated; p. pr. &
vb. n. Copulating.] To unite in sexual intercourse; to
come together in the act of generation.

Last night Ms. Macy's grandson got shot outside the
Circle 7, and neighbors stood outside for 45 minutes,
with no sign of the police. Officer Friendly pulls
up, and all you heard was Ms. Macy mutter "aww copulate".