Wednesday, March 31, 2004

"What is Love?"
by Salvador Gabor

This may be one of the most asked question besides, "whats the meaning of life?". What IS love? Many times, we get caught up in what television, peers and trends tell us about love. Television changes, your peer groups change and the trends of this world most definitely change. But love doesnt. Love is a gift given and not received. When you truly love you dont see the reward or the return on your investment. OTHER people see the return on the investment of love you have sewn.

Often times, people feel that they are hurt by love. I wouldn't say love hurt you. I would say that your expectations hurt you. I would say that a person hurt you. But I would never say love did it. See, love isnt hard. For guys, love should be like a behind the back pass. For gals, love should be like cornrowing someone's head while not even paying attention. That may sound corny but in so many is second nature. It comes easier than we make it to be.

See, the best example of love is with a child. If you and your mate are expecting a child, you KNOW things wont always be great. That child isnt born yet, but you know once and while that baby will be sick. Once in a while, that child will be in trouble. Once in a while and more times that not, that child wont appreciate ANYTHING you are doing on their behalf for years to come. YET, with all that being said, you still plan for 9 months to bring this child into the world. You dont hold a grudge when your 18-year old son doesnt call you from his dorm 10 hours away. You're at home wondering where he is and he's having a good time. He doesnt call because he's having the time of his life. You send money, he spends money. You send food, he eats food. You pay for the light bill, he cuts lights on. When its all said and done he doesnt know the emptiness that you have without him. But YET, you still love.

So many people are hurting because they didnt get out of a relationship what they wanted. There's your problem. You dont go into it looking to get something out of it. The last thing I want to say is that I picked my wife because "she does for me". You love because YOU feel a need to share with someone the overflow of love you have within. If no love is within and you're looking for it in someone else, you wont get it. No matter if you are getting back what you feel is deserved, you keep loving. If you feel a need to pull back, then do so. Dont be a fool. Just dont take it to heart. Humans do humanily things in human situations. Love yourself. Treat yourself like a King/Queen. Never be hurt because some person doesn't feel a certain way about you. If you truly love yourself, you will see that YOU are the person that matters. If you are looking for love, look within.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

And now since we are all looking for love.............

by Salvador Gabor

I know that many of us wonder where to look for love. Is it at church? Is it at the club? Is it at the grocery store? No need to look any further. We here at the Salvador Gabor Project are dedicated to finding you love. Ladies, sit back and relax as we present to you today's top bachelor.............

Jeremy Turnell Riggins

Jeremy is a 21 year old Scorpio from Cleveland, Ohio. Raised by his grandparents, Deacon and Mrs. Riggins in Cleveland, Jeremy is a man of spiritual values and morals. He is a junior usher at the Upper Eastern Baptist Church of Cleveland where he specializes in collecting offering and he leads the usher march on communion sunday.

Interests: Hand Dancing, Playing with Action Figures, and participating in friendly games of "Freeze Tag"

Organizations: Member of the Khaki and Gold Chain Club. Fifteen Year Member of the "Bell, Biv, Devoe" Fan Club.

What he likes in a woman: Dolphin earrings, French rolls and a decent job at Burger King. But she cant work the lat shift.

Car: 1983 Delta 88 on 12 inch rims with a Kenwood System

For More info on Jeremy you can page him at 1(800) 496-8823. If you look good put "311" in as your code. If he returns your call from a strange number, dont worry, he is at the phone booth over on MLK.