Wednesday, March 10, 2004

"To Realize"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

To realize the value of a fresh white T, ask a nigga in an ashy black one.

To realize the value of ten years, ask a nigga outta Lorton in some gap sweatpants and a jean jacket.

To realize the value of 5yrs, ask a REAL graduate.

To realize the value of one beer, ask the nigga drinking on the set of Cheers.

To realize the value of $9, ask that crackhead in the alley shivering with his new stone.

To realize the value of a month, dont ask Tremaine with them new Jordans on, some niggas dont wait.

To realize the value of a week, dont ask the 15 yr old with the beard buying beer for himself, by himself.

To realize the value of an hour, ask the nigga standing in the One-Hour Martinizing in his drawls.

To realize the value of a minute, ask the stripper who worked a double-shift, giving the lapdance to "Payback" by James Brown.

To realize the value of a second, ask the runner-up to Vanessa Williams in the Ms Black Awareness Pageant.

To realize the value of a millisecond, ask that nigga on the corner with the baby-gash on his arm, instead of that buckshot in his lung.

To realize the value of a friend, goto a family reunion, and see cousin Tracy, got to be friendly.

The DMV waits for no one, Treasure comes on the 1st and 15th, But joy is inside, and cant no surgeon steal that, not even a busty girl trying to steal your pride. Know this..... soft tags might only last 30days,
and those tickets they might not trace, whether they are issued in Virginia or the land of lust and lace.
Oh but hard tags should last until that Buick breaks down u can trade in but the hard tags still screw down.

Glossary of Terms: DMV: Dem Marriage Vows.

by Salvador Gabor

*Jerome Baker Check out today's "Archive of the Day" from Rome's site. His archives are now working. For those who dont know, I started off writing on his site. My FIRST ever article is entitled "Tips for Success: My Life as a Grown Man: The Button Up Theory". Its under the archives for 10/1/03 - 10/30/03. Its a portion of the post from 10/28/03. Check it out

*Reggie Dinkins, Jr is celebrating his 24th birthday today. Everybody join us in saying Happy Birthday to the brother! Hey brother from all of us at the Salvador Gabor Project, Happy Birthday.........................