Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Spring and Summertime in The Hood
by Salvador Gabor

The weather is breaking. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that and that everyone is aware of the Hood Spring Time. See in D.C., the spring is known for Cherry Blossoms and stuff like that. In the hood its a lil different. Let me point out some things you can look forward to if you spend your spring and summer in the hood

* Expect Cognac! The next few months will see an increase in public cognac consumption. All the old heads will be in the street, with their car doors open pumpin some ole skool and grooving. Usually they dont start till about 5:00 in the afternoon

* Expect late church services. Dont it seem like church only have late services when its NICE outside. Lil kids be MAD that they in there at 4:30 on a Saturday

* Expect White Shoes. Not Diadora's or Air Force One's. Although they will be prevalent, im speaking on the White Dress Shoes. Hispanic Women and African-American men over 52 will have on White Shoes. Especially on the weekend.

* Expect girls to be pregnant. All that "creeping" you did in the winter will be poking out yo' belly in the spring. Believe that. Whether you was "Snowed-In" or "Hoed-In" it will be SHOW-IN!

* Expect the class of 2004. No not the graduates from High School/College. Im talking bout Niggas coming home from jail. Especially them dudes that still think its '91 out here on these streets

* Expect the electric slide. "And you know its there.......here there and everywhere!" I dont think 2004 is the year that we will be able to retire this one people. Its still moving strong

* Expect Big Coats. As the spring turns to summer some brothers cant give up their coats. It can be the middle of July and if it rains hard enough, the Eddie Bauer and NorthFace Parkas come back out for some reason.

* Expect Fake Designer Clothes. Yall remember when the whole hood had fake Iceberg "Snoopy" shirts? Maybe that was just my hood. Or the gucci buckets wit the Q's on em? How bout the versace tennis shoes with Uncle Ben's face on it instead of the Medusa Head? Street Retailers will be on the loose this upcoming summertime/springtime

* Expect Church Fundraisers/Awareness. The Spring is when all the religions go in FULL MODE. Muslims selling Bean Pies and Papers. Christians selling Chicken and Katydids and of course..........the Jehovah's Witnesses are playing the ATF role. The knock down your door like the DEA. You'd think you had a Kilo of cocaine in your house on a hot saturday morning.

* Expect it to be COLD again before it stays hot. For all yall fools who had on Tank-Tops and T-Shirts this weekend and now you got on COATS........and you snifflin'............thats what you get!

Get ready, that time is coming. We here at the Salvador Gabor project will do some "interviews" with Grass Cutters, Car Washes and Mechanics............ALL who dib and dab in the hood. These are key members of the hood during this spring/summer time. Get ready cause we are.