Tuesday, March 23, 2004

"Negresscent Holiday"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr

Many times people get caught up in these heritage-based holidays, and dont care to share the meaning or the enjoyment of the day with anyone else. Well today I'm gonna let you know about St. Pernell's Day, the Friday after St. Patrick's Day.

St. Pernell's Day was started by in 1974, somewhere in Inglewood. You see Pernell ran a "speak-easy" out of his basement. Pernell Pike, or "PP" as he was known to his good buddies, had been a nigga in the neighborhood for years, selling anything he could get his mits on. From bootleg wine to gold fronts, to cable-ready tv's. Pernell was a nigga on the under for sure.

The day after St. Patrick's Day in '74, Pernell and his drankin potnas, were a lil rippled from watching the SWAC tournament via satelite. Just then Big Earl said something about a St. Patricks Day party. Pernell muttered "Patrick who, that nigga owes me 43 dollars for those cartons of squares, he aint no saint" mind you they had been drinking since 11:30 in the morning. "I'm a saint, man I let the nigga have 'em and that was last Thursday, you know I'm funny about my moneys. Man it's St. Pernell's Day, drinks on the house, since I'm being so nice, he Tilda make me a fish sammich, use that croaker"

From then on St. Pernell would always get real drunk around the SWAC tourney and do something nice, a true neighborhood saint. St. Pernell Pike.

I also have Mammagrams 1 for 2, and 2 for 5 down behind the Footlocker at Iverson Mall, part of the St. Pernells Day sale.

"Things you say to your Woman"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

* Our love is like oatmeal on a cold day, hot and thick....It will stick to u ribs.

* Our love is like a pipehead with a freshly opened twenty sack......smokin!

* Our love is like a warm beer in the summer, u can smell it from deep, and it still tastes good when it
hits your lips.

*Our love is like a dark alley, the sight the smell and all those good things going on.

* Hey baby that aint your toothbrush.

by Salvador Gabor

* There will be a Bus Trip to go shopping at the Morton's on Minnesota Avenue. Morton's provides the finest in clothing. Attire such as Corniche Two-toned jeans, Green Sport Coats and also a selection of leather outfits and hats. We havent received alot if info yet but you can also call the Salvador Gabor Project Info Hotline at (301) 455-3534

* Lester "Funky" Foote took home the prize last night over on Kenilworth Ave at the nightly dice game. He came to the game with $3 and left with $1,500. "Funky" Foote plans to but an '88 Cutlass with the money he made.

* For all Prom Dresses go to totalsportinc.com . They will provide your daughter, sister, and or girlfriend with the best LeBron James Jerseydresses in the business.

* A special birthday shout-out to Terrence Dernell McClarkey. Happy birthday T, may your Karate classes be filled with Black Belts, Black Eyes and Black Beautiful la-tees.