Thursday, March 04, 2004

Music News
by Salvador Gabor

After 10 years off the scene, Odessa "Juicy" McBride is back with her new album "Can I Tell It?" Originally from Oakland, California, Juicy's new album has a real West Coast Funk to it..........Literally. Inside each of her albums are root-beer flavored air fresheners. She decided to include these air fresheners to bring back the feel that she had as an amateur singer in the Bay Area.

"Juicy" is not the only talent in the McBride family. Her nieces formed a group in the late 80's. Oaktown357 was a group under the tutilege of MC Hammer. There smash hit "Juicy got em crazy" was a dedication to their aunt Odessa. Odessa was quite the Gentlemen's Woman at that time. Men went crazy over here. She was the first person in all of Oakland with a Jheri Curl and looks to apparantly be the LAST person with one as well.

We dont know much about the new album itself. I didnt want to even listen to it after I smelled all that Root Beer. I mean, if yall wanna hear it, you can go buy it. The most interesting thing about "Juicy's" career is that she STILL seems to know where to get Jheri supplies. Thats all for now.

Fashion News
by Salvador Gabor

Just an update for all barbers. The Barbers Union of America had retired this style of cut back in 1997. The #3 was officially retired 7 years ago but an amendment was upheld to bring the #3 back. So now that we are throwing back jerseys, songs and shoes, why not hair cuts.

PS, we're not bringing back that party shirt though