Friday, March 05, 2004

Interview with Stanley "Charlie" Pettigay
by Salvador Gabor

Every once and a while, a person comes along that changes the game. That person can not be replaced nor can they be underestimated or under-appreciated. When it comes to the Crack Game in D.C. "Charlie" definitely fits that description. Although not known on a national level for his success with selling "buttas", "Charlie" is respected for his contribution to all dope sellers in the D.C. Area

Salvador Gabor: Just be clear, at no point can we use the name Stanley Pettigay.

Charlie: OH naw man. Police is everywhere. Them niggas probably be in the lil window by my shower in the mornin' sometimes. Never can tell

SG: Alright Charlie, tell the world about you and what you've done for the crack game

Charlie: Two words: SEWN UP. I sewed this game up years ago. I done rocked many of blocks across this city. You name it, Ive sold it, you call the place, I've sold it there. Im a true hustler.

SG: What makes your game so top flight?

Charlie: You know a young nigga gotz to keep premium product. Sometimes I let the "headz" test my "work" and they just fall out their chair. I had one dude pass out and his nose bled for 2 days. Now THAT'S some serious "butta" right there!

SG: So where do you get your product from?

Charlie: HOLD HOLD HOLD UP. I thought this was an interview, you not me getting on no stand and testifying! You got the game wrong. I keeps it gangsta!

SG: Speaking of testifying, have you had any legal troubles as of late?

Charlie: Po-Po harasses a nigga all day. But they dont stop my shine. Im like the sun when I hit these bricks. From 6am to 6 Pm Im OUT HERE!

SG: Oh so you do your dealing in the day?

Charlie: MOST DEF, my niggas dont sell dope after night time!

SG: But back to the legal troubles, have you ever done time in jail?

Charlie: Not no real time. I been over the jail for like 30 days but for real, I aint going to jail...........Cause I dont COP to these charges. Niggas be so called gangstas in the street, then cry on the stand. Copping to misdemeanors before the trial even start. NIGGA.........Take it to trial. If you got caught wit a pistol in your Delta 88, take it trial. If they jumped out on you and you tossed the "buttas", take it to trial. I aint NEVA coppin!

SG: What is your main goal?

Charlie: Im not tryna sell dope all my life. I got other things I wanna selling weed! I mean crack is cool but the charges are more serious. I just wanna sell enough crack to save up like about $500,000 and then lay back and pump that good green and chill

SG: Where are you currently pumping your "stones"?

Charlie: Just hit me on my pager. Im everywhere

SG: No No I dont want your crack, I was just asking

Charlie: Oh Ok, cause I was about to say............I got "Buttas" in my drawls right now! Im always ready to serve!

SG: You keep em in your DRAWLS?

Charlie: You can go out there on the pound wit stones in your pocket if you WANT TO! Not the kid. Them feds gonna have to DIG DEEP to get me! Ya Hear ME!

SG: What about the community? Do you feel a certain way about selling drugs to your own people?

Charlie: Yeah I feel a "certain" way. I know its CERTAIN that on the 1st and 15th, the whole Southside is gonna be ROCKIN! Nigga I made $1,500 everyday from the 1st to da 5th this week!

SG: Today is the 5th Charlie! And its only 9:30 A.M.?

Charlie: RIGHT, I was up and out at 6:00 this morning. Nigga, I done rocked off all my 20's and 50 rocks THIS MORNING. You think its a game. D.C aint got nuttin but crackheads! Everybody on "buttas". Yo' Mamma might be on "buttas"

SG: Ok Charlie.........Any last words for the people, especially the kids reading this interview

Charlie: Kids...........dont sell drugs. I wouldnt want you cutting into my money. Cause I dont usually kill 13 years olds but for this dope I'll getchu OUTTA THERE! Holla atcha boy, champ!