Tuesday, March 16, 2004

"A Ghetto Vet"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Today's focus is on a nigga for sure. As a servant to his community and his country, Duffy Rollark embodies the the term "Ghetto Veteran". Rollark often refered to as "Sarge", leaving one to think he was a Sargeant in the Army, but he wears a Marines jacket with Lieutenant embroidered and "Rollark". However, it is known that Duffy fought in Vietnam at the Chateau Brióne in Vietnam circa '1974.

Sarge is a pillar of his community. He can be found strolling Minnesota Ave during the day, and patrolling it's alleyways at night. A Ghetto Vet in every sense of the word, Rollark, knew where all the "fox-holes", muddy-spots, and herbal terrain, spanning a 5-mile radius. It was a known alley-folklore that Sarge killed 5 Charlie's with his bear-hands while at the Chateau Brióne. It was also known that the nigga had been hit in the head prior to and during his stint in Vietnam.

Sarge continued his military tactics when he returned from Vietnam in '85. Now we know the war was well over by that time, but it is said that Sarge vacationed for a few years after it was all over. Rollark would often black his face to go and buy "medicine" for his chronic case of jungle. He once scared the 2-time Hustler of the Week (August '94, and May '96) Jermaine Cheaney, one Thursday evening. Rollark jumped out the bush and rolled over a parked car with his 12 gauge cradled, and kindly asked Cheaney for a 50-sack. Needless to say this left Cheaney a bit shellshocked, and was later quoted on Benning Road "man I thought it was the Abominable Nigga that killed them people up the Langston, man I liked to got teary-eyed".

Sarge once led a Re-con mission to Aquatic Gardens, because he overheard a buddy of his placing a carryout order to a friend's house on Quarles Street. Duffy Rollark went unseen in a snorkel, black face paint, and some cut-up jean shorts, toting his gauge down to Aquatic Gardens. A man of few words, Duffy was heard mumbling this in between Mayfair and Paradise.. "them gooks keep marchin tru my hood hoorah hoorah, them gooks keep marchin tru my hood, im gonna dance on their face and piss down they chimmney, is that you Colonel...." Duffy Rollark a Ghetto Vet.

Announcement: I (Reggie Dinkins, Jr) will be down Hooters today between 4:41 and 4:53 giving free mammagrams, no underwires allowed, all participants receive a cup of water upon my completion.

by Salvador Gabor

I went to a few malls/shopping districts in the D.C. Area on Saturday. I went down to Georgetown, Pentagon City and Prince George's Mall. For all intents and purposes, these 3 shopping areas may attract the highest volume of shoppers in the D.C. Area. It's funny how during the rain, sleet, snow or sunshine we all go out and spend that money! Its not JUST a black thing either! EVERYONE was out. Suits, furniture, shoes......I mean whatever was being sold, people were buying it. I myself spent $100 in about 20 minutes. When I go shopping, I know what I want, get what I want and I get outta there!

But I began to think........all these stores, all these malls, all these things.......are at the palm of our hands, but what good are they? I saw a plasma TV for $19,500!!!!!!!! Believe me, this was the best TV I'd ever seen but $20 G's!!! I just wondered for a second, why are there no stock stores in the mall? Why are there no mutual funds stores in the mall? Why arent there any investment stores in the mall? I came up with an answer that I've known deep down for years but we all have to come to grips with........the things that are best for us will not be handed to us. They will not be clearly visible. The phrase "The Revolution will not be televised" became very clear to me in a mall on a saturday afternoon.

Going to the mall is cool. Having clothes and luxurious things are cool but that little $100 I spent could have gotten me some investments had I seen a Stocks & Bonds store in the mall before I got to the GAP. It's crazy where your money goes sometimes. I was in the barber shop and a guy said "It's getting to the point where when I walk out the house, Im GONNA spend $100". I was once told "If you break a $100 Bill, you might as well forget about that $100". The things we spend money on are just ridiculous. One minute the money is here and the next minute it is gone!

Let's talk about things not clearly being visible. Have you ever watched a commercial or had a friend in some system/pyramid, or got some pop up mail/spam about becoming an "overnight millionaire"? You ever wondered, "why does this person wanna show ME how to be a millionaire"? More than likely, its too good to be true. Honestly, you're not gonna find many people just out here willing to show you how to be financially free without a serious cost! Most people keep the good stuff to themselves. If your friend buys some new shoes that no one has ever seen before, he or she is NOT GONNA TELL YOU, so how does it look for a STRANGER to tell you how to be a MILLIONAIRE?!?!?! Go to a book store, the magazines about cars, women, music and fashion are in the front..........the investment books, books on health, spirituality, and better living are towards the back. Another example.......I know people who dont have jobs. Some of these people often ask me to "find them a job". And I look in the papers and other avenues that provide job searching but it comes down to one thing.......a closed mouth dont get fed. When you are hungry, you ask for food. You dont get someone else to ask for you. People like that dont last in this world. The same way you beg for change YOURSELF, you gotta look for a job YOURSELF. You dont ask another bum to collect change for you. The same way you sell drugs YOURSELF, you find a job YOURSELF. You dont stand outside with another guy and stand there while he sells your drugs. The same way you sit in the house all day and make an effort to do nothing, you gotta take that same effort and DO SOMETHING. Whatever you are doing wrong, you make an effort to do so. Take that energy and reverse it. But you gotta be able to think around just doing the obvious. Doing a job search JUST on the internet wont cut it baby! EVERYBODY goes on the net to job hunt, so you applying against thousands of people. You betta walk the streets, pick up a journal or local paper and go the alternate way!

The whole point of this matter is not to be drawn to the distractions. They are prevalent and at the palm of your hands. They are easily accessible and can easily keep you on the ground. Look beyond the obvious. No matter if its looking for a job, looking for a "come-up", or looking for a good way to spend $100. No one is gonna hand something to you and its not gonna fall in your lap.