Friday, March 19, 2004

"From the Back"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

This position is often looked down upon by most of society. Many years ago this is the position that our people were used to. They got tired of having it from the back, and chose to do otherwise. Me personally I would rather give it to you from the back, but that is just me. It is thought that being in the back is a place for followers, and one can't lead from behind. Oh but you can, you can guide and steer it just the way you want to, definitely make an impression, you can very well control the situation from behind.

I never felt that one learns more from sitting up front in class determines your learning capabilty. A stereotype to say the least. If you could learn by absorbing, this nigga here would be a genius after riding that crowded train this morning. If that foreigner teaching your math class doesnt make sense from 25 feet, I definitely wont be able to translate that 'Ghanistan from 5 feet. It has been my pleasure to sit at the back of the class, and learn what I can From the Back.

I find it funny to let an unknowing person stereotype me, in most cases they are females. They do it, not knowing that I know that they have done it. They see me come in go immediately to the back, probablly toting just a notebook. Silly rabbits tricks are for pimps. Instructor gets to talking, a brother chimes in, next thing you know the instructor is talking to me. Nodding his head waiting for my approval after every key point. It's good to see control gained from the back, while everyone in front of you has to turn around to understand what is going on. The whole time, they just getting took from the back.

Interview with James "Bunkie" Diggs
by Salvador Gabor

James "Bunkie" Diggs was raised on the Southeast streets of Washington, D.C.. A pimp from birth, James was nicknamed "Bunkie" cause he bunked up with ALL the ladies! "Ladies Love Bunkie" is the phrase that was used in the early days of the bunkmaster we know as James Diggs. I gotta chance to sit down with "Bunkie".

SG: BUNKIE! What it is playa?

Bunkie: It aint easy mayne! I say it sho' aint easy boss playa!!!

SG: I know your time is very valuable but I wanted to talk with you for a second

Bunkie: Yeah man. my lil lady friend told me you were doing a website. She works down at the Department of Justice. I picked her up one day and she called me in the building. I was like "Baby, I dont wanna meet yo' co-workers. They see you wit a fine nigga like mineself and you might get fired". But all she really wanted was for me to see your site. It was good too!

SG: Thanks Bunkie!!!

Bunkie: Yeah man if you see that ole Ricardo Baker, tell that nigga, LET the DICE hit da FLO' mayne! Thats all he gots to do!

SG: So what are you doing with yourself these days?

Bunkie: Its what im doing to these la-dies big dog! Im turning they minds out. Im on the silver screen, the rest of these niggas is on 13 inch hand held TV's!!!! All Staticky! Im clear cut and its gonna cost ya $9.50 every time you come see me!

SG: I hear that. But I mean as far as an occupation. A job. A career. Any goals?

Bunkie: (slight laughter)........Didnt I say my woman works at the Department of Justice? I thought I did? SHE has the job. SHE has the occupation. SHE has the career. Im the one with the goals. She's just my goaltender. I tell her hold on to these ideas while I hold on to your monies. Dig if you will this picture............Imagine me, working a job. Getting paid every other week. Waking up everyday at 6:30 in the morning. Walking around in my Short-Sleeve dress shirt and a Polka-Dot tie. Can you imagine that?

SG: Yeah I can Bunkie.

Bunkie: Well keep on, cause a nigga like me is way too fly for that boxed in job. Niggas like that put the corners in squares!

SG: So you're telling me all you do is chase women?

Bunkie: Dogs chase Sal. DOGS CHASE SAL. I dont think you hear me........DOGS CHASE SAL. Im not a dog!! By no means, shape or form bossman!!! I pick em up like a groundball on smooth turf. My glove is my mouth. My throw is my mind. Once you fall for this glove, the throw is gonna get you out at first. Then when I pull out my bat..........its a home run. Then I tell her, "Baby here's some tabacco. You gonna need that nicotine!"

SG: Interesting. Very interesting. What kinda woman do you like

Bunkie: I used to like larger women. I figured a large woman had to eat. So she had to have money. I just couldnt deal wit dem no more. Plus I didnt like them black marks on they cheeks or that drooping over the elbows. But now Im into smaller women. Working women.

SG: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Bunkie: I might settle down. Go on and retire from this pimpin, gigalo'n and runnin around. I might have me a son or two. Who knows. I was thinking about starting me a clothing line. "Bunkie's Boutique"

SG: Sounds nice!

Bunkie: Yeah I've seen a few stores I liked..... Oaktree, Cavalier, Lim's even a few suits I've seen in Dillard's were nice. None of em would have a dime on "Bunkie's Boutique" though.

SG: Im glad to see you wanna go places.

Bunkie: Speaking of going places. Me and Lucrinda was supposed to go up to the Crab house on Eastern Ave. and get some clams and oysters...........Matter of fact she paging me now. Let me run over to this here payphone.