Tuesday, March 30, 2004

"1 Year Anniversary"
By Salvador Gabor

Today is Jerome's One-year anniversary on his site. I want to extend my most sincere thanks to him for letting me write over there during the end of 2003. Rome and I have talked several times about the future and we both have ideas about making our dreams a reality. We play alot on this site but this is something that we enjoy doing. So Rome......congrats.

Now back to our regularly scheduled ignorance..............

"A Nigga for All-Time"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Today we morn the passing of a phenomenal man, an institution on the DC Dodgeball Scene. Duke "Otter" Reid departed from this place yesterday at 7:53 am. Duke the mentor of Jimmithy Lancaster, superstar of the Metropolitan Dodgeball Association, touched the lives of many in his 47 yrs. He was a coach to over 200, and a mentor to many. His innovative ways of coaching football and basketball forced him into Dodgeball as a youth. His barber Leslie "Curley" Bowers, remembers Duke's last game "ole Duke is cussing the referee something terrible, I mean he is letting him have it, and the ref knocks Duke's hat off, boy they got to fighting, and he hit the ref and made him Dook on heeemself, spilled my cream soda right there" Duke was a tenacious competor and coached with an iron-fist. He had a soft spot for one pudgy fellow, who could move like water on a whale. Jimmithy Lancaster remembers Duke's famous iced tea, "man it was like Project Potion, helped me play some of best games, man I'm gonna miss my man, miss you old dude" Duke an avid musician during his dodgeballic hours. A member of the Dippers, a famous Funkband originated down Trinidad. The Dippers will be sanging "Wet One for Me", "The Blue Room", "The Cremate Tray", and "On the Loveboat" at the After-Re (party after the repass). Ms. Luelle will be serving mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and turnip greens, for any changes to the menu, check www.ebonyrepass.com it will update you on this repass and many others. www.ebonyobituaries.com presented this picture of Duke who was seen here in his basement studio over on Trinidad.