Thursday, February 12, 2004

Today's News
By Salvador Gabor

Cable television juggernaut, Comcast Corp. made a bid at purchasing The Walt Disney Co. This possible merger could create the largest media conglomerate. With this move in the making, Michael Eisner, the chief of Walt Disney could be on his way out after 20 years of service. The bid has been valued at $54 billion. Reports are that the bid may not be enough. In the words of your average street dweller...."They dealing wit a whole lotta ink!". Disney is now evaluating the bid and will hold their annual shareholders' meeting on March 3, 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Comcast is not new to major mergers. In November 2002, the cable company merged with AT&T and became the country's largest cable TV company. Direct competitor, Time Warner reported $39.6 billion in revenues last year and with this current bid, Comcast looks to surpass that amount. Together, Disney and Comcast reported a combined amount of $45 billion in revenues in that same time period.

Hip-Hop mogul, Russell Simmons made an appearance on "60 Minutes II" yesterday. In the interview with Charlie Rose, Simmons discusses his feelings on the state of hip-hop, marketing schemes with underlying hip-hop tones and how the "White Man" is responsible for his success.
In the interview, Rose reported that Simmons' empire, which includes Phat Farm, Def Jam Recording and Baby Phat bring in sales at over $500 Million a year. Ideas such as the "Phat Phone" and the pre-paid debit card for underprivileged citizens with bad credit have kept Simmons on the cutting edge of business. Simmons blamed the "White Man" for the development of his empire. Stating that because predominantly White Businesses were foolish enough to overlook Hip-Hop as a marketing tool and the fact that they wouldnt invest in the hip hop industry, paved the way for him to come in and takeover the industry.

Simmons has developed relationships with other powerful business men. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs also appeared on the segment and revealed that he mocks the moves of Simmons. He has mocked Simmons by owning his own record label, clothing line, house in the "Hamptons" and even being involved with a former model as is Simmons, who is married to his business partner, Kimora Lee Simmons. Simmons is also very good friends with Donald Trump. In a recent magazine article, Simmons was quoted as saying "He's My Nigga!" when asked about his 10-year friendship with Trump. Trump did not initally understand this "compliment" but Simmons explained that "He's My Nigga" is the BEST compliment a person could get.
On the issue of violent lyrics, Rose pointed to a song by rapper 50 Cent as an example of the day-to-day violence that we hear in Hip-Hop music. Simmons responded by saying that rappers like 50 Cent are products of violence, therefore their music reflects those circumstances. Simmons also stated that if it were not or these rappers, the problems of violence, drug use and poverty would not be addressed. Simmons feels that these issues are not important to the powers that be. Rose accused 50 Cent and other notable rappers of worshipping guns and gun violence. Simmons responded by saying "George Bush is a worshipper of guns. These rappers only imitate this 'Gangsta' Government".

And now............

"This Day in Nigga History"
by Salvador Gabor

This Day in Nigga History is brought to you by the Department of Broke Down Motor Vehicles. Today in 1991, Lativo Robinson, a Washington D.C. Native changed the face of television as we know it. Lativo was a funny guy. Growing up east of the Potomac River humor was the only way to keep a nigga from taking your Eddie Bauer. Shoot, the Condon Terrace niggas aint play....But back to this here moment, Lil Lativo used to make EVERYBODY laugh. He would reenact TV shows, Radio Commercials and domestic violence scenes that took place in the "terrace". Tivo made you wish you saw the show or better yet you didnt NEED to see the show cause he was IT. Tivo angered his father with these antics. Tivo's father, Cleveland would come in late from work and was set to watch the game on tape that his wife Vanessa had taped for him to see when he got off of work. But Tivo would spoil it. He'd reenact every move that Sedale Threat, Chris Mullin and Ledell Eackles would make. He would tell the score and just spoil the occassion for his pops.

When Tivo turned 18 in 1991, Cleveland Robinson put Lativo out. He had become a nuisance. When he began reenacting MC Hammer's "Have you seen her" on request for his cousins, Cleveland had enough! Lativo was homeless and needed money. He made some change reenacting show, games and commercials in households of the Condon Terrace residents. If you went to the bathroom and missed a dunk, just call Tivo. If you wanted to see "in Living Color" just ONE more time that night, just call Tivo. If you wanted to see Arsenio Hall's episode with Eddie Murphy (even though he was a guest EVERY other week), just call Tivo. Tivo would pop up in the living room and make you think he was actually on the show.

Tivo's reenactment career came to a halt when his buddy "Wild Wayne" wanted him to reenact a scene from a "freak" movie he had rented. Tivo said "I aint into that kinda stuff, plus I dont even like white girls.....even if I did, when's the last time you saw one walking around Condon Terrace WAYNE!!!" Tivo gave up reenacting and just bought a BetaMax and taped his favorite shows. This way he could watch everything over and over and since BetaMax was outdated no one else could borrow his tapes. Even though Tivo stopped replaying scenes from television some inventor caught word of Tivo's actions and came up with the idea of live replay feeds on television. For more info go to