Friday, February 27, 2004

"This Moment in Black History"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

February 28th is a day that marked a significant change in Black medicine and creativity. It was on February 28, 1940, that a grand change took place in Black medicine. this change was more important than those of Charles Drew and Ben Carson.

The man Doctor Chavis. Now Doctor Chavis wasnt really a doctor, that was just his name. However he was "local" pharmacist/negro shaman in the Shaw community. Many people in the Shaw community, from Florida Park, to the Kennedy Polo Grounds came to Chavis for cure-alls.

One day Sister Ruberta Holmes came to Doctor Chavis for something for her headache. Doctor Chavis have any Tylenol-like substances since his "clerk" Tyus Bodine couldnt get on the "Standard Drug" truck and access him some. However Chavis did have something "doctored up". What Doctor Chavis did have was Prescription Lunchmeat. He had some lunchmeat from the previous Tuesday and "doctored it up" with some ginger and some hemp.

Sister Ruberta took one hit/bite of the Prescription Lunchmeat and was cured of her ailments. she got a slight headrush but she didnt mind that one bit. (she loved getting some Brandy and heading over to W.U.S.T. to listen to Shaw Sounds). Doctor Chavis made a killing with his Prescription Lunchmeat, doctors just up the street at Howard University Hospital tried to get a little taste and use it. Much to their shagrin Chavis said no-suh, and treated patients from his 5th & S office.

Doctor Chavis made miyons and helped some local players in the hemp market such as Edward Vann. He also funded some local businesses such as Ben's Chilli Bowl. to this day u can ask for a burger with "chilli and chavis" and everything will be everything.

Doctor Chavis a true Black innovator, and a hero for the Shaw Community!