Tuesday, February 17, 2004

"Success Tip"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

"Most of us have far more courage than Bravery ever
--Don-Don Stringfellow--

Today's niggas know not what courage is, alot of what
they exude is false trepedations of fixed notions on
being king thru urban survival. here is what u can do
to build Courage.

Call that nigga Courage from time to time, he aint
doing nothing but fighting Scared.

Success aint always with Courage, i mean them niggas
hang out, but Success sometimes hangs with Envy, and
Courage be with Pride.

Criticism is that evil brawd trying to break down
Courage, she is somewhat skitzo and goes by
Constructive Criticism.

Courage does help with goal setting, he can sometimes
lead u to Passion, we know how fine she is.

Goal setting can be attained by looking for thine

by Salvador Gabor

"DC: The Innercity vs. the Enter City"

I was having a convo wit my man Rome (Jerome Baker ) about DC this past weekend. We talked about the in's and out's of DC and the different perceptions of the city. Being as though he is from Arizona, I tried to enlighten him on the "real" D.C. Through our talks we discussed the different parts that make up D.C. and why D.C. is so misunderstood. I came up with the conclusion that essentially this city is a battle. A battle between the Innercity and the "Enter City".

The Innercity. What is the innercity? The innercity is full of pride, history and nostalgia. Along with those positive notes comes the notorious history of this city and its ties to narcotics, violence and poverty. The city where talented people would rather sit on the sidelines and say "I coulda/woulda this and that" rather than pursuing dreams. The city where schools have turned into gun ranges. The city where chicken wings are so big that you often wonder are they on steroids. Oh yeah dont forget the Mambo Sauce. The city where Chuck Brown NOT James Brown is the Godfather. A city that has bright spots but yet there is much work to be done.

The "Enter City". I call D.C. the "enter city" because many people enter this city with dreams of "setting up shop" and becoming successful here. You may be a college graduate or just looking for a change of pace and you can move to D.C. This city is not too fast and not too slow. In the early 80's many drug dealers from northern cities came here to this city to make money. D.C. was a goldmine for hustlers. Nowadays hustlers such as party promoters, corporate workers and young people in general see D.C. as their goldmine. This is cool. It's ok to come here and make a honest living. If out of towners make money here off of us and we dont take initiative to be the breadmakers then that's ok. All I ask is that people entering the city respect the city. In my convo wit 'Rome I saw that he was genuinely interested in knowing about this city. Which is rare. Most people come here for about 5 years, make all the money they can make, party and club and tear up this city then move on to another city.

I really feel that this city is in the midst of a major shift. Just look around at the new buildings and the political face of this city. Its not the same D.C. that had Marion Barry, RFK Stadium and the original Convention Center. The strangest thing about this new "movement" is that as this process of shifting takes place, the main people that will be left behind are the "true" citizens of this city.