Monday, February 16, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Using Valid Time during Valentine's"

First off, its Valentine's not ValenTIMES. Onward. I spent alot of time out of the house this weekend just chilling and observing the holiday weekend and how people took on the weekend. I was a bit disappointed. Disgusted is much much too harsh of a word but disappointed should so. My disappointment came from several ideas that we as people have about Valentine's Day and their responses to these ideas. As usual, Sal's Corner is about taking a serious matter, looking at it from a lighter viewpoint yet trying our best to come up with answers to these serious matters.

* I have a problem with people who have a problem with Valentine's Day. I went to a sporting event on Saturday evening and I saw 2-3 people wearing "F*CK Valentine's Day" shirts???? Are you really that adamant about showing people that you are a LOSER!?!? You dont have a date and/or you spent $300 of your money on someone and your you just gonna put yourself on BLAST! One rule I have: Dont tell EVERYONE about what's going on in your "love life". Only tell people who can help you progress with love. Wearing a shirt that displays a negative attitude towards a holiday which encourages spreading love is not what's up. God is love, so what does your shirt say about him?

* Fellas, stop acting like you really dont feel like doing nothing for Valentine's Day. You dont have to shoot me up.....really...... you dont. "Yeah man....I might get slim a lil something but I dont know???" Come on dog, save the ducktales for disney. Either you're getting her something or you're not.

* Females, why do you have to walk around the mall with you Valentine's gifts??? I dont understand that. I saw that this year and a few years before and it puzzles me?? If you AND your boyfriend are in the mall at the same time for him to give you a gift and he didnt come with you to the mall.............then there is much too much money being spent in that relationship. You should never just UP and see your boyfriend in the mall. Even if you DO see him, he gives you the gift, take it to the car.

The following are the TWO main problems with the way in which we celebrate Valentine's Day:

* Females, your competitive spirit sometimes clouds up a good day meant for good deeds. Females often time judge each other on the presence of or lack of a Valentine's gift. Women who have a Valentine, flaunt and brag about what they got and they feel that this physical gift completes them. Women who dont have a Valentine feel the need to feel bad. If you dont have a Valentine, someone is not on their job. Whether it be you or the prospective male. If you walk around with a mean look all day and no one approaches you, then you have a reason to have that attitude slap you in the face when you come up empty on Valentine' s Day. If you have a male in your life that isnt doing right, then move on. He's not on his job. Him getting you a gift doesnt say that he's on his job. Alot of women are full of flowers on Saturday and then full of ice on Sunday cause he's hitting you.

* Fellas, money doesnt get you to a woman's heart. Its the thought that counts. Time taken out to plan something, or going beyond her expectations of you makes the holiday that much more special. Valentine's might mean you cleaning her house, cooking her a meal or maybe giving one of her family members a gift to show that this relationship has longevity and that loving her in the long run involves accepting her family as yours.

In conclusion, look at what Valentine's Day really is. Its the reenactment of what St. Valentine did throughout his community. He gave gifts of Love to those around him. Valentine's Day is not about giving a girlfriend/wife a gift. I've heard the St. Valentine's story a million times and never did I hear a reference to him and a girlfriend of his. So if you dont have a girlfriend/boyfriend, it doesnt mean that you dont have a Valentine. Let's take it back to giving love........genuine love and not some bear in a plastic box. Plus fellas, its a leap year.............that means its Sadie Hawkins, the ladies were supposed to get US gifts this year!!!! "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"